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  1. carlosj

    Rum club

    Yep. All 12 of them. In my next yoga pose overlooking Machu Pichu, I will unleash my mighty social network upon your reputation. I think my blood sugar's off, I'm going to get some breakfast.
  2. Sounds like a Netflix show, but I know the reality is different.
  3. carlosj

    Rum club

    Wooo, can I get some merchandise sent to me, and I'll promote it?
  4. carlosj


    Or, to be really pedantic, anyone who has a festival ticket and will be in the vehicle when it enters the fields can get a CV ticket, not necessarily the driver.
  5. carlosj

    Rum club

    Quark's dad doesn't drink in Quark's bar??
  6. carlosj

    Rum club

    Where was that?
  7. There's a wet reminder of why we're all here today. Have a good day y'all.
  8. Wow, I didn't realise. That must take a lot of you all. Hope it all gets back to normal pronto.
  9. Sorry, no. They're far too needy and lazy. I'd have to type for them. Each morning consists of me telling them they've got food, take them to it. Then telling them they've got food, and taking them to it. And, yes, I admit it, I talk to the cats and point at things. They must be laughing inside. I'll get my coat.
  10. Yep, if I lay on the floor with the laptop, the cat just walks over it.🙄
  11. Good grief, where do you work that has that laptop as standard??
  12. I prefer the term 'focused'. I think I only checked 22 times on Sunday, from having seen the £300 on the future transactions section on my bank app. It's cleared and I've booked my leave before I get transferred to a new team. Now I just need to rebuild the trolley and buy some rum.
  13. carlosj

    Rum club

    That is a nice one.
  14. carlosj

    Rum club

    Nikka, that's one to try, but back to the rums, I will check out the local offies that do good ranges.
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