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  1. Go for it! I did it a couple of years ago and it does work. Stick with the intervals it says even if it seems too easy at the start since it will ramp up. The C25K reddit is great for some motivation.
  2. I know there was some talk of fitness watches recently. Garmin Forerunner 45 is 30% off on amazon now. Think I'm going to pick myself up one. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Garmin-Forerunner-Running-Training-Support-Black/dp/B07Q17VZG8/?th=1
  3. He's always good. Its a struggle but knowing its coming to the end until another year just gives you a bit more energy to carry on. Ben and Job in the temple in 2016 playing I want your soul is a highlight of any gig I've been to. I was so tired after the slog of that year but their whole set was such an amazing end to the festival and that track always sticks out in my mind.
  4. It is fantastic after lots of listens but don't see it beating 2. The opening 3 tracks of 2 is as good as any album opens for me.
  5. Not a live gig but well worth a watch while its there.
  6. TheBurns

    Best DJ Set

    Jon Hopkins on Arcadia in 2017 or Ben UFO and Job Jobse closing The Temple in '16 would be my top 2. Very likely I change this when I think of others.
  7. I just walked a bit of the parade route in Dublin and it was eerie. Still quite a few tourists over surprisingly, just walking around in silly hats looking lost. I would have thought anyone with common sense wouldn't have traveled at this stage.
  8. He didn't give a timeframe but he was speaking from the US so I'd assume someone here will go into more detail. I work in a restaurant and we are down about 80% in the last week and that'll only get worse.
  9. Good Work! My tricolour will be somewhere in Dairy Ground.
  10. But only in the campsites.
  11. After a couple of heavy nights I hadn't been in the gym or ran for the last couple of weeks but went tonight after work and feel great! Need to make sure I don't lose the routine again. Maybe try to post more in here to keep myself accountable.
  12. TheBurns

    Jon Hopkins

    Have tickets for Dublin tonight, I can't wait! The videos he put up of the first show logged great.
  13. I'd love to have prosumer back!
  14. They were there last year on the Saturday. I wouldn't complain if they were there again though.
  15. Saw them in Dublin 2 weeks ago and they were very good I'd definitely recommend going.
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