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  1. al_coholic

    cash or card

    Really bored with the cash only bollocks around the site now. Lots of the bars are now cash only. It's just lazy. There is signal.
  2. Bonobo and Groove Armada replacing. Bonobo currently doing a storming set on WH
  3. Wet Leg was fucking stupid. Should never been on the Park. It was a complete dickhead fest on the left side. Don't know why the park keep doing this.
  4. It was her but a different TV show. The main characters are a girl and boy named Rob apparently
  5. al_coholic


    He is on the screens in the JPT as well
  6. al_coholic

    Wolf Alice

    Amazing. Ellie was fantastic. Most of the crowd probably didn't know the drama
  7. Unbelievable gig. Crowd was immense. She was amazing. The cast of some TV show were standing right be me including Phoebe Waller-Bridge
  8. Great day yesterday. But everywhere with music was rammed. Guess it's to be expected. Be interesting to see how busy it is today with the main stages open
  9. Burger stall at the edge of other stage field. £8.50 for a cheese burger but it was incredibly seasoned.
  10. Park was too busy for Eats Everything and Baggy Mondays. BBC intro is now very busy for Four Tet and the sound bleed is awful from The Hive.
  11. If you like being near the path there is room for very small tents in Pennards even.
  12. It's completely rubbish. How can they call it The Taphouse and not have any decent beer. Even The Avalon Inn hasn't got anything different.
  13. al_coholic


    Park hill was insane. I was in the park for the fireworks which were very nice.
  14. Interesting because in Sticklinch you just get a wristband and that's all you need
  15. Rigs is about 10% full if you like a walk
  16. It was really nice to meet everyone today.
  17. al_coholic

    Queue watch

    I have never seen this many people on site on a Wednesday before.
  18. al_coholic

    cash or card

    Card transactions have worked mostly so far albeit slow.
  19. al_coholic

    cash or card

    Brothers Bar is CASH only. £5 per pint. Make of that what you will.
  20. al_coholic

    Queue watch

    Gate A car park side is now clear
  21. It's 100% true. They are taking all crisps in the foil/plastic packs. Apparently they are difficult to pick up, they blow in the wind and the cows eat them. There was loads and loads even at Sticklinch gate.
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