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  1. It's a wonderful life is such an underrated album. Gonna put that on tomorrow after work.
  2. Todd Terje & The Olsens & George Clinton 2015
  3. See you at The Astrolabe on Friday for Blackskywhite then
  4. I am currently using Rayman as a countdowb. The most difficult and uncompromising PS1 platformer of all.
  5. Check out these Japanese stud muffins showing Patrick Topping & Route 94 how it's done. All vinyl and mostly 45s, it doesn't get much better than this:
  6. He's doing a few but Beat Hotel on Thursday is the one I'm turning up for and as Benny says he'll be in Wow! with Antal on Saturday. He's also doing NYC Downlow on Friday night.
  7. Hopefully they'll have fixed the tracks skipping this time round!
  8. The new Mountain Goats album is fan bloody tastic. Gonna listen to Pumarosa's latest in a bit.
  9. Coach number 98, leaving at exactly the same time. See you at the marnina!
  10. Been off Techno for a while now, I have more respect for DJ's like Jayda G who are unpredictable and challenge the average club goer into trying something new. That, IMHO takes more courage and skill than playing standard minimal/insustrial techno for an hour or two.
  11. The best DJ's I've seen are the ones that can combine Disco with house, techno and all sorts of other genres. Hunee and Antal are absolute dons at this and knock both Ben Klock and Marcell Dettmann out of the park in terms of creativity behind the decks, and they are mostly Vinyl DJ's, so there's no cheating. I'm gonna link you to their Boiler Room sets. The Antal set at Dekmantel is widely considered as the best one going. I dare you to tell me that you wouldn't have a good time dancing to these:
  12. Disco wins! It's about time you discovered the roots of the genre you so dearly love, benny boy!
  13. I have no idea mate. Although what I do know is the Halycon is plenty strong enough. I tried it in my local bar the other night and couldn't feel my legs after a couple of pints.
  14. Piggie Smalls does upmarket german sausages with added toppings. In West Holts next to the Brothers Bar.
  15. Was about to say their Field Day set was largely a shambles. A real disappointment for me as there was alot of hype surrounding their re emergance at the time. Based on that I might not bother with them at Glasto. If K-pez is on at the same time I'll go see her instead.