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  1. carlosj


    Mornington Crescent!
  2. To give some balance, my brother in law helped me get my current car. He asked me what I wanted. I said 4 wheels and a DAB radio. I've no idea on vehicles, I'm white, middle aged, male. 😄
  3. Weather, dogs, piers, food, tories, new bands. All bases covered on the forum today. Starting a shopping list for food now and confirming lifts, life is getting sorted. I'd like to meet up anyone, whether it's a group one or random ones. However, that'll be checking the clashfinder too.
  4. As a contribution to the dog thread, isn't this giraffe a bit of a fail?
  5. They replied to me that it was withdrawn. I'll test it, but I got a tweet from their support back in 2017 confirming the withdrawal.
  6. I'm on 3 and they told me it's been withdrawn. Zapier provides 1 free process, which I used to set up Twitter to SMS, for any twitter accounts I set notifications up for.
  7. Zapier still works for me. Completely forgotten how it was set up, but the free 1 route (ie Twitter to SMS) has sent 2 SecretGlasto tweets to my phone, including the recent threat to neck all the supplies whilst watching Fatboy Slim.
  8. There is an exit at the end of Pylle Lane that vehicles can be sent out of, and they don't get into the fields. Saw that happening back in 2016. This can't work because you'd have already given in your cv ticket to get the field sticker, so if you've been in once, you'd no longer have that ticket.
  9. I'm not sure if this is appropriate, but can you raise an incident number with the police, which should then help you with See (having the number, not the police themselves). It shows it's not you messing them around, and hopefully gets them to issue you a wristband instead of a ticket, I've heard that somewhere.
  10. No Manchestery weather, big slice of chocolate cake and a good dental inspection today (cake's the reward). Excellent.
  11. Planning to be past Sheffield on the way down, unless work kicks off and the bosses delay me.
  12. Yes. If you come from the festival on the Wednesday, you'll need to keep the pass out, to get back in. If you park on the same side as him, you can join him on the Tuesday night after parking up, and both go on from Wednesday, keeping the pass out each night to get back in the following day.
  13. I have a GT655 Hymer, based on a Fiat Ducato, 2005, and the tow hook is already on the chassis. At the front left (it's LHD) and at the rear right, near the spare wheel. There's no facility to add a hook like cars on this. You'll need to look under the body to see both of those. Well used in that last mud bath with the tractors.
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