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    Doja Cat cancels

    With the info earlier that the full lineup drop has been moved from tomorrow to next week due to Doja cancelling, you'd imagine that means they're booking somebody else. Honestly I can't look past Harry Styles at this point if so. If this is a TBA sub slot, like The Libertines was, it's a slightly bigger deal than a regular sub, no? That's how my head sees it, anyway. It seems like Harry and his team want to play at Glasto from the rumours earlier in the year, and a 'secret set' from him would make him one of the biggest headline-grabbing sets of the weekend. You'd imagine his set may well be the most talked about of the weekend outside of the "glasto bubble"
  2. K2SO

    Secret sets 2022

    The Snuts are a good shout. The Mysterines then, maybe? I do find it odd that The Vaccines aren't anywhere on the lineup, thinking about it. Secret set somewhere?
  3. K2SO

    The Park 2022

    Yeah, exactly. Normally I just try to stick to the areas of things I want to see on Friday-Sunday, so I can normally be found around Pyramid, Other or JP aread but this year I think I'm gonna be exploring a bit more. The only things on the lineup I actively want to watch are Billie, Macca, ConMan, Charli XCX, Kurupt FM and Glass Animals so at the very least I'll be making my Park and Arcadia debuts... But really I'm just gonna follow the crowd and let the weekend happen.
  4. K2SO

    Secret sets 2022

    Dunno, I feel like it could be any sort of band size below sub, really. Thinking since I've started going to the festival, off the top of my head there's been Drenge, Metronomy, Wolf Alice and The 1975, all of which (especially the last two) were pretty big when they were on, so I don't see those lot out of the realms of possibility. Especially Blossoms who always do secret sets everywhere at every festival.
  5. K2SO

    Secret sets 2022

    Any ideas on William's Green? Looking at the current lineup, I'm gonna say Blossoms and Sigrid as my punt. Would also be happy to see Fontaines DC, Confidence Man or Glass Animals in there too
  6. K2SO

    The Park 2022

    I think there may well be a few things that take my fancy there this year! To be honest, there's just nothing that's been on in the years I've been that has taken my fancy so I've never bothered watching something up there as it's a bit of a trek. I've been there on the Wednesday/Thursday though. There's no way I'm missing ConMan this year though! I really can't wait. They're one of only 6 acts on the entire lineup that I actively want to see so the rest I'm just gonna follow my mates and watch what they want to watch.
  7. K2SO

    The Park 2022

    I've never been to watch anyone at The Park despite this being my 5th Glasto... I'm so glad Confidence Man will be there this year though! I saw them at Kentish Town Forum a few weeks ago and it was the most fun I've had at a gig all year
  8. K2SO

    Doja Cat cancels

    Kasabian. A last minute call for a sub could be just the right spot for them maybe?
  9. That checklist really doesn't work for me for this scenario. I've not seen Macca and wouldn't pay to see him purely for how daft his prices can be... But I want to see him. For Charli, I've seen her about a dozen times (In fact, we're seeing her twice next week) and yeah I'd pay to watch her again. And then this... Yeah, this. I know I'm going to really regret not watching one of them either way. Let's just try and will Charli on Sunday into existence... Especially because we were pinning our hopes on Billie/Macca/Charli as our headliners. If there's no Charli on Sunday, I can't say that there's anything that currently interests us on Sunday 😬 It might just be me being a bit of a misery guts, but I'm just not feeling it at the moment. Hopefully all of those feelings disappear as soon as I get that wristband on.
  10. Yeah I had tickets for her gig on that Friday, not realising the dates. It's a Banquet show, so we assumed it was going to be happening last month when the album was released. Very annoying. I'm going to be devastated if she clashes with Macca. My girlfriend loves Charli and will go and watch her over literally anything... I really don't want to watch things without her or leave her on her own, but I also don't want to miss my chance to see Macca.
  11. Oh I really hope Charli is on Sunday. There's only 5 acts I definitely want to catch over the weekend; Billie, Macca, Confidence Man, Kurupt FM and Charli. For some strange reason, I still don't feel excited for the festival and that's just felt like a kick in the nuts if Charli is on Saturday
  12. I was looking to see if they were maybe playing Brighton or Birmingham this week so I could go again, but no luck. They're playing Cambridge but I'm working unfortunately! 😞
  13. I saw Confidence Man at Kentish Town on Thursday. Probably the most fun I've had at a gig this year. I'm strangely the least hyped I've ever been to go to Glastonbury at the moment, but I'm very excited to see them again at the festival.
  14. K2SO

    Car park opening

    I've always got there at around 8/9pm but there ALWAYS seems to be hundreds or even thousands of people ahead of us in the queue. Do they unofficially open earlier than what is said on the website?
  15. I've done absolutely nothing to get ready yet. It's weird, I'm not feeling excited at all for the festival. I'm waiting for the buzz to creep up on me!
  16. Our group is going to have at least one first-timer in it this year (potentially 3, depending on re-sales) and the rest of us have been brain-storming to think of things that you'd reccommend first-timers to see/do at Glastonbury. We're not looking for the obvious ones of "Watch the fireworks" or "See somebody you've never heard of" we are looking for things that are just SO GLASTONBURY such as visit the Dragon. Have you guys got any good suggestions?
  17. She's doing 'The Charli XCX Experience' at Banquet on the Friday of Glasto, which is advertised as a gig with "Bops from every era" so I'm hoping she's headlining the JP on Sunday as she was rumoured to in 2020 and that's what we get. I'm meeting her at Westfield HMV on Friday so I'll try and ask! My girlfriend is a big fan, and supposedly this is the last album if her record deal. If that's the case, maybe doing straight-up pop is her idea. It could be a bit like what actors do by taking on a Superhero film or whatever. She does this album, hopefully earns a bucketload of cash and then when she is independent (she hates her record label) she is set and can just do what she likes. I'm not a fan of this album really but Good Ones is possibly my favourite of all her songs ever.
  18. My old sources for leaks have completely died. Used to be all about All Day and Kingdom, but they're both gone. Found it now though. Lovely birthday treat for me 😉
  19. Any idea where I could find this leak, eh?
  20. K2SO

    BBC coverage theme music

    This year I'm going with Holiday by Confidence Man
  21. K2SO

    2022 Must Sees

    The only things I know I'm definitely seeing are Billie and Macca. The rest of the lineup I can give-or-take. I'm seeing Confidence Man in May, after 2 years of rescheduling but I'm not a fan of the new singles really. Everything else is just going to be things my friends want to watch so I guess at the very least I don't have to worry about clashes.
  22. Honestly, I'd say I know at least 30% of the lineup, and there's a fair few I would watch (mostly because the people I go with like them) but there's nothing on there that I'd be on Ticketmaster at 9am for. As I said earlier, I'm happy for everyone, but I'm really struggling to part with that money right not for this because there's a lot of other places that I could (and if I'm honest, probably should) put that money right now. I'm going to wait until Monday to make my final decision
  23. They weren't necessarily rumoured, but what the fuck has happened to Royal Blood this summer? They headlined a bunch of the small-mid sized festivals last year, have a tour this month and then nothing over the summer.
  24. There's nothing on there really that I'd pay to see outside of the festival. That ticket money is more valuable to me now that it ever has been before so my ticket may regretfully go back in the pot. I'm going to finish crying to myself in a little while and give myself the weekend to think about it and make my decision on Monday. It feels extra devastating that I'm even considering not going after such a long wait.
  25. For me, this is one of the worst lineups I've ever seen. If it was a lineup literally anywhere else, I wouldn't pay to go there Edit: Happy for those that do like it though. I just do not like it.
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