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  1. I reckon shes a shoe in for West Holts on Sunday with someone like The Isley Brothers playing saturday.
  2. Yeah I agree, Kerala is a great single which got me really excited for the album but I just felt as though most of the other tracks just went on for too long and added nothing to the excitement of the single. Might give it another shot.
  3. Three new releases that I've been eyeing up for a while now were out today. Here's what I think of all of em: The XX, I See You: Really great album, can't wait to see them subbing Radiohead now (which will definitely happen) Bonobo, Migration: Can't get on with this one. Yes the production is great but I just find it really dull in places and Break Apart really gets on my wick. The Flaming Lips, Oczy Mlody: Five tracks in and already this is intriguing me in a "not sure if it's bad or good" kind of way. Really enjoyed We A Family, will probably take me a couple of listens to figure out what I think about this one.
  4. Swans playing a monstorous set in John Peel
  5. Agreed. Him into The XX and Radiohead would be the dream Friday night trio. Gonna be a mission and a half holding my bladder for that entire time but fuck it.
  6. The latest Pet Shop Boys release 'Super' is a really great album and features some of the best lyrics I've heard in recent years.
  7. This. They were an absolute godsend when I came up with a humungous blister after walking around Barcelona.
  8. Good work. Already getting a squeaky bum looking at those clashes. Can imagine it only getting worse when Maui Waui and Convoy are announced on 21st!
  9. Been going since 08. More than happy to help out. I have some video footage from 2009 if you want to use that.
  10. Really can't wait for this.
  11. The latest Flaming Lips track is really, really great.
  12. Held it in about 5 hours before The Stones in 2013 - have no idea how I managed it.
  13. This is the reason why I'm gonna get there before the sub. Served me well with headliners before and hopefully it'll mean that I'm in the circle with the hardcore massive.
  14. Same. Managed to get front centre, great people around me offering booze. Can't go wrong.