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  1. Dry grass and beautiful scenes at the Stone Circle
  2. Almost all of the muddy patches can be walked around. Plenty of people are wearing trainers. Still wouldn't wear your best trainers though!
  3. Haha, I edited within a minute but not fast enough... you caught me
  4. Since boot photos are currently the trend, here are mine from a walk around the site today. A few muddy patches here and there, particularly on vehicle routes, but nothing scary. Already dried out a lot since this morning.
  5. Just walked across site from PGB to PGA. Muddy puddles are few and far between. Don't let people who selectively photograph the worst spots worry you. Going to be a warm and grassy festival!
  6. Ped gate B. Just waiting to get in now...
  7. The grass at ped gate B. High traffic but not really much mud. A few muddy puddles here and there but nothing to worry about.
  8. There is currently some extremely light and barely noticable drizzle at my tent. Going for a site walk around in an hour or so and will have a better idea about the ground then, but at present it doesn't seem like wellies are even close to being required. While I've been typing this the drizzle stopped!
  9. This just seems a bit like Chinese whispers. Seems she is denying it now.
  10. Sku

    The Weather Thread 2019

    Just had a look through the 00z. Does it get any better? No rain & lower 20s during the day. Perfect festival weather. And the heavy rain and thunderstorms of Monday night have swung decisively eastwards. Crucial for those of us who are arriving on Monday.
  11. I was actually quite enjoying watching extra time just wasn't bothered about watching a shoot out.
  12. Hope Norway score soon so it doesn't go to penalties as well...
  13. I've never had a bad time in there. It makes sense to make it bigger, after it kept having to run a queue line last year. Everyone has started catching on! Discovered a lot of great artists outside my usual listening habits from time spent in there. Hopefully the sound system remains on point, still going to be surrounding by shipping containers so should be pumping.
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