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Found 13 results

  1. As it’s been a few months after Community, i was wondering if anyone had any predictions for potential headliners/acts for next year?? It feels like community has consistently stayed focused on the big new indie bands since 2017 with the likes of Catfish and the Bottlemen, Two door, the Kooks, The Wombats and The Vaccines playing. I have a feeling next year they could either stray from that path a bit and choose a slightly different headliner like vampire weekend/Jamie T/bloc party or they could bring back previous big bands who’ve played lower down on the lineup. I could definitely see The Wombats coming back for the headliner slot (considering they most likely won’t play reading again next year). Alsoo in terms of the sub-headliner position, if he keep growing at the rate he’s growing, I could see sam fender making a return to the festival after playing on the N4 stage in 2018. (As well as that, I hope they can also drop a nice surprise act in the line up next year > someone like Lily Allen would be fun) Drop ur thoughts below, i’d love to discuss!
  2. Sooo, starting a thread here to see if anyone knows when the lineup is gonna drop- last years came out in November 2018, does anyone have like a vague guess as to when it may get released?
  3. Wassup forums, me and a load of mates, having missed out on 2018, are thinking of going to the 2019 festival. Wondering who all of you beautiful people think headliners/ other significant bands/acts/whatever will be. many thanks, appreciate any responses!
  4. One of many of the most incredible things that crossed my mind one night about Glastonbury is how thousands of people can converge on one site, and yet have entirely different weekends from one another, but still almost all have the most incredible time imaginable. With all these threads about best sets / flops etc, how did your running order end up over the weekend, and was it close / far from what you had planned on Clashfinders etc? I'll kick off with my condensed weekend: Wednesday: General bimble, up to the fireworks at The Park, wander round the SE Corner Thursday: Bar crawl across the site for our friend's birthday, followed by the night in the SE Corner, mainly Block 9, plus New York Brass Band in Shangri-La. Friday: Pip Blom (JPT) > Mo (OS) > The Wombats (OS) > Sundara Karma (WG) > Haelos (WG) > Two Door Cinema Club (OS) > Tame Impala (OS) > Mystery Jets (RH) > Wormhole and up the Ribbon Tower. Saturday: The Proclaimers (PS) > Maggie Rogers (OS) > Lewis Capaldi (OS) > Sigrid (OS) > Liam Gallagher (PS) > Hot Chip (Park) > Tried to get into Glade, too busy so danced the night away at The Brother's Bar (Parma Violet's cider is dangerously tasty). Sunday: Jeff Goldblum (WH) > Dermot Kennedy (JPT) > Kylie (PS) > Miley (PS) > Friendly Fires (JPT) > Christine and the Queens (OS) > One final bimble around the site before taking in the views from our camp in Big Ground. Spent considerably more time at the Other Stage than 2017, and more than I expected. Only four major must sees before the fest were Hot Chip, Haelos, Friendly Fires and Christine and the Queens, all of whom were fantastic. Special mentions to Dermot Kennedy, Mystery Jets and Maggie Rogers all of which were great! All in all a stellar weekend, how did your running orders look?
  5. Hello! I'm fairly new to the forum, and I was just wondering if there are many Hip-Hop fans on the site, and wanted to gauge any predictions/hopes for any potential Hip-Hop/Grime acts at the festival this year? Also I'd love to hear any fond (or not so fond) memories people have of Hip-Hop at Glasto from previous years? Personally after really hoping Kendrick Lamar would headline this year, I've had to give up on that and pray that the Childish Gambino rumours are true. Saw him at Lovebox last year and he was hands down one of the best performers I've ever seen - real energy, intensity and his vocal performance was on point. I'd love to see Loyle Carner return, as well as some classic Hip-Hop DJ's like DJ Premier and Grandmaster Flash. My favourite previous memory of a Hip-Hop act at Glasto has to be Kanye on the Pyramid Stage (don't shoot me), as I've been a huge fan since 2004, and was right up front for it. Great night!
  6. Hey guys, So this is my third time going to Glasto and I've managed to convince my boyfriend to come along with me, on the promise of good food and good music. Unfortunately, his tastes are a bit heavier than mine and whilst I'm pretty happy with the lineup so far he's not overly thrilled. I've tried to give him the old 'It's about more than the music' line, but I don't think he'll understand that until we get there. I really want him to be as hyped as I am, so if anyone knows of any confirmed or strongly rumoured acts that are on the heavier side of rock that I can use to get him excited I'd be really grateful! Also, if anyone has experience going as a rock fan in the past and you know the best places to hang out to see acts you like I'd love the tips.
