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  1. 1. Bicep - Isles 2. Arlo Parks - Collapsed In Sunbeams 3.Shame - Drunk Tank Pink
  2. Seeing Macca perform Wonderful Christmastime a couple of years ago remains one of my favourite gig memories!
  3. Threw on the Amaarae album on the back of pitchforks review and really liking it so far. Looking forward to AC/DC after.
  4. Yeah there's been a couple of time I've thought the same. At one point Santorum was trying to say "I agree with you" while 2 of the others just shouted over him.
  5. There's a half marathon here in Dublin at the end of November which has yet to be cancelled so I'm training for that. I assume it'll get cancelled but have figured out its roughly the same distance from my house to my parents so I'll just run out to them if it doesn't go ahead so at least I'm aiming for something!
  6. Terrible news. Saw him a few times and he never disappointed.
  7. Jon Hopkins on the 6th of March. Brilliant gig even with the technical difficulties(also happened at this previous one in Dublin). This is defo the longest I've been without a gig since I was a teenager. I really can't wait to get back out there.
  8. Got Girl Band at Vicar st which is one of the best gigs I've ever been to so delighted with that, last one in the shop too. Everything else I wanted was gone but its my fault for heading late.
  9. Go for it! I did it a couple of years ago and it does work. Stick with the intervals it says even if it seems too easy at the start since it will ramp up. The C25K reddit is great for some motivation.
  10. I know there was some talk of fitness watches recently. Garmin Forerunner 45 is 30% off on amazon now. Think I'm going to pick myself up one. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Garmin-Forerunner-Running-Training-Support-Black/dp/B07Q17VZG8/?th=1
  11. He's always good. Its a struggle but knowing its coming to the end until another year just gives you a bit more energy to carry on. Ben and Job in the temple in 2016 playing I want your soul is a highlight of any gig I've been to. I was so tired after the slog of that year but their whole set was such an amazing end to the festival and that track always sticks out in my mind.
  12. It is fantastic after lots of listens but don't see it beating 2. The opening 3 tracks of 2 is as good as any album opens for me.
  13. Not a live gig but well worth a watch while its there.
  14. TheBurns

    Best DJ Set

    Jon Hopkins on Arcadia in 2017 or Ben UFO and Job Jobse closing The Temple in '16 would be my top 2. Very likely I change this when I think of others.
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