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  1. There is a carlsberg branded truck parked up near the JPT field. So I am assuming Carlsberg will be the mainstream lager on site.
  2. al_coholic


    Croissant Neuf finally up, so I think its just the JPT left
  3. Sticklinch tents seem to be going up in a very random way. Not good for my OCD
  4. Its about 2kms looking at google maps. probably about 45 mins as there will be loads of people wandering around on thursday.
  5. Should be ok. Pay on the day car parking is £60 cash only
  6. I would think you will get in the back of Oxylers at around midday.
  7. should work, will be a bit slow once you cross the A37 Otherwise you could take the A303 to Podimore and then the B3151 to Street, just depends what day/time.
  8. BBC showing very low %ages for rain. Certainly not bad
  9. Looks like welly shopping today then. Bollocks
  10. Ok, understand what you are saying now, not a stupid question, but have never heard of the scenario on here before. you will need to ask the stewards at the WV car park if you can wait somewhere near the entrance I would imagine, while your friends park and return. WV entrance is off fairly narrow country lanes so it would be difficult to stop on the road. If they let you into the car park to wait you will be fine.
  11. Just when you think every question and eventuality has been covered, along comes someone seriously random! Do you know how far it is from WV to East CV? It's a long way and not walkable if you cannot access the site. Good Luck!
  12. al_coholic


    there is a guy working on site who is posting pics (on another platform) from above the tipi field every day.
  13. al_coholic


    That pic is a couple of days old I think. Cockmill is up now and the acoustic is going up. The poles are up for it already
  14. West side, I would say by 12pm. If you are parking up at 8, the queues for both Gate A & D will be massive, but it will start to go down as the gates open. I have arrived at 05:30 3 times and go to Oxlyers by about 10:30-11:00am each time
  15. As you drive through the fence into the East CV field, there are lanes where the stewards queue vans to allow them to be searched and for tickets to be checked.
  16. so just seen a pic of Sonic from the other side, and it looks amazing and really big. It's got a big open mouth. I can't post the pic without asking the guy if I can share it. But he posts pics from above the tipi field most days. Also got really good pics of the pier
  17. It will be easier if you can get on the blue route and the blue car parks, because they naturally feed towards Gate C. Purple feeds towards Gate B
  18. Drinking and watching G vids and vlogs. Near there team.
  19. al_coholic


    Looks like trucks with CN tent have arrived as well.
  20. Any similar street names in your town worth checking? Bizarrely where I live there is another street with the same name as mine less than 3 miles away
  21. al_coholic


    New Fences gone up they seem to happen so quickly I didn't even notice. Fence round Sticklinch Fence round the lockup in Pennards Fence going up the Park Hill - don't know what its for
  22. No that is not possible, unless you have a spare space in your tent capacity. However she can get the shuttle bus from WV car park to the Gate A bus station and then head into site. Otherwise drop her at the Drop off point at the B&W showground before heading to WV
  23. So as a local and knowing the conditions better than most, if you do get a downpour on Saturday/Sunday what do you think the impact would be? I guess it won't do too much damage to the site now as its so dry
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