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  1. Sunday Legend 2016

    Just gazza being gazza
  2. 2016 Rumours Page

    I always feel like, somebody's watching meeeeee    
  3. PJ Harvey

    At first I read "London Exclusive" as Festival Exclusive but it turns out I was wrong. Well chuffed that she's doing stuff next year. Would love for her to play. Pyramid stage around the same time as Patti Smith this year would be absolutely ideal.
  4. Sunday Legend 2016

    Would have to headline I reckon. Or second fiddle at a push.
  5. Headliners 2016

    Even more reason for me to avoid their set like the plague!
  6. Headliners 2016

    They play Sky Full Of Stars every hour on the hour at my work and it's the worst thing ever. To be fair they play MGMT's Electric Feel about 6 times a day as well and I that alone has put me right off that song which is a shame because I liked MGMT.
  7. NME's top 10 headliners of the century...

    True. I spent the day today re-watching all the old Glastonbury sets I loved, and I'm still really glad that I went and watched Kool & The Gang that night.
  8. NME's top 10 headliners of the century...

     Just seeing the name of my number one most hated website on the internet makes me want to bash myself around the head repeatedly with a sick.
  9. Screens at West Holts?

    For me screens at West Holts would ruin the atmosphere some what.
  10. Emily Eavis interview

    My entire life has been a lie.
  11. Acts Touring Around Glastonbury 2016

    Me right now:  
  12. Acts Touring Around Glastonbury 2016

    Matt Berry & The Maypoles just announced a UK tour. In early december but really hope they play Glastonbury. Preferably Avalon stage.
  13. James?

    These threads have to happen. To preserve everything that James has done for modern music since their inception m8.
  14. Acts Touring Around Glastonbury 2016

    Ahhh... 2008, my first Glastonbury. The year where I ran about like an absolute nutter going from stage to stage to try and fit in every band I wanted to see.
  15. Veggie since Glasto

    Glastonbury didn't change my diet. I still eat pork and beef as much as the next guy but one thing it did change about me is my social anxiety and over my years of going I've really grown as a person and have slowly started realizing that life is too short to be worrying about what people think about you and to take everything with a pinch of salt and not too seriously.