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  1. carlosj

    Refund emails

    I think the lead booker could cancel a ticket in their group of 6, but I don't know specifically. I have heard of a girl having her ticket cancelled by her spiteful ex but I don't know if that was at deposit stage or after full payment (he got cancelled by Seetickets and GFL and she got another ticket back). Once the Lead booker has paid the deposit, each ticket holder is free to pay the rest separately or in another group (reduces total p&p to get multiple tickets delivered to 1 address). I was lead booker in Oct, my mate got in, used my card details for 6 tickets, and now we'll be 3 pairs to complete the deposit payment and get them delivered. Getting car parking or CV tickets doesn't need to be by any lead booker either. A mate bought me my CV ticket on his card and I transferred him money, so I don't even think the lead booker needs to use their card, I think it's an organisation thing.
  2. carlosj

    Nick Cave

    The Red Hand Files ISSUE #107 pt.3 / JULY 2020 FAZIOLIGATE Dear All, It seems that there are a number of crowdfunding campaigns being set up by some fans to buy me a Fazioli. While this is incredibly thoughtful and I really appreciate the lengths people are going to to secure me this lovely instrument, it is entirely unnecessary. As Mike from Birmingham says, “Why don’t you just buy your own fucking piano, you cheap c**t.” Mike is right, God bless him, I really should just buy my own piano. Love, Nick ASK A QUESTION Copyright © 2020 Nick Cave Productions, All rights reserved. You signed up at The Red Hand Files Want to change how you receive these emails? You can update your preferences or unsubscribe from this list.
  3. carlosj

    Refund emails

    No, but given that we have until September to decide, I doubt this is happening unless people have chosen?
  4. Other ciders are available 😁
  5. carlosj

    Nick Cave

    We went to Brighton maybe 2 years ago, and I smiled when I saw that road sign. I walked down the road but I didn't see no Russians.
  6. You're right on the comparison and that the smaller quantity would brook less objection. My real objection is an excessive mark up in places from the cost they've brought in the booze, although if their tenancy and rent costs are higher than usual, that would encourage a max out to cover cost.
  7. That bit, absolutely. To quote my step daughter - are you having a laugh??
  8. 5% I'm from Yorkshire.
  9. Can I use that name for my next Brut Mocha Nut Espresso Milkshake Saison?
  10. Nice! These are why I went back into home brewing to get a variety of beers for a good price. In mitigation, I've been getting 2-3 deliveries from breweries per month over lockdown to support them; I'm from Yorkshire with Scottish ancestors but Methodist social roots overcome parsimony. Jay Pee, yes, prices are a bugger, but with smaller volumes and less economies of scale, whacking more hops in, barrel aging etc, it does pump up the prices. The relief taper was changed last night so the smaller breweries will be paying more whilst the bigger ones won't.
  11. Where are you? Leeds and Bradford, I think the Brudenell has an app to order drinks onsite, and Nomadic Brewery is open for bookings. The latter is an indie. Granted, a brewery will focus on its own beers, but they're good. The Maltings are open in York, and others. I'm not sure on other places.
  12. carlosj

    Glasto Food

    You reminded me of a mate, who came out of the pub, went to the takeaway, asked if they did deliveries and got them to take him home with the curry.
  13. carlosj

    Glasto Food

    You're right, they're 99% different. The style here seems to be summarised as BIR, British Indian Restaurant, and the food across India does its own thing (well, it was there first). Maybe the dahls are similar, but the meat dishes are great as long as we don't look for our standard names like Madras. To get similar dishes, I think South India/Kerala will be the same here. My favourite is Beef Chilli Fry which I've had here in the UK, and got a recipe for, as well. I'm hungry now.
  14. I've not been sleeping in the van, but was out for a walk with no jacket. Bit of lightning here as well, it was like the time the stages got shut down. I've been going through the iplayer sessions and Crows Nest radio. Has anyone seen the Glade sessions without giving credit card details, I don't fancy that bit.
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