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  1. Have a great evening if you're out or in tonight, and hope next year is even better for you all.
  2. Hmm, maybe my super power is being able to drink whilst on ssris? Or is that why my asthma is bigging up and I can't breathe? I'm coming off these currently as life is more stable, and big hugs, not just warm handshakes, to those still taking them.
  3. LG, hope things are improving. It's sunny oop t'north too, although not being from Newcastle, I am in 2 jumpers at the table, wfh. 1 more meeting, 1 more coffee and the weekend will begin. Hope it's going well for all of you too.
  4. Wouldn't think so. As long as you have something to get water, a roller etc, you'll be fine. Maybe a flag pole and lights to help find your van at the end of the night /morning.
  5. This was mine. Parked in a good spot in the CV fields, and wandered round in a dream state. Eels was a highlight, See of Bees, a drunken memory of the Chems and a determination to keep going each time after. Cheers Eavii.
  6. Thanks for the update. The test is to type @eFestivals and, er, no, it's still happening for me. However, it might be me. Anyway, it's no biggie.
  7. Hi Neil, I've noticed that after adding any user name, like @eFestivals does something funny and begins a new paragraph or hides the letters being typed after the name until a carriage return is put in. Is that happening anywhere else for people? I'm on an Android phone, via Firefox, not the app.
  8. Keep an eye on the Seetickets site as tickets may keep coming up for sale before the resale. There's a notification link that @eFestivals provides cheaply which can be used to tell you when the Seetickets page changes to a sale.
  9. carlosj

    The Joke Thread

    Man goes into a library and says "Fish and chips twice please." The librarian glares and says "Shhh. This is a library." The man whispers back "oh sorry. Fish and chips twice please."
  10. carlosj

    FKA Twigs

    Heard her on the radio yesterday, despite the mentions on here over the years, had never made an effort before and yep, I like her. Another for the pre clashfinder list.
  11. What have you heard? We had 5 people to get, and about 20 helping, and someone got the 'ticket already purchased' message for the last one we got (ie just been bought when another person was trying too) so I thought they'd sorted this out.
  12. Worship weather in Leeds today. I need to see if work will allow me to work from the Equator until the sun comes back. Beer evening tomorrow with small Leeds' breweries and Erland Cooper on Sunday, so it'll be a good weekend. What's everyone else for planned?
  13. Just would like June to hurry up now.
  14. Very happy and very lucky to get a CV ticket, thanks to @Quark tonight, selling out in 12 minutes. There's April for the resales help and then see you in a field.
  15. Each holder of a CV ticket needs to be in the vehicle or convoy, and as Paul tm's confirmed, we only get one each this year.
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