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  1. Haven't got a car, or CD's, but I do have a 7 and a half hour spotify playlist of songs that remind me of Glastonbury to keep me occupied on the way there.
  2. Agreed. First started going to the meets in 2013 and it's definitely turned into a ritual for me. Can't think of any other place I'd rather be than in the cabaret field at 6pm on the Wednesday.
  3. Fantastic news mate. Was wondering whether you or Wooderson were successful. See you at the eFests meet.
  4. To those who havent heard of Jesca Hoop I'd highly reccomend a listen to her latest album 'Memories Are Now' Also really chuffed with the Steve Harley announcement.
  5. Brighton coach picks you up right opposite the sea life centre.
  6. 170 miles for me. Getting train from Horsham to London Vic then National Express to Bearded. Need to prepare a playlist for that journey. Not long now folks!
  7. Nice one Lucy, was hoping you'd be lucky
  8. My first time going to a 'proper' club, not a 5 Jaegerbombs for a tenner type one was when DVS1 and Loco Dice played Fabric. The experience was unforgettable but the amount of booze I had definitely enhanced the experience. Also I think there's a snobbish attitude that comes with Techno fans that I can't stand. If you tune into a Boiler Room and there is a different genre of music on a.k.a Hip Hop, Grime maybe a interesting live band then the comments section is usually plagued with people begging for the DJ to play repetitive electronic music in 4/4. If it's a female DJ then there is usually a bit of sexism in there too. Especially if the DJ is going for a more selectors approach, you get a whole bunch of dickheads whining about the lack of mixing. Sexism is definitely rife in the music industry but that's a whole different can of worms. Anyway to keep it on topic, NYC downlow line up looks awesome. Gonna try my hardest to get into Masters At Work. Hopefully Dan Shake will be in there as well. Is it usually busy on the Wednesday? Might try and arrive early to get a band so I don't have to queue up on another day.
  9. Going on my own but joining about 120 others in Camp Solo when I get there. Mixed bunch of individuals all with differing music tastes/ways of experiencing. It's great if you're feeling lonely and want someone to hang around with, but also good if you want to do things your own way and use it as a comfort blanket or a place to go back to and wind down in the evenings.
  10. Got a feeling it might be Theatre & Circus. They've been very active on Facebook lately.
  11. Stage splits will almost cerrainly be released at the end of May/start of June. From now until then - I think we'll get a new area announced each week.
  12. Missed out in 2014. Was meant to go to Amsterdam but that fell through. Instead I spent the weekend getting absolutely wasted in my Uni flat on my own watching the coverage. Worst weekend of my life.
  13. Preoccupations sounding great on Channel 2
  14. Stevie Wonder Glastonbury 2010. After an absolutely scorching 5 days Stevie ends the weekend with a massive party. Without a doubt the best headliner I've ever seen.