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  1. The highlight of a fantastic festival for me! Still holding onto Blackpool tickets, hoping it occurs at some point in 2021 and maybe he returns to Glastonbury too. Great album and well deserved win.
  2. Harry49

    Shiny new site

    “world beating” new site @eFestivals
  3. Harry49

    2020 New Music

    Agreed. One for the converted!
  4. Beans onToast Dec 20 Liverpool. so many cancelled rescheduled since then, and no real optimism for 2021 at present. possibly drunk too much tonight!
  5. Harry49

    Rockfield Studios

    Top notch! Farms and music, the perfect combination it would seem.
  6. Kylie crowd was massive but David Attenborough May have been bigger as we could not get close to the Pyramid. Left had some lunch and came back for Ms Minogue
  7. Harry49

    BBC Glastonbury

    Emily said in a NME interview that she was looking forward to Stones and Springsteen sets, neither of which have been named. Guess they are 2 of the special guests?
  8. By the time Coach e-tickets are emailed for the 2021 festival I will have a different email address. How do I change my email address for the e-ticket? thanks
  9. I’m hoping to see him in Blackpool in November and when lockdown started I thought it would be my first indoor gig. Not so confident now☹️. as I posted upthread his Glastonbury set was fantastic and if BBC show it over the coming 2020 weekend I would recommend highly!
  10. Blimey Charlie, that is top quality! As a jonnie come lately to the band I really noticed the difference in Thoms voice, clarity of lyrics to recent drawl is marked. Shame I was too late in appreciating them.
  11. Harry49

    Glasto Vlogs

    Really enjoyed that trip down memory lane. Interesting to see their need for boots on the Tuesday and then flip flops by the Thursday. Nothing better that a Glastonbury sunset! Really going to miss it this year!
  12. Harry49


    Thanks for posting this link. The more I rewatch this set the better it gets. Enjoyed it on the day but having the tv sound and visuals takes it up a level. Keep finding new fave moments.
  13. If you are hoping for Macca to headline next year this article by friend of the festival John Harris may prove interesting. https://www.theguardian.com/music/2020/apr/03/paul-mccartney-wings-post-beatles-back-catalogue-listeners-digest I have just started listening to his picks and my wish list for his set list next year is already changing.
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