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  1. Went to Dan Shake last night, he was excellent again. Hopefully he'll be back on the farm this year.
  2. Really not sure how i made such A balls of posting here but that Friday is unreal! Id go for Ben to end.
  3. Had the new tourist on repeat this weekend, fantastic record.
  4. https://caribouband.bandcamp.com/track/thriller New daphni track is fantastic. Saw him last summer and it was one of my sets of the year. I'd imagine he doesn't mind taking less cash as he played a sold out headline show the weekend previous as caribou but then played early evening second stage at a small festival.
  5. Going to see them in Dublin unfortunately it's in a soulless venue but I'm excited none the less.
  6. Thats what I've heard, considering how close to glasto it is it might be a non runner anyway to get another weekend away from work, still some quality names that would be worth traversing a terrible crowd.
  7. Some very good names there, very tempted. Has anyone ever been? I've heard the crowd is terrible!
  8. Just out from Gruff Rhys tonight, excellent show. I now regret not seeing him more! I love anyone who openly dislikes encores.
  9. TheBurns


    Really hope they play a stand alone gig here cause there's no way I'm paying to see Noel.
  10. I live in the middle of Dublin and loved running through the city during the summer but its fairly grim this time of year, thinking about joining a gym just to force myself to do anything at the moment.
  11. TheBurns

    Thursday Night

    I can also recommend Wheel Of Four Tours in the cabaret field, great craic to be had there. Also lots of good music as mentioned, last year I got to Call Super and John Digweed both were excellent but other venues seemed packed since there is less on.
  12. I'm either away or working for everything before the 23rd! Trying to sort out getting to blawan though. Pangaea on the 29th will be lovely too.
  13. Charlotte de Witte is playing in Dublin next month on the 23rd, great start to the Christmas holidays!
  14. I got Dublin tickets just before 10 with a lot of people saying they were already sold out.
  15. She played Electric Picnic this year and got a huge crowd and seems went down very well so not surprised at the move here, cant talk about anywhere else though.
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