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  1. I think we have to leave the EU and see how it plays out. You look at Corbyn rallies and I think its fairly clear his support base are not a loads of working class northerners. I think if labour ignore the result of the referendum they isolate many core voters who believe we should leave.
  2. I think your falling into a trap of believing that Corbyn believes in one set of things, while the backbenchers believe in another. The reality is that on a huge amount of things they overlap. To me its not about compromising, its about prioritization and putting together a message that both party and public can buy into. Corbyn is a natural protestor and his comfort zone is to be against things, if you want to be in power you need to be for things, there needs to be outlines of policies.
  3. Whats the source, haven't read about this.
  4. Agree, I'm personally against repeating either referendum in the short term.
  5. However if the result went the other way we would still have half the people dictating to the other half. I'm personally favour of simple majority for referendums. Anything else looks like the protection of the status quo.
  6. I think the odds for both on day of referendum were about 4/1 - 5/1 which is the odds of the 2nd/3rd favourites in the premiership. If conservatives had hidden the fact they were going to call an EU referendum then I think you would have a point, however the information was there for Scotttish people to consider when they voted. If people voted on the assumption of the general election going one way, that's unfortunate, but its the risk we take.
  7. Politicians telling the electorate what they want to hear, who would have thought? As both the Scottish and EU referendum have shown, anyone who believes everything they are told by either side is very naïve.
  8. Scotland has been lead by a conservative primeminister for much of its history. So shouldn't have been surprised to see another one in number 10. The bookmakers generally made conservatives the most likely to win most seats, even though a hung parliament was always thought more likely. When Scotland voted remain they knew they were voting for a system where England (if it chooses) can override the will of every Scottish MP. There is no veto for Scotland on nationwide decisions. As a Welshman we are in the same position, England can (easily)override the unanimous wills of every Wales MP. That's a disadvantage, yet most Welsh people feel the advantages of the union outweigh that disadvantage. I was happy to let the Scottish people have their say and they chose to stay within the system.
  9. David Cameron made a commitment for a EU referendum in 2013. That commitment was not hidden from the Scottish people when they voted in 2014. There was always a possibility of a EU referendum where the country would out, yet knowing this the majority of people in Scotland voted to stay in the union. The one certainty in politics is things change, some changes will suit the Scottish people and some wont. Scotland chose to stay in a union where in a referendum every English person had equal say to every Scottish person and the result was what the result was. I believe the referendum should be a once in a generation thing, rather than a case of keeping asking the question until they get the right answer.
  10. I would agree in a nationwide election. I think if its a manifesto commitment in a Scottish, Welsh or Northern Irish election which may effect the other nations that's slightly different.
  11. Disappointed to see the majority of premiership clubs accept invitations t the EFL trophy, although glad the big boys have declined. This trophy is all about fans of lower league clubs getting their day out and I don't want to see premiership teams taking those opportunities.
  12. I don't think that lead is purely down to how labour have acted, I think it's also down to the efficient transition that the torys engineered. Democracy is a funny thing, conservatives are rewarded for taking away the voice of members in fear they may come up with the wrong answer.
  13. Or it could give an indication he isn't good enough, but I agree it's good for Liverpool to find out.
  14. My asking who are they, I waa asking for names he would deselect. In my view labour can remain a major political party, providing they remain a broad church.
  15. I haven't been particularly impressed with Flanagan. In my view one of those players hyped because he is young, English and at a big club. If someone had put in similar performances at Swansea or wba nobody would have noticed.