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  1. General News Discussion

    The shadow cabinet reflect the views of a significant proportion of the country, their views cannot be dismissed. Labour must be a broad church and accept other views without being called blairites or torys. There must be a free vote on this issue.
  2. General News Discussion

    Im not sure if Tim Farron is keeping a low profile because nobody is listening, or he has decided Corbyn is doing his job for him.
  3. WWE

    I agree Owens is a pretty cool character, with cool KO tops and comes across as a normal guy.  I also think these people who build up that "indie cool" fanbase struggle to get over as heels. When it comes to the current roster Sheamus, Rusev and Barrett are probably as good heels as they have, which is why I like the combination.  I actually would be keen to see Barrett get a babyface run, so this group could be the springboard for that. I would personally bring up Corbin from NXT.  I watched a couple of episodes of breaking ground today.  He comes across as a dick on that program just as much he does on NXT. Whether he is just a natural heel or protecting his character, they are both good characteristics for a heel.  How good he is in the ring doesn't bother me, just stick him with the right guys to protect him.
  4. General News Discussion

    I agree, I suspect labour will have a disastrous (no wonder some of our SNP friends on here are so pro Corbyn)  election in Scotland.  I also think the Welsh Assembly elections could be problematic.
  5. General News Discussion

    I think labour won 5 seats from the conservatives I the last election. I know 2 of them (Chester and WIrral West) well and the MPs are toast in those areas under Corbyn.  However I suspect it is not just gains, but also the 50 Mps in England and Wales with the smallest minorities who will fear for their jobs.  If theres one things MPs love its power and they aren't going to think twice about going after Corbyn if they feel their seats are under threat.
  6. WWE

     have had another think about Sheamus and am starting to think that he is a decent choice as champion, although its a pity he wasn't built better.  One of my main problems with Rollins was I felt there was always an element of him trying to be a cool heel.  I never felt he was helping to get the babyfaces over which to me is still the main job of a wrestling heel. When I look at Sheamus I see someone who could potentially go all out as a heel and doesn't have that "internet cool" factor which stops a lot of todays heels from being hated.
  7. General News Discussion

    Its quite likely the next labour PM is someone fairly low profile. If the Corbynites get their way for the next generation he/she may not even be born!  I think Dan Jarvis is the bookies favourite and maybe his combination of look, the fact he is articulate and back story could work with voters.  In reality whoever leads labour in the next election if they can get us back to hung parliament status they would have done a great job.
  8. General News Discussion

    I completely agree with you regarding mental health, but the only way to effectively tackle these issues is to get a labour government, unless you trust the torys to prioritize it, which I do not. Your right that there needs to be a compromise like the Torys did when they picked Michael Howard and hopefully someone can be found who can appeal to both the memebers and the electorate.  While Im all for ideas, we all know (whether right or wrong) in 2015 the person selling the idea is as important as the ideas itself. 
  9. General News Discussion

    I will be interested to see how the unions react if polling/election results go as I suspect. Interestingly after years in the wilderness they endorsed Blair when he became labour leader.  The torys are doing some terrible things to union rights and only a labour government can reign that in.
  10. General News Discussion

    I wonder if these new members are worth fighting to keep if that is there attitude.  Most will probably vote labour anyway and in terms of activism will go with the next trend that comes along.  I know they have attracted younger voters, but these people will eventually get older, have mortgages, jobs and children and realize that shouting from the sidelines can only get you so far. 
  11. General News Discussion

    If things carry on with labour as they are doing at present then there is a good chance I will vote lib dem in the next general election.  If people like us are pushed out then labour will only do worse at the next general election, having a small core voting the same way with a warm fuzzy feeling isn't going to win an election.
  12. General News Discussion

    I think we were talking about different things.  My point was getting rid of a leader picked by the members, wouldn't mean that supporters wouldn't vote for the same party in the next election. Thinking about it the way that conservatives pick their leader with mps giving the members a choice of 2 is probably the more pragmatic way of picking a future PM.
  13. General News Discussion

    I agree, theres a huge level of hypocrisy when people who lauded the independent thinking of Corbyn as a backbencher rebel, then criticize his opponents for doing the same thing.
  14. General News Discussion

    The trouble is a lot of corbynites call everyone who doesn't agree with them a Blairite or a Tory.  I consider myself neither, Im a centre left voter whos priority is to have a centre left government.  As someone who voted Corbyn how do you think he is doing in the job of convincing tory swing voters? As this is the only way to electoral success. I don't think Oldham will finish him off, but a failure to make inroads in Scotland next year may.  It may upset some new members, but where else is there for them to go?
  15. General News Discussion

    I don't think that's what happened when the conservatives mps got rid of IDS and picked their own choice of leader who cut labours advantage at the next election. I think as time goes by some level of idealism will be replaced by pragmatism.  If labour members think electability isn't important then they are stupid.  Its the only way that policies can be acted on.