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  1. Harry49

    Avalon lineup 2019

    Going to be a stampede between Leftfield and Avalon when Billy B finishes. Hope it ain’t muddy!
  2. 8 paid 2 back in pot
  3. 2 out of 10 back in pot from our group.
  4. Land - Patti Smith 2015 unbelievable set from an iconic performer with this the highlight!
  5. The poll on The Thingy twitter account was showing 19% returning tickets. That would be around 25k tickets up for grabs based on 140k sold. Can’t be right can it? Seems awfully high!
  6. Kylie - I have my cushion ready!
  7. Would tend to agree with this. Best hope for "big names" appearing will be via the Secret Set route I would have thought. Heres hoping!
  8. 2015 - 25 2016 - 24 2017 - 23 so this year it will be 22 Iguess!
  9. Top work sir. I have already sampled Jorja Smith and Billie Eilish and they have moved straight into my must see list. Your work is invaluable. cheers1
  10. Harry49

    The Cure

    Janelle for me too at this point, but could see me switching at last moment as have never seen the Cure!
  11. We have camped in Kidney Mead, Row Mead and Big Ground over the last 3 festivals as we like to be that side of the site. No real preference as experience is determined by who your neighbours are. And in those fields the demographic appeared to be pretty wide so it was pot luck.
  12. Liverpool Rolling Blackouts tkts secured. Probably at Glastonbury but if so maybe solves 1 clash!
  13. Harry49

    2019 Headliners

    I am completely down for my trio of headliners being Tame Impala/The Cure/Janelle.
  14. Harry49

    Deluxe diner

    Booked in for Wednesday. Hopefully a good way to start the week and get over the tues night Q.
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