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  1. I enjoyed her set at the Park and her performance last week in Manchester was fantastic. So would give her a chance if you like the albums. If no clash I will be watching her, hopefully in the JP.
  2. Harry49

    London coaches

    Thanks. Forgot about the stop! Was thinking 4 hours. Doh!
  3. Harry49

    London coaches

    I am booked on the 6am coach from the O2. Any idea as to what eta at Festival is likely to be? thanks
  4. Harry49

    Self Confirmed 2020

    Off to see her tomorrow, so that is one clash potentially avoided🙂
  5. Those in the know would you say the supporting cards are strong? As I often find the headliners being good but supporting cast disappointing!
  6. As others have said. I think one potential issue for the continued popularity of the festival could be BBC stopping coverage due to budget choices. Would bands be happy with low fees without it? Would Emily have to find sponsors to keep paying top performers? but that isn’t happening until 2027 at earliest and I will be 63 by then so would probably enjoy a smaller quieter festival by then.🙂
  7. Seen Noel a couple of times. Both as a supporting act, IOW sub for Springsteen and support for U2 stadium show. Enjoyed both and crowd sang along to Oasis tunes very happily. Would not bother going to one of his own gigs but he will put on a good show if subbing. He seemed to get his ranking and played his part. Subbing Macca would appear ideal.
  8. Harry49

    Roger Waters

    Really enjoyed the Us and Them show, far exceeded my expectations so looking forward to the new show arriving here. Never seen a show n the round so that would be interesting too.
  9. Two nights at the O2 would indicate Pyramid sub or Other headliner status. Happily watch her on Pyramid but other headliners would rule me out if Other!
  10. David Byrne - Manchester Apollo 2018 Public Service Broadcasting - Brixton Academy 2015 Wilco - Brixton Academy 2016 Springsteen - Broadway Jan 2018 Killers - Glastonbury 2017 Lionel - Glastonbury 2015 Michael Kiwunaka - Glastonbury 2019 Coldplay - Glastonbury 2016 Nick Cave - Manchester Arena 2017
  11. 54 now 55 by festival. Kendrick, Diana Ross, Lekkido, Beans on Toast. Wilco, David Bryne,
  12. Album Kiwanuka - Michael Kiwanuka glastonbury set Michael Kiwanuka Park Stage non Glastonbury set Wilco Manchester Albert Hall Film Joker TV Catch 22 sky atlantic Book why we get the politicians we do - Isobel Hardman Single Summer Girls - Haim
  13. Harry49

    Who's bigger...?

    Taller yes but surely we need the KGs to determine who is bigger ?
  14. Harry49

    2020 headliners

    That Grammy performance was what made me listen to his albums. Would be sensational on the Pyramid!
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