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  1. Mattymooz

    2019 Headliners

    Huh yup I'm an idiot sorry
  2. Mattymooz

    2018 New Music

    It definitely feels like a weird choice for a first single.
  3. Mattymooz

    Kendrick Lamar

    Better than most of their album tbf
  4. Mattymooz

    2019 Headliners

    Yes but he also did a bunch of promo collaborations with Sia, Taylor Swift, Maroon 5 etc. It's hard not fall into doing this tbh. I just don't really see what money has to do with it at all. Either an act wants to play and will take the cut or they won't, don't really know how to judge that other than making a judgement on the artist. I imagine most acts who want to play Glasto aren't doing it to fit it around a tour or whatever, they're just doing it to headline Glasto and thus could quite easily fly out just to do it. I imagine Black Panther took more effort than untitled umastered (idk how involved he was in most of the production of the BP album, but untitled unmastered must have taken very little time I imagine. And it's just unusual for Glasto to pick up an act thats played somewhere else that recently on the same album, afaik it's quite rare for Glasto not to get an act the first summer that they tour an album (haven't check to see if this is true tbf) Damn I missed most of that Kanye stuff then, I just remember hearing a relatively large amount of backlash after his performance (tho tbh I ain't suprised). And I guess about Muse but again Glasto got them on the start of a new album so it's slightly more reasonable (again I guess Kdot could have an album out by next year, just not expecting him to rush into doing it but idk, I'm just a random dude on the internet :P)
  5. Mattymooz

    2019 festival

    Ah tbh I didn't even check, just knew they hadn't done any arena stuff 4th album I think it would be. Definitely enough back catalogue and hits, I'm kinda expecting them to sub next time they play, so I guess coheadline isn't too outlandish. Community I don't think sold out this year which isn't a great sign but I guess with a new album out they could have enough interest in them for it to be worth doing.
  6. Mattymooz

    2019 festival

    I remember being pretty impressed by Paramore + QOTSA in 2014 but agreed it would be strong. In saying that I dont think either of their new stuff has gone down as well as I expected (havent listened to the sing 2975 released last night but the reception if their previous one was pretty meh, and at least I havent heard the 21p song getting anywhere near the amount of radioplay their previous stuff got). Two Door is a weird choice tho imo. They still only played academys on their last tour didnt they? Would be a big step up for them
  7. Mattymooz

    2019 Headliners

    But surely you could say this about every potential new headliner, I don't see how this effects Kendrick anymore than say Madonna or Arctic Monkeys or Macca who all would be taking pay cuts to play. The reception of hip hop acts is a good point, but the only recent ones iirc have been Gorillaz (who were a last minute fill in iirc) and Kanye (who lets be honest put on an unusual show). Re Black Panther, had totally forgotten he had done that lol. I guess he could be working on his own stuff, but again we haven't had any of his usual marketing moves that he normally does when gearing up for a new era (and imo if anything surely Black Panther would have pushed back a new album back as he was focusing on that instead?) And sure about coming back for a second summer but when was the last time Glasto had a headliner the year after R+L? And if he was coming back to do more paydays wouldnt you get the same argument of why would he take the glasto discount? I dunno I just don't see it happening next year. As much as I'd love him to (as I couldnt afford his concert price and am busy R+L weekend this year) it'd make more sense as a career move to do his normal pop features next year and then a couple of promo dates next summer before releasing an album in the autumn surely. Glasto can have him in 2020 there aint no rush hes not going anywhere
  8. Mattymooz

    'Female, not British' artist for Sunday legend slot

    I'm taking my mum and aunt to their first festival to see Kylie lol, going to be interesting...
  9. Mattymooz

    2019 Headliners

    IIRC tho TPAB must have come out at some point during those tours so he had new material to play, and he never really did a euro tour for TPAB either? As in those 3 dates were the only shows he played in the UK for TPAB? Compared to DAMN which would be 3? years old, he's already done his own concerts and an extensive euro fest tour. I would agree if the album had just come out recently or if he had an album due out soon (I honestly have no idea about his timeline, but he did a couple of features IIRC leading up to DAMN but has done nothing recently, and unless he is recording while touring then idk if it's coming soon). EDIT: And yeah what Hugh said, I'd fucking love Kendrick to play, but because everything is so uncertain and relies on him putting an album out soon (which he shows no signs of doing, he's still on the DAMN train) then I'd say it's unlikely. I think the money thing is a stupid argument imo. Every act takes a pay cut to play glasto, you don't do it for the money so IDK why him charging a lot has any effect on whether he plays or not. I'm sure Kanye charges a shit ton but he still did Glasto etc.
  10. Mattymooz

    2019 Headliners

    I think it's just a matter of time before Kendrick headlines tbh, I just ain't convinced next year fits for him (coonsidering he's doing euro fests like 9 months before Glasto, wouldn't have any new material really etc.)
  11. Mattymooz

    2019 festival

    I'm kinda expecting 1975 to wanna sub glasto and then coheadline R+L like Foals did tbh. Drake I think is a good shout for the "big headliner". Foals I don't think will be back so soon, but BMTH seem like a good shout to get the bump up (especially given that info about the BMTH tour embargo date) and tbh I think they could solo headline and just be considered the weaker one. 1975 + Twenty One Pilots Drake BMTH
  12. Mattymooz

    Lineup 2018

    Biffy I guess you could say, solo headlined and then returned to coheadline?
  13. Mattymooz

    2019 festival

    TBH FR would be stupid to have that lineup. They could easily get away with only having half those acts and getting some cheaper subs. Plus I don't see R&L booking Paramore, considering it seems as though they are free this year and they didn't get them (and by next summer it will be the 3rd year touring After Laughter)
  14. Mattymooz

    'Female, not British' artist for Sunday legend slot

    Cher is apparently making an album of Abba covers. Would make for a weird Legends slot if she's just singing a bunch of abba songs lol
  15. Mattymooz

    'Female, not British' artist for Sunday legend slot

    Wasn't meant to be a setlist, just a list of all the songs that you'd wanna include if you had unlimited time (I just went through spotify chronologically).