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  1. Not sure if this has been posted, one of J5 has a new solo project...
  2. Not sure if this has been posted but mountain warehouse are doing 20% off everything for glasto ticket holders https://www.mirror.co.uk/money/shopping-deals/mountain-warehouse-give-festival-fans-16531035
  3. lobo

    "Must don'ts" 2019

    That one van in the pyramid field wanted 4.50 for a small warm bottle of coke. Jesus Christ. I expect to pay more but that’s fully mental.
  4. I just order ordered 30 cans of Amstel for £21 from ASDA. They also have some great deals on spiced and dark rum.
  5. lobo

    Crowd Tolerance

    I dont even understand why people would do it at a set, it doesn't heighten the experience of seeing a band. Just a mongy little black out where youre actually on another planet for a minute. And the ball ache of carrying all the gear seems annoying. People are weird.
  6. lobo

    Crowd Tolerance

    At least that seems to have calmed down a bit. 2015 was utterly horrendous for that. Could barely sleep due to the non stop huffing and clanging 🤦🏻‍♂️
  7. lobo

    Crowd Tolerance

    Oh god this is so annoying. I know a few people who do this too. Its just an hour here and there to have a dance and enjoy the music. So much time for chatting over the 5 days.
  8. lobo

    Crowd Tolerance

    I agree on moving if someone is being a nightmare. Its annoying when youve found a good spot but feeling safe and happy is way more important than dealing with someone whos way too wasted, agressive or acting inappropriate. I was violently threatened before at jazz world stage years ago right down the front by a very wasted angry lad, he threatened most men and women around him demanding more space, we were all packed in like sardines, created a horrible stressful atmosphere. It was hard to move but i politely explained the situation to people behind me and they let me and my partner move back a few spaces. Also got threatened to have a glass bottle of whisky cracked over my head on the way into the rabbit hole by a group of lads who pushed in at the front of the rabbit hole queue that looked to be about 2 hours long. I called them on it and it did not go down well with them. Staff saw it and the glass bottle and did fuck all. Always some bad people around but to only have those two incidents in 10 years of Glastonbury is pretty good going, especially considering how many incredibly friendly people ive met / made friends with / have been helpful and kind.
  9. lobo


    Yeh just found them on the other stage line up, cheers! Definitely gonna check them out
  10. lobo


    When and where is this band on?
  11. Yeh ive heard about the prince sets before, gutted ive missed these to be honest. Not Sure how ive never caught rob da bank in all the bestivals and glastonburys ive been too.
  12. What sort of stuff does rob da bank actually play? Never caught a set of his before
  13. Nah, Rabbit Hole is staying in the park
  14. I wanted Anderson Paak so so much. Looks like he's in the states all that weekend ☹️
  15. Thought the Strokes got announced Last nite?
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