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  1. NickM45

    Crowd Etiquette

    When Diana Ross was on, I put my cider down for a minute to get something out my bag, turned to grab the cider and the kid behind me had put her ice cream in it - her dad apologised, i said it was fine, these things happen, was very funny.
  2. Pix my friend sent who is on site. site
  3. I've Sama Abdulhadi on my list to watch and she's playing twice over the weekend
  4. Vacuum packed - no bulk, which is a winner as I'm taking the coach. Off to Briz tomorrow and on site Thursday at 9am. That's a very flat pillow for decent sleep.
  5. Turn off notifications, background app refresh, and turn on battery low power mode if needed. I just turn on airplane mode and check phone every couple hours or when I need to meet up with mates.
  6. šŸ‘ŒšŸ¼šŸ‘ŠšŸ¼
  7. Ripcurl BoardWalk shorts - they dry in minutes Footy socks to keep your legs warm.
  8. This has been around for some time - always good for a reminder of the scale http://gsp8181.co.uk/glasto/ It's a sized map overlay of the festival.
  9. Or they could allow festival goers to choose printed tickets or an electronic one at the point of sale and allow some choice. Using Starlink is a great idea.
  10. Iā€™m good with heat, but still need to adapt. Taking umbrella for instant shade when needed sitting down, and wearing wrist sweat bands soaked in water.
  11. Gonna be fine - few ciders, music, decent crew, pingers and all will be nice up! - but i'm still hooked on the weather outcome. Dry, gotta be dry as much as poss.
  12. Ā£100 a day, maybe more if I'm buying rounds, but I'm luckily enough to be in a position to do that amount this year. Plus I like buying mates drinks - standard for my once a year Glasto crew. Like Rakim said, 'spending cash, to make a good time last'.
  13. NickM45

    Best Bars

    The Bar called the 'Bar' near Tony Benn Tower is my first cider stop.
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