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  1. Fuck. You're probably right.
  2. Well it was bellitling because you are patronising anyone in this thread who disagrees with you. People have explained to you what they get up to when they are not watching bands and you still continue to wind them up. I honestly couldn't give a toss whether you prefer Wednesday, Friday, Sunday or even fucking Monday. Pick whatever day you like. It really pisses me off that you obviously think you're better than anyone who enjoys doing something other than watching bands at Glastonbury.
  3. What the fuck is your problem? Is it seriously this hard for you to understand that people enjoy experiencing the festival differently to you? Or are you now just belittling people for the sake of it?
  4. Yeah that's the one, it's basically just a bunch of fire spinners doing a routine but it's seriously addicting. It's where I ended up most nights last year cause I was too knackered/couldn't be arsed to traipse through the mud to get to anywhere else. Also the Ridge & Farrow is conveniently located right opposite.
  5. You should try out Green Futures mate. There's a cocktail bar called Fluffy Rock Cafe that does reasonably priced, strong cocktails. The Mandala tent is open till 3AM and has some great Acoustic acts there, Toad Hall and The Lizard Stage are a good shout if you fancy a bit of a dance. Also try out Theatre & Circus late at night. The Cabaret tent is open till late as is Sensation Seekers and Mavericks. Also A Little More Sensation is my favourite stage of the entire festival, it's a tiny stage tucked in the corner of Bellas Field that has some great fireshows on in the evening.
  6. Whether you like it or not, tech house is a very popular genre at the moment. It's pretty much a guarantee that you'll get the likes of Richy Ahmed at Glasto. Equally, there are plenty of other stages that will host key players in Techno, Disco, Drum & Bass, Hardcore, Psy Trance etc. So I really don't know what you're getting at with this comment.
  7. I'm usually in bed by around 3/4AM. Up by around 9 and wondering about with a beer in my hand by about 10. I love early mornings at Glasto, especially when you find a decent bar to watch the people that are stumbling about from the night before or just getting up to face the day. Deffo a day time person then.
  8. Her performance at the Superbowl is seriously impressive:
  9. I'd rather forget about it to be honest! Also I'm an idiot for quoting the wrong post.
  10. This also meand you missed Bobby Womack in 2013, you fool!!
  11. Didn't realize I said in my post that all the areas I listed were only open on Wednesday!
  12. Some people also enjoy the Green Futures, Theatre & Circus, Green Crafts, Healing Fields, Cabaret Tent, all the bars that are on offer, Shangri La, The Common, Block 9, The Unfairground.....
  13. Wednesday for sure. Love hanging out in Green Futures on Wednesday evening with a couple of cocktails. Perfect way to start the weekend.
  14. When the poster is announced it'll only be a feature a small chunk of whos playing. Don't worry, you'll find someone you like!
  15. Don't know if it's already been mentioned. But Johnny Marr is reuniting with The The to make their first track in 17 years.