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  1. Not only do BBC have a love for man utd they showed all Salfords games last season!
  2. I like Starmer, the trouble is Corbyn can get rid of him anytime he chooses. His profile will rise significantly through Brexit which would put him in position to go for the leadership should he choose. The reality is for Labour to succeed the pro and anti Corbyn factions will have to find a compromise candidate and unite at some point. Maybe keir hasn't upset the pro Corbynites enough to stop them blocking him.
  3. WWE

    I would like it if one of (or both) raw or SmackDown got rid of GM/authority figure completely.
  4. Agreed. As much as I don't like her politics , she comes across calm and competent.
  5. WWE

    I could see him involved in s non wrestling role where he gives a rub to American Alphas. It's clearly well deserved. Not only was he the most consistent in terms of match quality, he was also one of the most adaptable characters. He could do face/heel. Comedy/serious very well.
  6. I don't think spurs and Liverpool have enough buffer to say that. It looks like a 5 way battle for 2nd to 4th to me.
  7. The republicans will need the symbolic victory of finishing obamacare. However those in the house have to be re-elected every 2 years and it would bye political suicide to go too far. I suspect they will take what they like from oamacare and re-brand as their own.
  8. Hasn't Trump said he supports keeping 2 aspects which I think are related to pre existing conditions and children being covered by their parents.
  9. I think I'm right in thinking they can repeal on their own, but will need democratic senator support to replace due to the filibuster. I imagine the republicans will come up with some deal. I think politics will mean republicans come up with some sort of replacement. Interestingly some republican governors are pretty keen on obamacare.
  10. In one respect Hunt was a strange choice as MP for stoke, I cant imagine him the type to be popular with that community. However I also imagine Corbyn will go down like a lead balloon in Stoke, will be interested to see what type of candidate they pick.
  11. With him set to lose his seat following boundary changes it is a bit of a no brainer. I think UKIP will have a good chance of taking the seat, it may be hard to recruit the strongest possible candidate knowing the seat is probably going to be abolished.
  12. Didnt know I had! I suspect a accidental press of the finger on my phone. I have never intentionally up or down voted anyone!
  13. He was unfairly treated as a bit of a joke. Good manager and also came across a genuinely nice guy.
  14. I agree he certainly deserved to be in the conversation, but most of those making these assessment seemed to be judging world football from a diet of premiership football, English teams in the champions league and England international matches
  15. He has had a good season, but I am always wary about these "best in europe", "best in world" type statements and often when you dig deeper that person only watches one domestic league. I remember how Beckham used to be the best free kick taker in the world, the best corner taker in the world and had the best right foot in the world.