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  1. Man Utd look a tired, old team who have failed to adapt to football in 2016. I don't think Mourhinio is the man to turn it round, I think he is yesterday's man.
  2. Or he believes in his paypacket or the love of the echo chamber. If his priority was the poor, then polling suggests him as leader will deliver about the worse result for the poor possible.
  3. The parties pretty much all had a position apart from the conservatives who were pretty split. I fully supported labour, lib dems, snp, plaid etc in their remain position. Admittedly I would have liked a stronger performance from the labour leader, but we all suspect his heart may have been with the other side.
  4. The same for ukip?
  5. I can't think of a situation when that would happen. A shareholders is looking for a return on their investment. If told that the CEO is going to flush their investment down the toilet by almost all the senior team, they aren't going to smile and say he is a nice man.
  6. In the Eu referendum there were men in suits on both sides. Do I think image is important with someone looking to be pm? Absolutely, look at the reaction to ed eating a bacon sandwich.
  7. Most companies would get rid of the person at the top, if the negativity was related to that person.
  8. If 80% of that workers had a vote of no confidence in a CEO, the CEO would be out of the door .
  9. You only get one chance to make a first impression. He bombed straight away getting into situations about how he dressed, singing the national anthem, party infighting about issues they didn't need to fight about. You say his selling point is that he cares about people is his selling point, but to many he was a man who never left the capital and marched with middle class people about middle class issues. The public made their opinion about him early. You can say it's everyone else's fault but the reality is he came into the job with a ton of baggage. The torys have hardly mentioned the ira, Hamas etc, but you can be sure they will come election time.
  10. We are in agreement that a disunited labour party is not best for labour, however a leader Who the country would never elect pm isn't either. Pre 2015 labour members want him out. I also believe the majority of labour 2015 voters want him out , as do those who voted labour during the Blair years. There is no good outcome for labour that involves Corbyn staying in charge, the backbenchers are looking outside the echo chamber. That doesn't necessarily mean the bsckbenchers handpick his successor, but there is no way the current leader can unite the party.
  11. So again your suggesting it's all the backbenchers fault?
  12. The sun is a newspaper best ignored.
  13. The leader would be a good start. Like the republican party , a relatively small amount of supporters have forced one of their own on to the electorate and I suspect both will get similar results. Corbyn has won a leadership election, his fans seem to be of the mind that it doesn't matter how unpopular he gets, so the decision on leaving is purely down to JC himself. Does he have his own or the labour parties beer interest at heart. Note that's not to say labours flaws are all down to him, but the person on the top has to take responsibility.
  14. The lib dems could potentially do well with labour moving to the left. When I look at their policies there is very little I disagree with. Its been labours electability that has dissuaded me from voting lib dem in the past, but with that gone its possible I may go from red to yellow.
  15. WWE

    Rollins character has always been confusing since he left the shield. When heel he wrestles like a babyface. However as a babyface his character just doesn't connect. Add to that a generic entrance music and the architect title which is one of the lamest in wrestling. He is undoubtedly very athletic, but I'm not sure he has the wrestling brain to be a great.