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  1. Currently listening to Defected Virtual Festival. Mele (live) & Purple Disco Machine (Printworks from earlier this year) already played an hour set each
  2. I went for the 1st time last year on the Sunday and didn’t see a bit of trouble, no attitudes. The friendliest festival I’ve been to TBH but may have just been lucky. Booked again this year but on Saturday
  3. Nothing. Safari on iPhone and pad. Here’s hoping for better luck Sunday with 4g and safari in Ibiza
  4. Hi all, what time does it normally stop on Sunday night? Read that it’s 11 but seems early. Is there nothing at all after this time?
  5. Was at the festival on Saturday and it seemed much busier than in previous years. Still a mix of ages but what was scary was the number of groups of pissed up 15/16 year olds some looked a lot younger. I know it attracts the younger crowd but this was clearly evident this year. When our 11 year looks older than some of them you have to question things!!! Hopefully they all stayed safe and looked out for each other. Apart from the hour or so delay due to the "storm" which cut The Futureheads set short (2.5 songs) was a good day, Tom Grennan, Jason Manford,and Underworld were the highlights. Thought the Stereophonics looked as if they couldn't be bothered to begin with but improved towards the end.
  6. I was shocked when I heard, then I started reading about it and then I hit me. I was 11 when Experience was released and was hooked ever since. A huge loss.
  7. I'm absolutely gutted, for me, he was the face of the 90's. So glad I got to see them countless times, most recently at Ally Pally in November. The 1st album I ever brought was "experience". Music for the Jilted Generation was a complete game changer for dance music. The energy of the crowd he/they whipped up was incredible. The Prodigy - The pioneers of dance music RIP
  8. This will be my 1st time at Creamfields, going on the Sunday, maybe the Saturday as well. Am I right in thinking Saturday is a 4.00am finish on most of the stages? Going on the Saturday could solve one of the major clashes (MK) but also want to see Carl Cox, Hot Since 82, The Black Madonna to name a few. We're leaving it late for a 1st timer, I will no longer be in my 30's by the end of the year and I want to grow old disgracefully, I assume this is the place to do it!!
  9. Going on the Saturday. Wanting to see underworld live for some time and will be a good end to the day.
  10. The wife said exactly the same thing. However, if you think how/where/why the festival started, I don’t think this will be allowed to happen. I for one am gutted. I’ve never been after 5/6 years of trying. One day, I WILL be a regular attendee!!!
  11. lendan

    Resale Club 2019

    I’m checking in. Please help me. It’s been a lonely day, weeping, slowing rocking in the corner. Ive been trying for the last 5 years or so, never been successful in getting ticket so I should be used to it now, but this was our year I thought. 21 tried today, only 1 managed to get through. send help ?
  12. Reg numbers triple checked. Alarm set. The nerves are starting to kick in. Hopefully I will be celebrating turning 40 at my 1st Glastonbury. Been tying the last few years with no success Good luck all
  13. Seeing them Friday at Ally Pally. Ticket permitting, would like to see Groove Armada Fatboy Slim Carl Cox The Ratpack Marco Carola
  14. lendan

    House Music

    All of a sudden I'm a little happier with my £10 san Miguel at Sankeys & Eden
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