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  1. Credit to this bloke as well. I think at times many of us can be guilty of judging someone as a good or bad person purely on the party they represent.
  2. LJS the pension debate is one I have heard little about, do you have any views about this. Also if Scotland voted indie is there a specific protocol to follow. What happens if no deal can be made?
  3. Thoughts are with the injured. It seems like the police have acted quickly and done their job.
  4. I agree with them when you consider England previously had the likes of Campbell, Ferdinand, Terry. King etc they have significantly downgraded. I know last year people were making Smalling to be the next great defender, but in truth he is pretty average.
  5. I can understand that anyone who has lost someone due to the IRA could never forgive him, I would feel exactly the same. However when it comes to such disputes then the people doing the killing have to get around a table, or the killing never ends. I think it is possible to respect and be appalled by someone at the same time.
  6. I don't have much sympathy when fans of city, Chelsea, man u etc talk about things being unfair, while happily accepting the unfair financial advantages they have.
  7. Tom Watson a right wing Labour mp? Mclusky is a complete idiot. If unite affiliate to momentum, my unite membership is cancelled the next day.
  8. My view is that overall most British people are decent folk. I dont believe being Scottish makes someone more or less kind and compassionate. Neither di I think it makes someone more or less racist or selfish.
  9. I also have the feeling that some fans think Arsenal will suddenly start splashing the cash when the tight Wenger leaves. My prediction is that whoever his successor is there will still be 3 clubs with higher wage bills.
  10. Do you not worry at all that Arsenal fans may find the grass isn't greener on the other side? Do you worry that they may become a "one bad season and your out" team like most others? I support a team a lot further down the pyramid and started my life as a football fan seeing 2 managers in a 18 year period. Since then it's been 7 in 7 and I'm not convinced that any of the changes made any difference.
  11. I can't see it being anything but Sunderland, boro and Hull for relegation now. I just don't see points in these teams. I suspect the interest will end up being in the teams competing for the 4th place "Wenger cup ". Can Wenger beat the odds and mount a comeback to win his own trophy!
  12. If there a bank holiday involved I am all for it!
  13. I would propose that the reason the SNP won't put up tax is that they think it will cost them votes/an independence referendum. The electoral maths is the same in Scotland as the rest of the uk. The policies are targeted at the people who vote and the vulnerable don't. In an ideal world people may think it's great more money is being taken from them to help people with less. However i suspect the Scottish are no different to the rest of us when it comes to losing out themselves.
  14. WWE

    I hope the wwe crowd can come up with an inventive chat next time woods is on TV. Anything beats this is awesome! If this was the attitude era Maddox would be given his job back and they would make an angle out of it probably involving val venis!
  15. LJS hypothetical question. If the SNP in Scotland had the chance to implement a policy that their research showed would help the poorest people in Scotland, yet also suggested would cost them votes in an independence referendum. Would you want them to implement the policy or not?