  7. Who’s gonna be playing in 2024? Purely for projection and fun, but here’s what I think: Main: Wolf Alice//Sundara Karma//Tom Grennan//Little Simz// Dead Naked Hippies// Bilk R1: Darkzy (live)//Lewis Capaldi// No Rome Main: Skepta/ Disclosure (co-head) Idles// Shame // Avelino// slowthai // The Pale White R1: Greta Van Fleet// Neck Deep // The Blinders Main: Royal Blood // Tame Impala // Anderson Paak.// Young Thug// Dream Wife// Parcels// The Pale White R1: Christine And The Queens// Tom Walker// Sam Fender
  8. Wondering if there's a trend here at all. (and yes I'd like The Killers to headline...)
  9. As you all know the Glasgow festival TRNSMT has been changed to a 5-day festival over 2 weekends - I’d like to know what everybody is thinking about the acts and headliners that are going to perform. I’ll start off with mine - Foos, AM, Liam, Green Day, Florence &TM. Cheers.
  10. Does anyone know when to expect the day splits for the main stages? I know we have headliners, but anything beyond that I'm struggling to find. Seems to be cutting it quite fine, I assume the process of printing (or at least designing) the artwork for the lanyards/ programmes is well under way?
  11. Last year someone set up a thread to track all the changes to the lineup from it being released to the big day. I haven't seen one yet for this year so thought I'd get it going. I've got a page checker on the lineup page returning what's been removed/added when the lineup changes. I'll post in here whenever something happens to the lineup. Today... HMS Sweet Charity added - http://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/line-up/line-up-2017/?stage#hmssweetcharity WEDNESDAY++ DR BARNARDO AND SUE RYDER (HMS) 12:00 - 00:00++ THURSDAY++ DJ FRANKIE FRANCIS (SOFRITO) 01:00 - 03:00+ GERTY AND HER GAIETY (LIVE) 00:00 - 01:00+ TUPINAMBA (BARCELONA) 22:00 - 00:00++ FRIDAY++ DJ FRANKIE FRANCIS (SOFRITO) 03:30 - 05:00+ FAMILY ATLANTIC (LIVE) 03:00 - 03:30+ DJ STEVE ISBELL (RACUBA) 02:00 - 03:00+ BIG BEN JORGE (LIVE) 01:00 - 02:00+ DJ A MISS MOLLY (HMS) 23:00 - 01:00++ SATURDAY++ DR BERNARD AND SUE RYDER (HMS) 03:30 - 05:00+ DJ EGGS LEGS (KING LAGOONS) 02:00 - 03:30+ FLAMINGODS (LIVE) 01:00 - 02:00+ TUPINAMBA (BARCELONA) 23:00 - 01:00++ SUNDAY++ DJ CAL JADER (MOVIEMIENTOS) 02:00 - 04:00+ DA CREASE (LIVE) 01:00 - 02:00+ DJ A MISS MOLLY (HMS) 23:00 - 01:00 Changes to Cinemageddon - http://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/line-up/line-up-2017/?stage#cineramageddon - BRAKES ( 15 ) + Q&A WITH DIRECTOR MERCEDES GROWER 19:30 - 21:10- 1977 SPECIAL: SEX PISTOLS & THE CLASH ( 15 ) + Q&A 16:45 - 19:15- ALPHAGO ( 15 ) 15:10 - 16:30+ BRAKES ( 15 ) + Q&A WITH DIRECTOR MERCEDES + CAST 19:05 - 20:35+ 1977 SPECIAL: SEX PISTOLS & THE CLASH ( 15 ) + Q&A 16:15 - 18:50+ THE TRAVELLER - BAABA MAAL (15) 15:10 - 16:00- ALAN MOORE & MITCH JENKINS: SHOW PIECES ( 15 ) + Q&A 18:00 - 18:45+ LISTEN TO BRITAIN (U) 18:00 - 18:45
  12. Hi Guys, I'm new here so hello to everyone. I'm attaching a spreadsheet as per the thread title. SHITV Stage is called "Hell TV" as the stage name proved troublesome with my automated processing. I will post updates as the lineup changes toward the festival and after 4 years finally I have an automated process that means I can make this excel in 2 minutes. So please if you find this useful, check back for updates. This is accurate as of 3:30PM EDT May 31st. Please share as far and wide as you like, but also please credit me when doing so via this post or by name @notverynick Thanks and hope this is helpful! Nick EDIT: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxaiIvngD-boSDVsNFJxM21FZkU now on Google Drive https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxaiIvngD-boUVhGek9wVkEwSUU
  13. Matt42

    Weird Placings 2017

    Not sure we've had a thread like this before but I'm gonna do it. currently at work and it's not easy to work out who I'm seeing yet. However what jumps out to me easily is weird / unusual placings. any slots / billings on the lineup that confuse you? I'm confused how some bands are playing quite low and others have managed to bag ones much higher than I'd deem them worthy. Has Halsey even had a hit in this country? She's billed the same as Haim! fire away!
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