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  1. I was but luckily @GlastoEls got me a ticket in the resale! He will never let me forget it all good here.. started my glasto lists a long time ago. I'm ready.
  2. so it could be anytime in the next week or so. No need to panic. Campervan tickets coming separately 😁
  3. how are you?! village life still good?
  4. brilliant, i'll be in there with my two
  5. From the official site Bus from Castle Cary train station There’s a FREE shuttle bus for Festival ticket holders running between Castle Cary Station and the Festival Bus Station throughout the Festival. The bus station is next to Pedestrian Gate A. The shuttle operates from Wednesday to Monday (there is no service during the night when trains aren’t running). Remember you will need your Festival ticket to use the bus service to the site.
  6. Seetickets had some available just now... and some pre erected tents etc...
  7. SecretFish


    This would be perfect.. wont happen though
  8. click on the blue circle or star on the left of the post
  9. I'll be dragging @dillyblue along to this as well.
  10. one for @Dillyblue to provide some wisdom.. a long time East camper...
  11. This is the right idea!
  12. my kids are also 9 and 11... they went in 2019 and loved it. They weren't into all the music but had an amazing time. They are going again this year. We spent time in the kidz field, circus tent and just walked around and enjoyed the different sites and experiences. A little bit of everything was key. ....and ice cream.
  13. Hopefully a few more doing the same 👍
  14. No doubt @Dillyblue will be dragged to see this by mr dillyblue
  15. Mastodon still have Fri and Sat free in their Europe tour...
  16. Loved my bongo in 2019. Miss it!
  17. I'm keeping an eye out for a secret/last minute resale 🤞
  18. Hope it's contactless all the way! (with no fees)
  19. I’ll be arriving before the kids (school) and setting up. Hope no issue getting into cockmills without them.
  20. Ghost would be superb! Some sites had them rumoured but I feel they’d have been announced already If so.
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