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  1. I had not heard of Wax Tailor so was intrigued to hear album. Not really my style of music but thought it pleasant enough and will give it and earlier albums a further listen. I think his music is likely to be a grower rather than an instant hit. Would be interested in seeing a live show as I imagine visuals would be good. Anyone seen him. Tracy Chapman album is a stone cold classic. In March 1988 I went to see John Martyn play at Sadlers Wells Theatre and he was supported by Tanita Tikaram and before her an unknown American folk singer. I was struck by the quality of her songs. A few mon
  2. Still 75%. No change until we see what happens in the Autumn. Fingers crossed.
  3. Harry49

    First gig back

    Flaming Lips - Invisible Wind Liverpool. What a great night that could be!
  4. 2015 was my first Glastonbury, so it is hard to beat the impact it made on me but music wise it does not compare to 16,17 or 19. I had a good run on the Sunday, Patti, Lionel, Future Islands, Belle and Seb though. 16 was tough in the mud 17 had Radiohead and the Killers in John Peel as highlights. But my fave was 19, perfect weather, Frank Turner in strummerville and Avalon, sitting in a sand pit watching Billy Bragg on Saturday morning, Lizzo, The Cure, Kylie........ if 2022 is half as good I will be in heaven.
  5. Agree with this. I spend most mornings up in the Green Fields and have always found folk up there very knowledgeable and non quacks. I find it a real sanctuary amidst the chaos of the week and would hate to see it go, feels like the heart of the festival.
  6. Interesting but any ideas as to what ME is referring to with comments about Ethics committee?
  7. Although it would still be new for me that is because I have always found the line up uninspiring and have only dipped my toe in a few times over the years. It Pales in comparison to the music lineup and I believed that was probably due to lack of budget but Maybe the “chums” factor outweighs that. A new team in charge a bigger budget(surely some dosh could be creamed off some of the numerous music stages) would maybe revitalize it.
  8. 75% - due to lack of confidence in Govt being capable of getting virus under control.
  9. Booked End of the Road a few weeks ago as appeared to be best chance! Fingers crossed 🤞
  10. Appropriate I guess to receive the news whilst wading through a muddy field! very disappointing but not surprising. oh well, off to listen to Live Drugs at full volume and raise a glass or two in anticipation for 2022.
  11. A valid point of course and every person will age at a different rate but unfortunately time can not be turned back and another 18 months is a long time for people at that age. Hope I am wrong but his ability to play a two hour headline set will be diminishing at an accelerating rate.
  12. Not hopeful for Macca 🙁, 80 seems too old. Maybe pencilled in but have a friend of the festival on call. So Coldplay, Swift and Lipa. Kenny for Lipa if he is touring but that maybe a long shot.
  13. 1% down from original 10%. Basically need a miracle! And so am being wildly optimistic with that %.
  14. If allowed I will carry mine forward at present but I must admit have thought longer and harder over it this time as by then I will be 57 and my desire along with health is beginning to wane. It would not surprise me if come April 2022 I decide not to go. On a general note as others have said I don’t believe they will have any trouble selling any returns or the following years.
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