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  1. Sea Girls are already on the lineup. Friday (at Reading) on the Radio 1 stage.
  2. Any good? I've heard a couple of songs from both and like what I've heard so far.
  3. Diamond24


    Incredible gig last night. The band were on it, the crowd were on it. Knew I'd love the album after hearing a few of the new songs live, and its proven to be true. Will have to give it a few more listens, but could definitely be in contention for their best album. Then we get part 2 later this year! We really are spoilt.
  4. Diamond24


    Three of us were planning on going. Got two in the presale. I got through to the ticket buying page after spamming refresh at about 9.07 today. I completely didn't think to use a different card, address, email address etc and it blocked the sale cause I bought the max of 2 in the presale
  5. Diamond24


    Bagged two tickets for Hackney! Gotta try again tomorrow for one or two more as a mate missed out.
  6. Arctics aren't touring this summer.
  7. That's much better than Exits imo.
  8. They confirmed that they're headlining festival republic on their Facebook too.
  9. Just spotted Peace down there in the other acts. If that's true, then I'm assuming that means they're on the festival republic. Would they headline that stage? I think they've dropped off a bit with their third album.
  10. Why do you think Sziget is bad, out of interest? I'm considering going for the first time this year. You might mean the lineup and not the festival itself actually, in which case, fair enough.
  11. Diamond24


    The codes are being sent out next Monday 28th January for the presale on the Wednesday, you're fine.
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