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  1. Lone Star is well worth checking out, only 9 minutes long which is quite short for Mr. Kozelek
  2. New Sun Kil Moon album is sounding great so far. Only half way through it, mind.
  3. But they look so coooool!!!11111one!
  4. ATCQ would actually be a decent fit on West Holts:
  5. Someone made an account under the name Blue Chicken and their only post was an announcement prediction on this thread. I can't remember if they got it right or not, though!
  6. Lammo is gonna have a field day if Elastica also reform this year.
  7. Chrislk89 is alright but he is no #BlueChicken
  8. One of my best ever. Found some footage I filmed on my crap old digital camera the other day so edited it together and this is the result
  9. I'm getting a 404 as well. If you could create another link, that'd be swell!
  10. Thanks for that bud. The Cornish Arms is my favourite bar to go to in the mornings. Had a great night there on Friday evening last year as well.
  11. Have you got a pic of The Cornish Arms, guy?
  12. This fascinating website has loads of great anecdotes and information about Glastonbury 1970 up to 1990. Well worth a read if you want to look into the history of the fest.
  13. I too, am perplexed
  14. Him saying his favourite year was 1979 is a nice surprise. Expected him to say something like 1995 or 2010
  15. The most productive thing I've done today is this line up prediction