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  1. Sorted 2 tickets for the Monday, now I just have to hope that my Cherry Tree membership is still valid and they don't cancel them...
  2. Not sure how it works with Ten Club - they may be being conservative if you can get in there with GA plus Ten Club membership, and they are guessing at the take-up. I don't think we'll see any more for sale at that £110 price. We might see at 10am when the PJ presale is live.
  3. Hard to gauge for the day as a whole, but would absolutely expect these to sell out. It's always possible to get them late (Twickets) for these Hyde park days, but if this proves to be one of the more popular days, they can be thin on the ground. I'd get them now if you can stretch to it.
  4. The 'Ten Club' tickets on the map are also sold without Ten Club membership as 'Amex Summer Garden'. They're a £20 upgrade - £110 vs £90. For me, the upgrade cost is a no-brainer. It's a case of making the day, as outside the barrier is a long way back.
  5. It'll only let you enter once for each reg - either as main or guest.
  6. This makes perfect sense, and would love to know the rules are, exactly.
  7. Yeah, was gonna ask where you were? We were right up there, and had the same issues.
  8. Pretty strict - no food or drink, sealed water only... No food or drink is permitted to be brought into Hyde Park (with the exception of water in unopened plastic containers, empty water bottles to refill, and baby food where not in glass containers).
  9. Great, thanks. yeah, it's the Florence (National) day I'm asking about. Have a great day!
  10. Hi guys! Just checking that for the days where it applies (Ie not the ones where they've sold the Gold circle separately), the GA access to inside the first barrier is working the same as previous years? Ie, get there early for a wristband, which then lets you come and go out of the area throughout the day? TIA.
  11. My favourite line of the weekend, to a friend of mine: "You've got a nice face for an average lad". We got some mileage out of that.
  12. Hawros

    Crowd Tolerance

    That was a great little spot - on more than one occasion we stayed there / convinced people to stay there rather than head down to SE.
  13. Hawros

    Steel cups

    I bought mine at the Wateraid kiosk by the ribbon tower in the park. Think they sold out at a point though. They help massively as the steel gets rather cold when containing a nice cold pint.
  14. Hawros

    Bar Prices?

    It is - good spot. Good to see a nice round £5 on the pints too. Am I remembering correctly - I think the cider bus did a deal where it was essentially buy 3 get 1 free. Is / was that right? Made it quite a saving if you're in a group.
  15. Hawros


    Was about to post the same. All falling into place...
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