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  1. I'm trying to work out if I can get from the John Peel at 22:00, to the Truth Stage by 23:40 for Idles on the Friday. I haven't tried to get into the South East corner after Thursday evening since 2011. I will be on my own, and on a mission. Does this seem doable?
  2. I would have liked to have seen a few of the smaller bands like Honeyblood, Indoor Pets, Another Sky, Anteros, Valeras, Zuzu, Our Girl, Marika Hackman, The Big Moon, Thyla, MarthaGunn or Yonaka lower down the order. We have Pip Blom and Swimming Girls, but that's about it. There's a lot of solo artists, which seems to be the way the industry is going, fewer people to pay that way. I feel the guitar bands that have booked appeal to a very specific demographic that unfortunately I'm not part of.
  3. I have a new legendary mega clash on Friday night... Aurora/Pale Waves vs Idles vs Snow Patrol/Two Door Cinema Club vs Dream Wife vs Gaffa Tape Sandy vs Lets Eat Grandma. Considering I have huge gaps where I have no one I want to see, this is brutal.
  4. I gambled on the full line up being released on Tuesday, so I booked the day off work. It doesn't look like it's going to happen now, but it is my birthday so I guess that's reason enough. Incidentally I had a dream last night that I was watching Christine & The Queens headline the Other Stage on the Sunday, and they still hadn't released the line up. I'm not quite sure what my subconscious was telling me...
  5. Gaffa Tape Sandy... yes! Saw them on the BBC Introducing stage in 2017 and they were great. I worried the music industry would eat them up, but they've proven me wrong.
  6. YES! Jamie Fucking Lenman!
  7. Really happy to see Ed The Dog on the BBC Introducing line up. I saw them supporting Circa Waves last year and got the bass line from Yes Men stuck in my head for about six weeks.
  8. I didn't get it at all to start with, I thought it was just stoner pop for bored teenagers. But I stuck with it and listened to the album, and then it clicked... and wow did it click! She's now my number 1 must see at the festival this year. Wherever she plays it will be rammed, I just need to make sure I avoid the bass trap, that's going to be painful.
  9. The dream is over... now facing resale levels of anxiety over tickets for the XOYO gig.
  10. I have to agree on the Anteros album, the older tracks are the weakest part. What have they done to Breakfast? It sounds like they tried to re-record the songs despite being really bored of them. But... the Lucy Rose album is something really special. My word.
  11. This is quite literally a recurring nightmare I have. Once it turned out alright (for me) and Taylor Swift was one of the headliners, but another time the only band I'd heard of was Hadouken! One of the things I love about Glastonbury is that period between April-June where I discover loads of new bands, and end up front row singing along.
  12. You have to add Dagny to that list. Love You Like That is a tremendous pop song!
  13. This post spurred me on to get my ticket. Milton Keynes direct to the festival cost £58 in both 2017 and 2016, it now costs £83. Seems a little excessive, especially considering the state of the coaches (in 2017 the coach home had the heating stuck on full blast, in June).
  14. 2010 Saturday afternoon - The National vs Marina & The Diamonds vs Biffy Clyro vs Blood Red Shoes. Chose Marina as she was on the John Peel, and I needed a break from the sun. Still sore I missed the High Violet heavy set from The National.
  15. Caught this band supporting INHEAVEN last year during Independent Venue Week and became a big fan. This is their first EP and it's pretty great. Definite early Wolf Alice vibes. I'm seeing them again in a couple of weeks, but would love to see them pop up on either Williams Green or early John Peel.
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