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  1. models are upto around 6th June - so 2 weeks or so and we will be in range for the GFS
  2. Me and my cousin too. Glasto moment for me. Dont see him very often. It was amazing
  3. This wont be a popular choice. In no order Everything everything Williams green Depeche mode tribute band Williams green U2 Pete Doherty the park 2008 The Smyths Williams green aswell I think. Honorable mention to wonder stuff Avalon I think
  4. pretty boring for me as many dark fruits strongbow I can lay my hands on and have also got some raspberry and strawberry vodka fermenting in the cupboard
  5. Aragorn

    eFestivals meet

    Does anyone go to this meet - T.W.F.T.P.U on here. Was a good laugh last time and loads of us, everyone brings their own flavoured vodka and we try it all. Some lethal stuff lol
  6. Sell it on draft in Spoons down south
  7. Town is good - lively and plenty of excitement
  8. definitely, never been totally unfit per say but a few years ago now I decided to go back to running and weights in the gym, find I have more energy and am better able to deal with the huge amount of walking in terms of body not aching etc. Also now I've been using weights etc the walk in with a shed load of stuff leaves me less whacked out and more able to carry stuff without massive pain the following day
  9. Aragorn

    Glasto hacks 2.0

    If you’re bringing your own alcohol to the Festival, remember that amounts considered beyond reasonable personal use will be confiscated at the gate Has that always been the case do not remember seeing it before, my idea of reasonable may be way different than someone elses lol
  10. I bricked it in that blondie crowd. Suffer from anxiety and was trying to get out of the field around the edge and was close to being crushed. Hyperventalating at one point. Scary shit
  11. Not me. But I remember seeing posts on here about it in years gone by
  12. Aragorn


    How soon is now?
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