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  1. S2H, given that you're my go to person for naming the songs, I'll try to add some details here, and I'm sure you'll correct me. Prizefighter, Eels 100% bad bitch song, Lizzo. Common People, Pulp secret Park show (thanks SecretGlasto, er, Stu) Mik Artistik and the New York Brass Band's improvisation, when he overran his slot on the bandstand. Most of the Cure, last time. Arctic Monkeys, where he wants the girl to pretend to be somebody else. The encore by Arcade Fire with the masks/heads. Creep (I know, clichéd) Radiohead, but the last time they played.
  2. carlosj

    Nick Cave

    I envy him his ability to deal with grief. If anyone doesn't have enough Nick in their lives, there's a live listen through (if that's a thing) at 10am today.
  3. carlosj

    Nick Cave

    Yes, I wasn't clear, I meant release the album but keep the visual show as a one off for those who saw it and not repeat it as a film, it dilutes the experience I think.
  4. carlosj

    Nick Cave

    Yes, despite not seeing it, I think an album would be better, and not showing it in cinemas.
  5. I can empathise. I heard a track by The Nude Party yesterday and need to be really careful ordering it in store....
  6. carlosj

    Nick Cave

    For any fans of big big beards, there's a 6music show tonight on Warren Ellis' soundtracks.
  7. Intense Manchestery weather in Leeds today. The goldfinches and blue tits have all fledged successfully. Glass Animals are on the turntable, tea's in the eFests mug. Small spots of sun in these grey days. Warm handshakes y'all.
  8. carlosj

    Nick Cave

    If anyone wants to help the Hebden Bridge Trades Club keep afloat, they've got some merch going on sale on the link below at 5pm today. Buying Nick stuff with a warm fuzzy supporting-venues feeling. https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/helphebdenbridgetradesclub Nick Cave Bundle Thank you to our 1124 supporters - with your help we've managed to get to 91% of our target in just two weeks! We're putting a one-off reward up on the crowdfunder site at 5pm today - thanks to NICK CAVE and his mgmt and Kaley Tuson from BIMM Manchester for reeling this in for us! 1598106026_processed.jpg N
  9. Sounds good! We've no hols planned yet, other than time off work, and being lucky that we have work. Next year, I fancy visiting the farm in July as we're off to a 50th in Dorset, so I can show MrsCJ a bit of what I see, if it's open.
  10. NZ and Vietnam have similar strategies in controlling movement, testing and tracking, which led to minimal illness. They stopped the cases increasing exponentially.
  11. carlosj

    Nick Cave

    https://cavethings.com/?utm_source=Nick+Cave+Mailing+List&utm_campaign=2db7a7c221-email+-+idiot+prayer+final+reminder_COPY_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_62a60b3494-2db7a7c221-53232901 Overpriced plectrum anyone? CaveThings_Lockup2.svg
  12. carlosj

    Refund emails

    I think the lead booker could cancel a ticket in their group of 6, but I don't know specifically. I have heard of a girl having her ticket cancelled by her spiteful ex but I don't know if that was at deposit stage or after full payment (he got cancelled by Seetickets and GFL and she got another ticket back). Once the Lead booker has paid the deposit, each ticket holder is free to pay the rest separately or in another group (reduces total p&p to get multiple tickets delivered to 1 address). I was lead booker in Oct, my mate got in, used my card details for 6 tickets, and now we'll be 3
  13. carlosj

    Nick Cave

    The Red Hand Files
  14. carlosj

    Refund emails

    No, but given that we have until September to decide, I doubt this is happening unless people have chosen?
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