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  1. Is this what you meant? https://doubleblindmag.com/ketamine-nasal-spray-is-the-new-hot-party-drug/
  2. yes I was - sorry, it came across as a bit heavy handed. And in years of festival going I’ve never stopped to read the Ts & Cs.... 😔
  3. Looking at the detail, Terms & Conditions No. 6 is really going to stuff up the winners’ enjoyment of the festival. I think I’ll wait for the Thatcher’s competition to come along - cider poisoning must be more fun than ODing on cheese
  4. Whoops - sorry, please don’t downvote me if they ever come back. Please...?
  5. Fantastic - I’m off to roll a few reefer cigarettes right now 😃 And buy a French Horn* off ebay of course *F’nar f’nar
  6. Bring back the Mexican wave of late night cheering on the Thursday
  7. Best evenings ever, for September...
  8. Pilton Party Plus? It would be absolutely wonderful even if it was only a one-night event.
  9. Green Man for me. And an evening in November with the Aussie Pink Floyd.
  10. Sad to say, she’s been dead for nearly 25 years...
  11. Lololol doesn’t even begin to cover it...
  12. I bet the Orange Tw@ gets away Scot free. All he has to do is resign, then Pence takes over as president, pardons trump and there you go... ☹️
  13. Today I learned of a magical way of getting around that horrible feeling when you realize you have run out of jaffa cakes and the shops are shut. Make some toast and let it cool down. Spread butter and then nutella on it. Then - and this is the key bit - spread marmalade on top of the nutella. And abracadabra, there' s your substitute jaffa cake, only much bigger and squarer. Also, you can make it with as much or as little chocolate and/or marmalade as you like. Result! PS apologies for the gratuitous product placement incurred by naming some of the ingredients, but I could'nt think of an easy way of saying the things without naming them.
  14. Which answer won? And do you have do do something bizarre and unexpected in response?
  15. Can’t upvote this, but - yes.
  16. Yup, they've moved it to the 'Cancelled Orders' tab. Fingers crossed that they don't get round to cancelling yours...
  17. Oh dear, not good news but since it's related to this thread.... I've just had an email from Amazon saying the ridiculously cheap chocolate offer was a mistake and they've cancelled my order. Boo!
  18. Pressure to reopen live music venues and festivals from the performers: https://www.theguardian.com/business/2020/jul/02/finale-risk-rolling-stones-lennox-and-mccartney-among-stars-seeking-music-aid?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other
  19. 100% with you on this - I’m 62 and I still absolutely love the festival. I’ll keep going as long as there’s people even older than me on the stages... and probably beyond that!
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