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  1. I have to admit I'm often not sure what happens as its not my area and also I'm generally looking after their partner who has died, which means I no longer visit. I feel daunted at the prospect of moving house and I'm in my 30s. Some of these granny's are in poor health themselves and may find it difficult to get out and look at new homes. It's not as simple as just moving on too free up space.
  2. My experience working in the community is that many of these grannys would love to get out of these big houses but the thought of the logistics of the move can be quite daunting considering age, often lack of family support and the fact their husband may have sorted everything last time they moved. I haven't got a clue what support is on offer to help.
  3. The trouble is trying to sell that policy to people who will be worse off because of it, the majority who will vote come election day. If google is correct the 40% tax band is 43K to 150k. That's quite a significant range and many of those at the lower end are not rolling in money. A lot will think they work hard, have little disposable income and are not in the mood to vote themselves poorer. I'm not sure what argument persuades them otherwise.
  4. Before asking the question I had to check the snp position and didn't realise that they had changed party line fairly recently. So from the sounds of it, this was more of a political decision than Salmond/sturgeon being particularly pro NATO?
  5. Well done Lincoln. Considering they are going for promotion in a league with only one automatic promotion slot, it really puts to shame may teams who haven't taken the tournament serious.
  6. I have no doubt that (for some people ) it's possible to survive on 11K a year, however then we are into discussions whether benefit should allow people to live, or just get by. Unfortunately from my experience working in community nhs those who are struggling the most don't tend to be the most financially savvy.
  7. As NATO is in the news today, a question for comfy and ljs. Would you want an independent Scotland to be part of NATO? If so would you want them to join the 4 who meet the 2% spending commitment or the 20 odd who don't?
  8. In a rare moment of madness, I happen to be in the vicinity! I have nothing personally against Sturgeon. My main point about her is I sometimes feel SNP supporters put her on a higher pedestal than an average politician, almost as if she is above the usual games. My view is she plays politic the same way as anyone else. It doesn't make her good or bad, it just makes her a politician.
  9. I disagree again, the most criticism I have heard about Corbyn has come from labour voters, the torys consider him as a bit of a joke. Also when Cameron was PM the most rabid criticism I heard came from his own team.
  10. I was also willing to criticise Blair, Brown and Ed. In some ways I feel more natural being critical of labour as I feel I have far more invested in them and therefore feel more let down by them when I feel they let me down. In a way its like football, there is no team I criticise more than my own!!
  11. I disagree, I have regularly heard labour and Tory supporters criticising the leadership. A lot of the Tory grassroots hated Cameron.
  12. We are broadly in agreement about refugees but I do think about the Sturgeon pledge (or whatever you want to call it) you are going easier on her than you may if a conservative or Blairite labour MP had said exactly the same thing. What she said was either a bit of a balls up, or an example of someone playing politics and it then backfiring on them. Note this is no different to what all politicians do on a semi regular basis, politicians play politics, its in the job description. An observation I would make is that SNP supporters seem very reluctant to ever criticise SNP politicians compared to supporters of other parties.
  13. I take it Jezza will be asked to stay away from Copeland and Stoke in the next week!
  14. I would argue that arsenal results in recent years are not out of line with the other clubs run as businesses.
  15. Agreed for all the talk of them not doing better, you would also expect them to do worse some season. In terms of his replacement I would only replace a manager getting par results if there was an obvious replacement. I can't think of many at present.