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  1. The big change after the last fallow year was arcadia moving west and making way for glasto latino. I think most of the south east corner got changed around a bit with the common getting more space and it might of been the first year of the temple made from some old canal lock gates. Shangri La changed its theme from the spaceport to the next chapter which was heaven and hell so that area could change quite a bit for 2019 given the fallow year gives them more time to plan. I think i spend just as much time looking at the map and webcam when the build starts than the line-up. I'm know most of you on here remember all the changes but i couldn't resist posting when i thought about new map day. 😀
  2. From the BT forum It may of been the buzzcocks on the woodlands, RIP pete shelley.
  3. Fireworks going off every few seconds where i live so i'm blasting out the 2018 playlist so the dogs can't hear them. Well thats what i'm telling the wife.😀
  4. They have a caravan field for 2019 tickets on sale at the moment.
  5. I'd be happy to pay the deposit in the week before the sale then have it transfered back if i never got through if it means the last steps of the process run better. I'm one of the lucky ones this time around but it does seem more people had payment problems this year than others.
  6. How about some artwork from http://www.katechidley.com we have a few around the house and never get tired of looking at them.
  7. I have always thought of seetickets to be the best of the big ticket sellers but they are starting to get sloppy of late. for the Bearded Theory sale last month they missed some code off the booking process and quite a few people never got a confimation page and every time they re-freshed it charged the cards again.
  8. Morning All Good luck everyone 🤞
  9. Does anyone know if see tickets use different servers for glastonbury sales or is it the system they use everyday.
  10. bucko


    Plans have been passed for a 124kw Anaerobic Digestion Plant. Not that i have a clue what it is mind but they have all the details on the mendip district council site.
  11. I got a couple of EB's on a scetchy 4g in a field. That's my luck gone for Glastonbury
  12. Hobo Jones And The Junkyard Dogs said at beautiful days they had just been booked for glastonbury 2019. They are part of the furniture really but i still love that drunken singalong in the avalon cafe at midnight on saturday.
  13. I remember reading an interview with one of the organisers a while back which said they dont have a capacity limit on the licence its purely down to the land owners discretion. Which shows they could get a few more thousand in if the main motivation was ticket sales. Hats of to them for putting on such a great festival with a superb ethos.
  14. Great news. Its the honesty in the above statement that makes bearded theory such a great festival.
  15. Bearded Theory 2019 Apologies for the delay in writing to you all and thanking you for attending this year’s festival. It was a great year with some legendary performances across all 9 stages and a great success for the first outing for the brilliant Showcase Stage hosting some amazing new talent on the festival scene for the first time. We are back at Catton Park on May 23rd to 26th 2019. We let you down with our traffic management issues on the Thursday which upset us tremendously, we put the festival on to create joy not havoc (partly) and we have spent a good period reviewing this year’s feedback from you and delayed our communication in order to address and respond thoroughly. We have made some amendments off our own back to ensure the traffic situation at Catton Hall is addressed to the best of our ability. We have never been a festival that hides behinds our mistakes, deletes negative criticism on our social platforms or waits for a local authority to tell us how to improve, we have done and continue to do things off our own back following your feedback to us. The main items are that we have decided to reduce the festivals overall capacity by 1,500, gates will open on Thursday at 9am and will remain open until 9pm, we will have no music on the larger stages on Thursday but the arena areas and bars will be open later in the afternoon, all campervan and caravan spaces will be marked out in advance and the exact pitch sizes (7.5 x 7.5 meters) will be detailed at the time of booking please note if your vehicle is larger we will accommodate you on the day at no extra cost, despite rumours to the contrary we will be parking caravans and campervans next to each other. We have made a reduction in campervan and caravan capacity until we get a handle on it, no waiting will be enforced on all roads leading off the A38 and will be enforced by the Police who have been appointed by the festival, for those wishing to travel in convoy please make arrangements to meet up before you leave the A38, the Police will fine vehicles waiting in the no waiting areas and vehicles doing this will be refused admittance to the festival, if you have broken down we will provide a free tow truck to remove you off the highway during peak periods and we have a motorbike patrol employed to patrol all routes to identify vehicles that have conked out, we have appointed the UK`s biggest and most respected parking and traffic management company (CTM) and everyone arriving by campervan and caravan will have tickets accredited after they have been parked up. In response to other feedback, we are overhauling the on-site signage, so people know where everything is especially new camping fields which were not used, we will be erecting shield fencing in certain areas which were targeted by tent thieves (who by the way we caught and detained this year) and reverting to both vehicle and dog patrols at night time. We will be operating a full 100% no disposable cups in all our bars in 2019, we will be selling metal enviro cups at cost price and a sturdy plastic stackable pint pot instead or you are welcome to bring your own. Full glass washing facilities will be made available or tankards replaced for clean upon request. We will be upgrading the Pallet sound system to the very best available, we have moved the pirate ship and dance tent to mitigate noise bleed and the draft site plan is below. We have a new area incorporating a theatre, spoken word & protest tent and a circus which is being worked on currently. The rest is back as before. [Click on the above map to enlarge it] Tickets will go on sale on September 15th. Ticket details to be confirmed on the next newsletter on or around September 1st 2018. Please let us know who you would like to appear in 2019 on the forum and other social media platforms that we know how to use. The forum is down at the moment and the new website incorporating the forum will go live on September 1st along with the 2018 highlights video (which doesn’t have any traffic in it funnily enough). Much love and enjoy the rest of your summer! x
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