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  1. miffmiffy

    Volunteering 2020

    I would totally recommend Oxfam to anyone considering it for next year. I've only done it once, last year when I failed in the sales. We were fortunate in the sales this year but but it's something I'd do again. It was a great experience. I felt really well looked after. I worked with amazing supervisors and my shift buddies made the whole thing a real laugh. If there was anything we weren't comfortable or happy with we were encouraged to raise. The facilities were great, the people were great. Whilst in my opinion there is nothing like being there as a paid customer, it's a good eno
  2. Same thing has happened to us. Someone entered payment details and then got the sold out page. Another person in the group at the same time loaded reg details and got the message that tickets had been purchased with them. Sitting and watching emails in the hope we have got them . This is a pain in the arse.
  3. Sunday morning girl on mobile laughing and shouting into it "There's no rapper called Dave, Emily".
  4. This was probably the most frustrating aspect of working for Oxfam. During quieter periods we still had up to 9 people on the ticket gates whilst Festaff had 1 or 2. Just felt like we could be doing more helpful things, like directing punters or helping people struggling with their gear.
  5. miffmiffy


    Hats off to the incomparable Truly Crumptious. Lush Marmite crumpets. I also had Cajun chicken with Cajun fries and blue cheese sauce from the yellow van in WH, lovely. Rockabilly Chilli did awesome dirty chilli cheese Nacho's for a fiver which sooooo tasty and a total bargain. Biggest disappointment was the arancini from the place by Greenpeace. A big saliva sapping ball of stodge. It was the Sunday night so may have been the dregs.
  6. I welled up during Kylie - All the Lovers'. My girlfriend couldn't get a ticket this year and is a big Kylie fan. It would have been perfect if she was there, she would have loved it. She cried at home watching the Kylie set instead!
  7. I was really lucky with my shifts; Wed early, Thurs overnight, Sat day. My group were great so the shifts were a good laugh. Clearly the great weather also helped. I imagine being on the passouts in the rain would be no fun at all. The only gripe was that I was on Ped Gate D which adds pretty much an hour either side of the shifts for walking. The shuttle service was quite patchy so couldn't rely on that. I enjoyed seeing a different side to the festival. If that was my only way in future I'd still do it if the alternative is not going at all.
  8. miffmiffy

    Janelle Monae

    That was spectacular! Can't wait to catch it on iPlayer.
  9. Thank you for reminding me to do this!! It had totally slipped my mind..My prep this year is way off my usual military precision, must be due to the fallow year.
  10. miffmiffy

    Resale Club 2019

    In 2016 I was able to get 4 in one go.
  11. Yep our two groups all failed to get sorted so it'll be a big effort again come the resales. I hope it pans out, I'm like a bottle of pop at the minute. I'm back to spending all my time looking through the threads and trying really hard not too be too much of a Glastonbury bore!
  12. Ha! That's the vibes I'm getting whenever my excitement is bubbling over and I'm starting to talk about it! We both went for tickets on T Day but my girlfriend can't volunteer due to work. It's definitely made the celebrations a little more restrained than they ordinarily would have been.
  13. Congratulations. Yes I'm also looking forward to relieving myself of any parental responsibilities in return for a stewarding slot. When I mentioned the (v.small) chance of getting early shifts I got very raised eyebrows!! So not sure I'll be ticking that box on the application next week.
  14. Congratulations. A great way to see a different side to the festival. I think I'm in through Oxfam ?. I'm also looking forward to doing the festival a little differently. A little anxious as currently it's only me out of our group. That's kind of put a slight dampener on celebrating my success too as they're all still understandably a little jaded about their prospects.
  15. That's great, a dream way to do it ?Who are you volunteering with if you don't mind me asking?
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