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  1. On the promo video it was hard to tell really but it never shown the spider just the after burner with the full rig around it. Still though a nice catch for the festival and something to warm everyone up when the sun sets.
  2. Yep they put a little teaser out on youtube for an hour last night.
  3. Hi all I have a spare caravan pass if anyone needs one. face value £60. This is just for caravans and towing vehicles only (8m x 8m pitch) in a seperate field to the campervans.
  4. My Baby in the avalon. They could pull off a west holts or park afternoon slot no problem.
  5. A good still cider at a few of the bars. Would love it if they could put the cider bus more central on site or give some of the local somerset cider makers small plots around the place to show off their products.
  6. bucko

    Overheards and funnies

    Lad "all the flys round here are doing my head in" Lads mate " yeah that fuckin no fly zone hasn't worked very well"
  7. Lets hope its got a proper floor inside it can get a bit sticky under foot down that corner. Saying that its going to be dry though 😁
  8. Looks like the avalon inn has moved to the bottom corner of the field so the new wood structure is facing the main stage.
  9. bucko

    The Weather Thread 2019

    Its slipped off the chart with bono and them shoes
  10. With chilli beef and mozzarella. Better the breville you know😁
  11. Yep always get a few from it ( First class toastie's ) they normally name a toastie after something thats current in the news. A few years back when the footie was on it was the SUAREZ because it had a bit of a bite to it 😁
  12. bucko

    The Weather Thread 2019

    Try not to worry everyone in two weeks we will be in the best place on planet earth.
  13. Got both the G/A and C/V ticket today. Anyone still waiting it won't be much longer now. 👍
  14. Did someone mention sticky stick 🙉🙉🙉
  15. If your travelling through the night come off the m5 at bristol and pick up the A37 thats always been the shortest route for us. But if you leave at peak times on monday anything on the east side of the site heading to bristol can take hours on the A37. We head southwest to taunton and pick the m5 up. Its about 40miles in the wrong direction for the northwest but seems alot quicker and at least your moving.
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