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  1. lets hope the new screens bring a better quality experience which will hopefully negate the bloody flags at the Pyramid. Bigger screens should improve the view for everyone.
  2. I would love to watch it again but not available on any digital platform.
  3. al_coholic


    Its a tree, but I think I would prefer it to be some random Totem
  4. https://www.seetickets.com/customerservice/despatchnews
  5. just checked the see tickets tracker for the 4th time today. Nothing. Still in Stock. Jealous of everyone on here getting theirs, going to sulk now
  6. It's all guess work, but possibly Robert Plant/the special guest/tba but we don't know much anymore because of Doja Cat pulling out.
  7. Bonobo clashing now in that spot. FFS this year is getting harder and harder to see everyone
  8. al_coholic


    Even though we cannot see anything on the webcam, looks like the GoS build is progressing quite well.
  9. I am assuming they won't post anything abroad. But I honestly don't know where you park your car to get to the box office. I am sure someone has probably already figured it out. Maybe have a browse through the Questions forum.
  10. I think all International tickets (except for Ireland) are Box Office Collection. Box Office is at Gate A
  11. Looks like you are the winner! 🏆
  12. I live close to Weston Park, where Camp Bestival Shropshire is. Just checked the price of tickets + parking and its about £230 which for the line-up announced so far is too much for me. I think Rob said they were hoping for 20000 people but I think they will struggle. Even if it does go ahead this year, I doubt it will be back next year.
  13. Yeah quickest would be West Side, but if you want East, I would avoid Bristol and carry on to the A46, skirt round Bath then go either A39/A37 to Shepton Mallet or A36 to Frome and A361 to Shepton Mallet Or you could still come down the M5 take the slower roads through Cheddar to Wells and then onto Shepton Mallet. So many choices!
  14. With Elbow potentially subbing Kenny, what chance of them moving Sam Fender to backfill Doja Cat on the Friday
  15. al_coholic

    The Park 2022

    And possibly Wolf Alice. I am not impressed
  16. nope the ticket and coach seem to be listed separately and both are at 0%
  17. Its on 2% now. This could take a while!
  18. yeah I know, didn't use punctuation. I meant its not even a tent, its a barn. My bad
  19. I still find it truly amazing that they build the co-op for the festival, and as mentioned elsewhere, not even a tent a barn.
  20. al_coholic


    Its not on the map, but it wasn't in 2019 either. If you look at the cam, there appears to be 2 platforms up on the hill so I am hoping one is tricketts and I guess the other is the Crows nest
  21. al_coholic


    Neither, further south I think. There is a smaller gap. I can't upload a pic at the moment
  22. al_coholic


    Sticklinch entry hole in the fence now. thats gonna be a long walk to pyramid, t&c, SE Corner etc...
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