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  1. Haha! I wish I'd thought to put different streams on different TVs could have literally had a 3 stage festival in the flat! Thoroughly enjoyed todays coverage and it made me realise as great as the music is, the thing I really love cannot be committed to film and as such it is easy to watch the music. If you could film and show the culture, camaraderie, relaxed feel and general unique spirit then it would be impossible to watch.
  2. Unfortunately Bands in Town is not the most accurate source. Songkick is better at it that BIT. Either way he is in Germany and unlikley to be dashing back to play parochial Frome. He doesn't even actually like Glasto all that much. More of a Reading type.
  3. WHAAAAT! performing in Frome or just staying there? I'm going home to Frome tomorrow! (no tix for me this year)
  4. Which part of mormonism most attracts you?
  5. New to watching on TV rather than on grass here too and hoped to watch the Pretenders. Can't wait for it to start coverage but when!?
  6. Many of £ indeed after a quick google. Yea I know, i was just interested. I think starting a band may be an option. Become one of the small valued acts that show up every year (Mik Artistik, Beans on Toast etc). Or maybe join SeeTickets and work your way up to get industry tickets. 2 years is enough time right?
  7. How much does a pitch cost at Glasto anyway?
  8. Was it not that last year? I remember the days of £3.30 and 3 for £10. Managed to wrangle 3 for £10 at £4 a pint too once by smiling nicely
  9. The first of those is maybe more viable and not a bad idea! The second may be a little excessive and bit harder than you think.... I have also been thinking what kind of food stand to start to ensure me and my gang get tickets. I'm just keeping busy. I'm not hurting as much as I thought I might be but it still sucks. Last night was particularly tough as I cut my wristband from last year off without one to replace it for the first time since I started going in 2008. If you are in London and so inclined (and got a bit of would-be Glasto cash lying around) I've been to the Pink Floyd exhibition at the V&A today - it was a brilliant way to distract for 2-3 hours. Otherwise can also recommend the Star Wars thing at the O2 - similar price and similar time sink. Someone just offered some tickets to see Robbie tomorrow. Half tempted to get a live music fix. Though Robbie and Radiohead are miles apart and know which I'd rather! Aside from distraction for the next week, for next time I have resolved to get on to the volunteering the moment the tickets sell out if I am unsuccessful in a future year. It was being late and a bit picky that screwed me over this year (among other things like a string of bad luck)
  10. Aside from the beer - mines a cider and I lack a garden - exact same
  11. Fortunately have this week off anyway (part optimism, part burn out). I'm not bitter in any way shape or form, just sentimental and upset I can't be involved in what has become almost part of my identity (is that sad? probably) It has certainly become a part of my routine. Never took for granted but very very important to me and next to nothing to do with the music either. Often said its the best festival on earth, and there are some great bands too! I know I'm not the only one by a long shot and I genuinely hope those more daring than I found their way in. It'll be even harder when I go home for a week only 20 mins from the site. I need to find something else to put on my wrist. feeling naked!
  12. You'll see from my signature I've not missed a Glasto since I started going at 18 years old in 2008. I twas the end of school on the Friday and I found my spiritual second home on the Saturday. I have had a Glasto wristband around my wrist ever since. Until now. at the moment the sun set tonight, in a sentimental ode to the farm and the place I love far too much, I cut the band off. I regret it already but its for the best. I think it has all just hit me as I type this through tears. This year has been horrible and its all the worse for the fallow year next year. It's like being told you're not allowed to go home when everyone you love is going to be there. (That analogy stretches to friends and bands alike). I genuinely thought I was OK. I'm now a wreck with a naked wrist. I really need a hug but its too damn hot!
  13. Tickets still on sale for the Saturday date for LCD - GO GO GO!
  14. Nah who was that clot about 3 weeks ago who bragged they had tickets or something? He got like 40 and then 100 more across other posts.
  15. thread police' is 5 times more polite and 7 letters too long for my version....