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  1. Interesting to see Corbyns political secretary not selected by the NEC for the safe seat of Leigh, the 3rd time in a week they have rejected a Corbyn ally. Labour at least seem to be putting sensible people into safe seats which will hopefully put them in the best place for a comeback following the election. In sadder news the odious Esther Mcvey has found a safe seat.
  2. Man Utd played some good football under Fergie, I think only the most anti united football fan will admit that. When you consider that the football spurs are currently playing is hyped to the moon by our media. Ferries united teams generally hit those levels consistently.
  3. Im not claiming he is corrupt or non corrupt. I also think we have to separate being a gambling addict and betting against your own team. It is possible to be addicted to gambling on bet on the multitude of other things available. I certainly don't think you can judge it purely on the amount won. Its possible that an honest gambling addict could make huge profits, while a dishonest corrupt player could make a loss.
  4. To some extent they are at the mercy of the draw. The Europa league is probably the best measuring stick but if Celtic qualify for the groups and then finish bottom they don't get to compete.
  5. Even a treble is only as good as your opposition. While Rangers are weak, I would expect Celtic to clear up. As I have said previously the lesser teams in the Spl are probably not much better than a good English conference side with wage bills to demonstrate that. To me a great job at Celtic is progress in Europe. They had a tough group this season, so a little early to judge.
  6. Well determining the context is the challenge. How do you determine between the gambling addict and the corrupt footballer who plays the gambling addict card when caught, looking for a lesser sentence.
  7. How do you determine someone doing a great job at Celtic?
  8. I understand he has to answer questions, but the way he answered is what turned it into a big deal. It's one of those questions that needs to be batted away with a standard politician response.
  9. I disagree, I think betting on your team to lose is one of the worst things a footballer can do.
  10. It's a subject Corbyn should have stayed out of. Whatever your view about nuclear weapons, its low down the priority of most voters and it only harmed him from a party management perspective.
  11. I'm not sure he could put his views into practice. Say a bizarre world where he got elected pm, he still isn't going to get an anti nuclear agenda through parliament. Also from what I have heard (who knows if true) he has wanted to quit at least twice, but McDonnell persuaded him against it.
  12. I'm not sure there is a plan B, or if there is a good plan B anyway. It may be a case of damage limitation. If Corbyn is seen as a drag on labour, I can see why keeping him out of the spotlight may seem the least worse option.
  13. Parliamentary colleagues. No doubt that Sturgeon or May would resign if 80% of their mp/msps expressed vote of no confidence.
  14. I'm not sure I agree, I think it's easier to focus on internal party politics without having to run a country. I think Corbyns main priority is getting through to conference and changing the leadership election rules. Allowing a leader to be picked without support of the plp, that surely couldn't go very badly!
  15. What do you think he is there for? His chance of leading labour to a general election sailed a long time ago. May, Farron, Sturgeon would have all resigned if they received a vote of no confidence amongst peers like Corbyn did.