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  1. Sku

    Volunteering 2021

    I absolutely loved volunteering in 2019. As others in the thread have said, the extra time on site is such a gift. I was on site Monday to Monday last year. Getting a full week at the festival really makes it feel like a proper holiday... yes, even with the shifts. I really wish you could attend for 7 days as a punter as well haha! Watching the last few bits of the festival come together on Monday/Tuesday, exploring the site and the crew bars, and just the general sense of anticipation and excitement... it's magic.
  2. 5% Same as I posted a couple weeks back. There are a couple things making me feel more optimistic, and a couple things making me feel more pessimistic. Overall the outlook is still pretty bleak, with an outside chance of it somehow being pulled off.
  3. Just seen the post on Boomtown Chat I assume might have been you? Some kind posters there have shared their maps.
  4. I know I probably come across a bit of a "Boomtown Fanboy"... but I'm honestly really excited by the changes. The most I've looked forward to a Boomtown in a long time. I hope they can deliver on the vision being promised. Even though it's a shame to lose the large scale of the event, the intimate and intense setting in the bowl promises to really be quite something. Filled from one edge to the other, with a giant central beacon, and each themed land radiating off of that core. It's a bit like Disneyland I guess, but actually I really like that aspect of the festival. It will be so m
  5. Seems to be the opposite. From the website: Its streets will be bursting with small venues, sideshows and infinite detail. These mini worlds will be brought to life with more actors and performers than have ever been gathered in our history. There will be grand openings and spectacular closing ceremonies. New roaming rave vehicles will circulate the city for everyone to jump on and off, there will be endless secret party rooms, pop-up soundsystems on every street corner and buskers down every alley. The main stages are being downsized a bit, and there is a new focus on the "small
  6. Relic and Nucleus were both new stages for 2019, hardly long time additions to the festival. They have always chopped and changed the stages, ever since the beginning. A lot of work went into building the Nucleus specifically, I think it will be back with a new brand and name... they do tend to redecorate and recycle the sets And music wise, nothing has changed. Each of those stages will have a successor.
  7. The way it was spun to me, is that without some of the drama and stress that surrounds putting a poster together (DJ billing order, exclusivity deals, etc), they are more free to book acts they couldn't get before. How that actually will translate in practice remains to be seen.
  8. I'm so excited about the new Boomtown. The video concept is now out: Boomtown HQ have been kind enough to share a lot of details with me over the past week. I break down what I've learnt about the changes so far over on my blog, search for Boomtown Source if your curious.
  9. Just got to see how it all pans out I guess. The future is looking pretty uncertain for a lot of festivals right now. I guess scaling down is what you need to do to ensure you remain a viable business. It must be impossible to predict how many tickets you can realistically sell between now and the festival, so they have to plan on the cautious side. As long as they hold on to what makes the festival special, and throw a good event for the Boomtown faithful, hopefully they come out the other side in a pretty strong position. I'm cautiously optimistic, from what I've heard.
  10. Quite possibly. I'm not sure they committed to an exact number, because they want to see how sales progress. But however you cut it, the festival is going to be smaller.
  11. Sorry allow me to re clarify what I mean. Half are gone, based on the new cap. This is what they have said publicly. I have also heard a figure for how many have rolled over from a fairly reliable source. It's a bit more than you might expect, because they did double the number of tickets in tier 1 and tier 2 for 2020, and sold both of them out quite quickly. There is a loyal following that go to the festival now regardless of lineup. It's nowhere near enough to sell it out each year, but still a sizeable number. Because the final tier is too expensive post-covid, and they would s
  12. I don't think a festival like Boomtown could go ahead with Covid restrictions. Or for that matter, pretty much any large festival. It either is going ahead or it isn't. I think they are going to see how the ticket sales go with regards to size/numbers. There is definitely a smaller cap than usual if ticket sales did go berserk for some reason. But actually they are likely going to flex the size of the festival depending on how successfully they sell tickets. I don't think they will ever remove all smaller venues, or the woods parties, they are the heart and soul of the festival. I
  13. I guess the changes are more likely coming from the angle of needing to adapt post-covid. Not necessarily out of choice. Boomtown have always changed it up over the years, it's what kept them ticking all this time. I'd give them a chance, because so far they have done a pretty good job every time they have taken a bit of a change in direction. That said, I can't imagine AMI is going anywhere, iconic to the festival at this point. And they really went all in on the AMI concept at Area 404 (the nightclub) as well, to strengthen that character. I know pre-covid seems like a lifetime ago
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