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  1. The Sundays, Reading, Writing and Arithmatic
  2. Lol do you seriously think it might still go ahead. With all the stuff being cancelled, this going to be going on until mid summer there is zero chance glasto will happen. I have a ticket so not bitter. Yes the op is trusted
  3. Kendal calling saying if cancelled tickets valid for 2021
  4. The Times says peak expected in june. Question is if they cancel it which I think they will - will they honour those that got tickets for it this year
  5. we have had a case in the government office I work in - we have not been sent home
  6. wet start to the fest
  7. I'll need to start looking at the GFS soon and the long rangers
  8. anyone who goes to the site you know its obligatory to take pics and post them on here right ?
  9. Are you sure the lead booker gets all the tickets, am sure I read on here they are called out individually
  10. With you on everything everything at WG - had a proper glasto moment during No Reptiles
  11. I have been successful in the resales a few times and last year my cousin got through for me after I spent Oct to April in Resale 2019 thread, this year we tried for coach from Brizzle as I could not face losing out Sunday without giving the coach a try as well. Thankfully got them Happy to help come next April - having been in resale club numerous times
  12. Probably Oxlyers or Park Home Ground
  13. South Park or South Park 2
  14. I take a 4 man dome tent to myself, get waaaaay to claustrophobic in anything smaller
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