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  1. Harry49

    Michael Kiwanuka

    I can only echo this! Sun going down behind the Park stage with him playing Love and Hate will be a memory for the ages. Hope he is back this year. Headlining WH would be deserved.
  2. Why has this thread been created when there is already a specific Questions section of the forum?
  3. Hope he is back. Probably my favourite memory from this year. New album not to shabby on first listen either!
  4. This would be a highlight for me. Been hoping to see him since buying Lotus 30 years ago and unravelling the artwork. Some how never managed to see him but WH headliner would be perfect!
  5. Really like the sound of this idea. Beck in 16 was a prime example of people hanging around for Coldplay and putting a damper on the show wouldn’t stop some but surely would reduce numbers. Are there any crowd safety issues at Roskilde due to process?
  6. Harry49

    Deluxe Diner

    Mid feb. We went to the first session on the Wednesday this year and ME regaling with goodnight Irene was a highlight.🙂
  7. Harry49

    Headliner Poll

    AC/DC , floyd, Swift
  8. Lionel Kylie ELO didnt go to Barry. ELO just not the right fit for that slot. Jeff no charisma and then saddled with miserable weather and crowd. Lionel was amazing!
  9. DNB, probably being a bit slow but what does a ticket package include? thanks
  10. Harry49

    2020 headliners

    I’m sure they just get the best they can but I have divided my guess by category. old gits/legend elton, FM, Macca - FM Uk newbie on the rise 1975, Foals, wolf Alice - 1975 Contemporary Star TS, Kendrick, Dave - TS
  11. True of course. But many people on here claim that there are a lot of punters who just try on the odd chance of going and aren’t committed. If you leave them registered then they are more likely to give it a go. Not going to be a game changer but may reduce odds a tad.
  12. 2.4 m registrations. Many old of course. Why not clear all registrations every June and get people to reregister every year.still be big numbers but might weed out a few and can’t see what would be unfair about that.
  13. Harry49

    Drop the deposit.

    I agree about the 4 ticket allocation. 6 is too high. Would prolong sale but that would not be a bad thing for people willing to persevere
  14. Personally never got past holding but 2 out of 3 groups got tickets.
  15. Harry49

    2020 headliners

    He has said he will be recording a new e-street album in new year so supposedly touring. If that is the case he will play a set based on that. Did not see him in 09 at Glastonbury but did the next day in Hyde Park, the Working on a dream album was unfortunately one of his weakest so live show not his best. Saw him at IoW however and that show based around Wrecking Ball was excellent. So if he does which I think unlikely it will depend on the album quality. Big fan as you can see and would love to see him at Glastonbury but I think that boat has passed.
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