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  1. Thank you. Just got two standing tickets
  2. How do you get them? It says they go on sale at 10am tomorrow for me.
  3. Did anyone actually buy standing for the O2 arena in the presale? It defaulted to seating tickets for me, even though I put the code in the standing bit. I had to manually change the tickets to standing, and then nothing came up.
  4. Add Yesterday, A Hard Day's Night and Eleanor Rigby (and Back in the USSR, but understand why he won't) and I'd be happy with that.
  5. Arcade Fire secret set?
  6. Diamond24


    I'm not big into dance and even I'd see Calvin Harris, so that will be rammo. Prob will clash against Paul McCartney to split the crowds as someone else suggested.
  7. That's the fastest I've ever seen tickets go. I'm usually successful on seetickets for small shows. Must have clicked through after 3 seconds and gone.
  8. Our coach was really late, and our friends said they had a spot for us. That ended up being the spot! It was the path that was the killer. The fear of someone falling on you as you sleep was horrendous. You had a tiny bit of time between say 5-7am where there would only be dribs and drabs walking past, but other than that it was very busy, Yeah, I was happy with how close Oxylers was to everything. Very convenient to get everywhere. So I may consider camping further into Oxylers, away from the main path, this year. Depending on what time I arrive.
  9. 2019 was my first Glastonbury, and I camped in Oxylers. However, it was right on the edge of the path by the ice cream van at the back of the Other Stage field. What a mistake that was. My tent got absolutely wrecked form people stepping/falling on it all weekend. The noise was constant, so got barely any sleep. For some of the more popular sets (Lewis Capaldi), the crowd were even stood in our camp watching the gig. So this year, I don't care where I'm camped as long as it's not right next to one of the busiest paths in the whole festival!
  10. Any info on previous Cambridge pick up locations and/or times would be appreciated!
  11. I carried over my ticket from 2021, but I'm not a massive fan of this lineup. I think this year's subs are pretty weak, and badly missing fontaines and idles. I'm tempted to sell truck tickets and get Y Not, which looks stronger overall I think.
  12. It's quite a strong lineup, but just feel like they are bands that I've seen play festivals a million times before in the past 5/6 years. It'd definitely be a fun day out though, so potentially.
  13. Can't see this going ahead tonight.. If it doesn't, I'm going to try to get a pair of tickets for tomorrow instead if anyone has spares, please
  14. The Vaccines initially announced the London show on their tour as Wembley Arena. They've now changed the venue to the apollo. Must have had pretty poor ticket sales for that.
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