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  1. The Vaccines initially announced the London show on their tour as Wembley Arena. They've now changed the venue to the apollo. Must have had pretty poor ticket sales for that.
  2. I'm a big Coldplay fan. Adore the first 4 albums, and I like a fair bit of albums 4-8 too. The latest album is terrible though, the worst so far by quite a distance.
  3. I never normally moan about sound at festivals, but it wasn't great tonight. I had a pretty good position for foals but if someone was to have a normal speaking level conversation next to me, it would drown out the music
  4. Biffy Clyro looked incredible on Iplayer! Hope everyone who was there enjoyed it.
  5. This year is the first year I'm not going since 2015, but I'm a bit jealous now tbh. That Friday is stacked if you're into your indie music. You've got a run of Nothing But Thieves > The Snuts > Inhaler > Sports Team > Sea Girls > Declan McKenna > Sam Fender > Yonaka > Catfish with no clashes, other than 10 mins on Sam Fender and Yonaka.
  6. Diamond24


    Melodrama was my favourite album of the year it released, but I'm not a fan of this on first listen. There's a few good tracks, but the middle of the album is such a slog. Got tickets to the Roundhouse next year, I'm fearing that she will play the majority of this album.
  7. There's a massive VIP viewing area right at the front of East Stage. Did they have that before?
  8. Ah okay, cheers. So if two of you are going, you just book the one ticket when they go on sale?
  9. How does the lottery stuff on these tours work? Do you have to buy a lottery ticket beforehand and then enter a ticket number or something? Or buy a lottery ticket in the checkout process?
  10. Swim School is quite a good addition for the Foals day. I was going to catch them at Latitude, but they clashed with someone else. Foals, Bombay Bicycle Club, Gang of Youths, Jade Bird, The Magic Gang, Holly Humberstone, Liz Lawrence, Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard, Swim School for me on that day, clashes permitting.
  11. I had covid a couple of weeks before latitude, so there was never any risk of me getting it again, but I did pick up a very nasty sickness bug at latitude. Been off work all week!
  12. Wolf Alice, Bombay Bicycle Club, Declan Mckenna, Sea Girls, Sports Team, The Vaccines and The Snuts were all great. Black Honey were really good (from what I remember!) Reginald D Hunter was my favourite comedian I saw of the weekend. Wasn't planning on watching Shame, but caught 20 mins or so between bands and they sounded brilliant. Would have loved to have seen Wet Leg but queue to get in was huge. Heard great things from it.
  13. Bombay Bicycle Club were brilliant. We have been so lucky with the weather too when you see floods not far away in London. We even got a rainbow during BBC's set with minimal rain!
  14. So what time are the vaccines on tomorrow?
  15. Tried to get into the alcove to see Wet Leg but the queue for them is ridiculous. Is that because they're so popular after releasing one song, or the restrictions on capacity?
  16. It's a shame Wolf Alice aren't getting a full 90 minutes, like the other headliners. They definitely have enough great songs for it!
  17. Seems they've updated the app now and the showers now aren't part of family camping.
  18. This is what I'm wondering too. My partner needs a shower every day when at a festival, and I wasn't sure if you could go into the family camping to use the normal showers or whether you need to pay £50 for the luxury retreat. Seems like it might be that you have to pay.
  19. Ah okay. Makes sense, cheers.
  20. Where is this on the website? Its a bit odd. Are they expecting everyone to test again whilst at latitude after their initial lateral flow certificate has expired? Surely that can't be enforced.
  21. Which other festivals don't separate the arena and camping, out of interest?
  22. Thanks for the info all. I'll try to get everything sorted beforehand if I can, and take an extra trip to the car if need be.
  23. Anyone know if they will have a camping shop/stall on site which sells air beds etc? I've messaged them but no reply as of yet.
  24. Tempted to go to this and buy an extra ticket if I can convince someone to come with me. Does anyone know if you buy 2 tickets on ticketmaster, can you list just 1 of them on there for resale?
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