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  1. lobo

    *** Plays Or We Riot

    Most of this message board as the killers come on stage... Lets go to the bread and roses, have a nice cold pint, and wait for all this to blow over.
  2. lobo

    *** Plays Or We Riot

    Yeah i take all exclusive statements with a pinch of salt. Always ways around it. Especially with glastonbury, they never have to sell tickets off the line up and have so many stages. As long as the pyramid headliners arent clashing with exclusives then it seems to be fair game.
  3. lobo

    *** Plays Or We Riot

    Everything off this poster + the strokes.
  4. I’d be so up for this. The wording seems to imply it’s an exclusive headline appearance so maybe he’d turn up in a non headline spot or headlining a smaller stage. Definitely feels like we’re missing a fair few acts from the first poster compared to previous years. I’m thinking the first poster drop was to highlight more of the female acts.
  5. lobo

    Hot Chip

    I also went to the trinity gig. Absolutely amazing. So glad i caught them at such a small venue. Bit blurry at times due to going for a massive night out at motion the night before, not sleeping, then going back out for hot chip. Feels a bit like the monday after Glastonbury today 😳
  6. 4 paid, 1 back in. Usually go with a group of about 8ish people. Were going as a group of 4 this year.
  7. lobo

    Tame Impala

    I was at Alexandera Palace too. First time I’d seen them, everything got a bit hazy towards the end. The first half was incredible though and they clearly had a great fan base that was well into it. I think it will be even better this year on the other, I just need to not go full turbo 5 hours before they come on stage this time if I’d like to leave with any form of memory of the gig. I remember all of the pyramid set but they do get a bit lost in the scorching daytime sun.
  8. lobo

    Tame Impala

    Yeh Kevin seems a little shy on stage. Have you seen them headline or at there own indoor show? The visuals, light show and good crowd of fans definitely make up for that. I think the other stage as night falls will be amazing.
  9. lobo

    2019 New Music

    New Tame Imapala song just got released.
  10. Maybe see tickets are managing the site?
  11. lobo

    Other Stage

    That’d be a good back up shout. Especially if he brings out miley, Kevin Parker, ghostface killa, lily allen and santigold to guest on the tracks he’s already done with them. Was a proper party on the other stage last time he played.
  12. lobo

    Other Stage

    Definitely. We should be getting the new album before the fest too. Saw them twice on the currents tour so really looking forward to some new tunes. Hoping they'll throw 'h.f.g.w (canyons drunken rage)' and 'Beverly Laurel' into the set somewhere.
  13. New album due out so they may have been asked. Weve definitely had a few acts that size added before the final poster.
  14. I reckon with Diplo, Miley and Tame Impala on the poster we can expect Mark Ronson to pop up on a smallish scale this year. He's been doing loads of producing / collaborating with those lot. His dj set with kevin parker 3am on the hell stage was amazing and totally not the sort of music youd normally hear down that end of the festival.
  15. lobo

    Self-Confirmed 2019

    How did I not see the full poster before posting the hot chip confirmation! Wow.
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