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  1. Dublin is getting worse and worse for a good night out but tengu and wigwam are normally good if you like smaller clubs.
  2. I'm very tempted to go over to junction 2 since I want to go visit relatives in London anyway but it's very close to glasto. I'll have to pull in a lot of favours in work.
  3. TheBurns

    Girl Band

    They were incredible in Dublin. Almost 3 years since I last saw them, the whole place was buzzing! Would be a must see for me on the farm.
  4. Saw sorry in Dublin tonight and they were very good, would be happy to see them somewhere on the farm next year. Got girl band this weekend which is as excited as I've been for a gig in ages!
  5. Stick your head into wigwam and they might have one.
  6. TheBurns


    I love the small stages or intimate venues but if a band I like has moved beyond it I'm delighted. More power to them. Especially a socially conscious group line these.
  7. I have amassed a decent collection of vinyls despite not owning a turntable myself so they sit in my parents house and get an play once or twice a year on my Da's turntable. Now I have more space in the new place I need to get myself a proper setup for here so any advice on a good turntable and amp, hopefully reasonable priced? I'd also take recommendations on decent speakers if anyone has some, I could do with an upgrade anyway.
  8. Went to Ezra last night in Dublin and he was excellent as always, one of my favourite live acts. He also seems to cost significantly less than most people playing here which I appreciate.
  9. Yeah I really wasn't expecting that. Thankfully I did buy 2 for Dublin at 10 just in case since everything seems to sell out here now.
  10. Index is great but it can often depend on the crowd, can seem over sold sometimes with a lot of people just standing around chatting but if you push up towards the front there's always a good vibe. I saw Victor Ruiz there earlier in the year and it was one of the best gigs I've been to in 2019.
  11. Yeah I've been to a couple in tengu and index which are both brilliant, completely forgot about those 2 since it's been so long for either!
  12. I was always a fan of D8 although I was never there at a sold out gig, apparently they used to be awful. Pepper and now wigwam is probably the best of off in Dublin. The button factory always gets a few good gigs and I've warmed to it as a venue since crowbar opened. I'm hoping for that but can't see it happening.
  13. I often think this too! District 8 in jam park have a few solid nights planned but an industrial estate in swords isn't really ideal.
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