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  1. Football 2015/16

    Quote from FA chief executive about scrapping FA Cup quarter final replays. FA chief executive Martin Glenn said the change "adds excitement". How exactly?? "While fully respecting tradition and history, this new development will help the cup retain its status as a much-loved and world-renowned competition" How exactly?? the decision was part of its "ongoing review" of the competition and helped to "ease English football's congested fixture schedule". I would be interested to see statistics showing how many additional games an average premiership league team has played because of quarter final replays in the last 10 years, the effect it will have on fixture congestion is minimal. Unless they are opening the door with the view to scrapping them in earlier rounds. Of course the FA would never screw the little clubs to look after the big ones!
  2. Football 2015/16

    He was a very good, dependable top half premiership player. I would say fantastic is stretching it a little.
  3. Football 2015/16

    I think Di Maria was a great signing on paper. Whether down to a failiure to adapt to British life or LVG not getting the best out of him, it didn't work. As a neutral you want Ibra in the premiership. For all the entertainment, I'm not sure there has ever been such a dull group of footballers in England's top league.
  4. WWE

    The trouble is as soon as you add a second world title, there is an automatic downgrade in terms of prestige as the exclusivity is gone and the talevt pool is diluted. I don't see how the titles will ever be of equal prestige. Raw will always be top dog and if wwe perceive the biggest draw is on smackdown, he won't be there long. I agree there is more than enough talent for 2 tag divisions. It will also be interesting to see the effect on NXT as I would imagine the main stars will be promoted.
  5. Football 2015/16

    I think Alonso would have gone regardless of the Barry situation.
  6. Football 2015/16

    I think talk of losing the dressing room is generally oversimplification from fans. Even if it is true how could you put it down to one rant. I suspect if managers do lose their players it's a cumulative effect.
  7. Football 2015/16

    What your evidence that he lost the players there?
  8. WWE

    WWE will already be thinking about wrestlemania next year. Its possible that they see Rollins winning the rumble and going into Mania as a babyface. In which case I can see why they would hold back on the face turn. I hope Rollins has used his time off wisely and studied some of the greats in terms of heel psychology, as this was something where he was lacking on in his previous run. As for Reigns maybe WWE feel that the reaction of the live crowds isn't representative of the audience as a whole, particularly younger children. Changing the subject slightly, some of the live crowd embarrassed themselves at the ppv with the stupid "you cant wrestle" chant. If you think Reigns cant wrestle I would argue you know very little about wrestling. I'm currently in early 2004 watching through the PPV, so have seen how the first brand split panned out in the early days. To me it has advantages and disadvantages, but good to see something different. pros - less repetition of matchs on tv and ppv, chances for new starts to shine, opportunity to create 2 distinct brands cons - Mainly what do do with the world title, having 2 champions cheapens the title, but having 1 is difficult to book in a proper split. Also the roster can get spread a little thin. I have just finished no way out 2004 where Holly v Rhyno made the card!
  9. Football 2015/16

    I suspect Rafa sees it as both an opportunity to build a club and stay in England. They will start next season in a strong position with the parachute payments.
  10. WWE

    While I agree his style suits babyface better, main event heels are what's needed at present. It's a matter of timing, but I'm sure he will turn pretty soon.
  11. WWE

    The opening match was enjoyable, good to see some aggression from the usos. Prefer this kind of match to some spot fests that have opened other ppvs. In terms of the 4 way, it was good, but I would rather have seen Miz v Cesaro, the former is doing a better job of getting cesaro over than anyone I have seen. I hope they can extend the feud to summerslam.I'm a bit bored of zayn v owens and hope they move on from there. The main event was my favourite match, with nothing men equally contributing. As for negatives the Jericho v Ambrose match was weak but hampered by bad booking, a pg asylum match was destined to fail. Also usual flaws eg not enough selling and I don't need to see Xavier and Cesaro kicking out of finishing moves.
  12. WWE

    Sad to see that Cody is on his way out. I think he is the most underused guy on the roster in terms of his talent. He I'd probably a victim of them looking to the next generation, rather than pushing from within like they did with benoit, eddy, jbl etc in 2004. He isn't being used, so I hope he finds somewhere that uses him better and maybe returns one day.
  13. Football 2015/16

    I have heard a few people in the media comparing the behaviour between fans in the Scottish and English finals. While I believe there is no place for violence and anyone involved in this should be punished. I would also say hibs winning was more important to their fans then Man Utd winning, so I can understand how passion got the better of some people with the pitch invasion.
  14. Football 2015/16

    I hope he is better than Beck. Hard worker, but couldn't hit a cow's arse with a banjo.
  15. Football 2015/16

    As someone who has seen my team lose 2 times out of a possible 2 in the new Wembley, I suspect its probably a fantastic venue to watch football if you win! I went to the old Wembley once for the Euro 96 final and can understand why they wanted a new one!