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  1. Got to agree with the queues. Probably the heat but some of the staff were a bit on the slow side this year.
  2. bsolxiv

    Flops 2019

    Personally thought Vampire Weekend could have been better, a couple of self indulgent 10 minute riffs in a short set. Although the performance at the park was sublime. Poor Wu-Tang for me. Relied a lot on the energy from YDB, played other people’s songs and very low turnout (considering they were all there in 2011 for an early afternoon slot). No Method Man?!?!
  3. Also had it in Cockmill bar outside acoustic tent.
  4. Thanks for the reply @glasto-worker . I guess because things like soft drinks cans were standard £2 across the site I figured lager / ale (of which there is little choice of variety among the larger bars) would be standard too? If they are able to choose their own prices then what stops them charging £6/£7 per pint across the site?
  5. Just saying. The improvement in lager made my festival experience so much better, especially in the heat. Also, can someone (maybe @glasto-worker) remind me why WBC bars charge 40p more for the same drinks?
  6. Re: reusable cups. I’m pretty sure health & safety won’t let bars pour a pint into a used cup (transmission of infection etc.) which is why most will just pour a pre-poured drink in. The reusable plastic cups has been discussed before, and I believe the problem was washing the cups between uses and the amount of water needed on site. Imagine sharing your drinking water supply with cup washing in this year’s heat.
  7. This is so rock’n’roll
  8. It started late because of the football.
  9. Sorry, 2m x 2m is 4 square metres
  10. https://github.com/get-iplayer/get_iplayer Thought I'd remind everyone about this software to keep those sets forever from the BBC iplayer website.
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