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    Boomtown 2018

    The email is not your ticket. The email contains links to download your tickets. But printing the email itself will not get you in. Click the link, and print that instead. I think they probably could have phrased it less confusingly.
  2. Sku

    Boomtown 2018

    The cheapest option sold out in 2m. I guess they allocated the majority of the tickets into the more expensive £290 category... I'm starting to think the event is fake sold out. They are trying to flog the remaining tickets at inflated costs with the illusion of a sell out. I mean, I don't doubt its near sold out, but they are sitting on more unsold tickets than they would admit I think. Wednesday £290 initially sold out too around 7:15pm, but there appear to be loads now. I think they keep messing around with the allocations to maximise what they can make off the remaining tickets.
  3. Sku

    Is The Rave Yard at Boomtown 2018?

    It's devastating but true. A number of smaller venues have been lost this year due to licensing issues. The guys who run the stage are gutted, but seem optimistic the Rave Yard may be able to return in 2019. Fingers crossed.
  4. Sku


    Last years map: "The Meadow" is the disabled campsite, if that's what you're looking for. It's worth noting there may have been a lot of layout changes this year. We are all waiting on an up to date map which has been promised "soon".
  5. Sku

    Boomtown 2018

    It's mentioned in several places that Boomtown Springs is having exclusive "pool and mansion parties" on Wednesday, but is separated from the rest of the festivals entertainment. It even says if you don't drive to the Boomtown Springs special car park on Wednesday, you will have to walk around the outside of the festival from the public transport area to Boomtown Springs entrance. Initial announcement of Wednesday opening, specifies Boomtown Springs residents have to stay in Boomtown Springs: https://www.facebook.com/boomtownofficial/photos/a.244565308903024.77258.176130945746461/2434746036551596 The Wednesday FAQ, also mentions having to walk around the outside, and the exclusive mansion and pool parties: https://www.boomtownfair.co.uk/news/2018-05-17-important-wednesday-open-for-car-sharers-train-and/
  6. Sku

    Boomtown 2018

    Sounds about right. Thanks for the info.
  7. Sku

    Boomtown 2018

    It's an educated guess. Check last year's map for reference and let's hunt for clues... Here is a description of the location from the Boomtown website: An excellent central, yet spacious location to the North West of the site - close enough to be right up in the action within minutes, central enough to reach each side of site quickly but spread out enough to be able to get some relative peace and quiet! We also know it's next to a car park. This leaves only two possible locations: Wild West Camping & Chinatown Camping. They are the only places that can be described as "North West" and are potentially next to car parks. I'm leaning more towards Boomtown Springs being in Wild West, due to them saying that it's "centrally located" and can reach "each side" quickly. One last clue, it's been announced that it's not possible to leave Boomtown Springs on Wednesday... No access to Hidden Forest or the other Wednesday campsites. Springs will have it's own Wednesday entertainment. This suggests it's totally separate to the other areas of the festival open on Wednesday. I'm pretty sure even if Boomtown Springs is in Wild West, there will still be regular camping there too, it just might be smaller than before. Of course it's possible that the volunteer and artist camping is being moved to make the space too. Looking forward to them releasing a map to settle it!
  8. Sku

    Boomtown 2018

    The problem with Wild West this year, is it seems likely that Boomtown Springs is located there. I'm not sure how much of the room this will take up.
  9. These guys are such a nightmare. If you don't get in, they will refund you. That's no problem. BUT they will charge the seller a 150% fine in order to provide that refund, as a penalty for providing a ticket which didn't provide access. Which is crazy because more than likely the seller is willing to change the name on the ticket, but getmein don't allow any contact between buyer and seller and won't disclose the name of the buyer to the seller. In short, they don't care if you get in or not. They make more money if you DON'T get in, so it's in their favour to create this whole mess of blocking people from changing the name on the ticket. I know someone who sold a ticket on getmein who is having this exact problem. He wants to change the name on the ticket, but getmein won't tell him the buyers name or put them in contact. It's madness as surely the buyer would WANT the name changed on their ticket, but these guys actually intentionally block that whole process. Now he is worried about his 150% fine, as with the wrong name he is at risk his buyer can't get in. It's his liability, but it's getmein policy. Cowboys! I knew these websites were scummy, but they seem set on messing around both buyer and seller. They take a huge markup whatever happens.
  10. Boomtown definitely check the name on the ticket. Contact them and insist they get it changed, or ask for a refund. Link them to the FAQ on the Boomtown website if necessary which says as much.
  11. Sku

    Parking up after festival

    I was very hungover and it was long time ago!
  12. Sku

    Boomtown 2018

    The problem is I don't think it will fail, I think even at that price it's still going to sell out. People on the ticket resale websites were previously paying over £500 just to get GA tickets (at least before Boomtown Springs was announced, it's come down a bit now). I also know someone who bought a GA ticket for £475 from a total stranger on Facebook about a month ago (I'm sure he now regrets). People are desperate to get in this year for sure! If they sell out Boomtown Springs, which I believe they will, they will do it again next year, but leave a sour taste in the mouth of those who just wanted a normal ticket and bought it only out of desperation, rather than a desire to be a VIP. This can only cause long term damage to the reputation of the festival, even if it appears to demonstrate financial success in the short term. VIP upgrades is one thing, but I think forcing people to buy them as the only way into the festival is entirely a different thing all together. The remaining tickets should have been sold as GA, with upgrades being optional, not mandatory. I love the festival, but I don't think I can support this obvious money grab. What a shame.
  13. Sku

    Boomtown 2018

    Some people who previously booked Camp Skylark seem a bit upset on the Facebook page, since it seems to be being perceived that Boomtown Springs is "better" than Camp Skylark. They have paid and are committed to what they thought was the "best" option, but now maybe it isn't. Don't really understand what the difference is myself, it was all so much simpler when festivals just sold one type of ticket. On another related note, I don't know how long these Boomtown Springs tickets will stick around. Some people have been successfully reselling general admission tickets for higher than the cost of Boomtown Springs, so it stands to reason they won't last very long. They might all be gone quite fast, unless the festival really held back many thousands of them at this price...
  14. Sku

    Parking up after festival

    I've stayed until about 2pm if I recall and no one came hassling us. The only time I was ever hassled is when I stayed until about 7pm at Reading Fest one year, but I guess that is probably a bit extreme...
  15. Sku

    Tips, tricks, advice and must do's!

    Everything uptown (top of hill) finishes between 11pm and midnight. This is because the sound easily carries into nearby towns and villages from up there. The sound is noticeably turned down after 11pm in uptown for any stages which run until midnight. The staggered uptown finish time is to try and ease the "rush" heading downtown at 11pm. Downtown in the bowl, the stages are able to run until 4am. All the largest ones normally finish at 2 or 3am though. It's also not impossible to find somewhere playing very low volume music after 4am in downtown if you really are not ready for bed yet.... As for where to camp, I like Wild West. It's about a "medium" distance to everything, and half way up the hill. Most campsites are very close to one area, but very far from others. Wild West strikes a balance for me, not that close to anything, but not too far either. Best idea is to camp near the zone that interests you most.