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  1. Brexit Schmexit

    So clear that he supported remain in the referendum? I expect the leader of the opposition (whoever it is) to be a significant voice on such a huge issue, not someone hiding in the background.
  2. Brexit Schmexit

    Brexit is the biggest news of the day. To me it is unacceptable that Corbyn hardly mentions it. The leader of the opposition should be leading the way. He has an opportunity to speak every Wednesday. It's fine voting for amendments, but I want to see the leadership more vocal, instead of waiting for the torys to fuck up. It seems at present our hopes lay in the hand of the people on the front page (one of which is my mp) who in all fairness seem to have become the unofficial opposition when it comes to Brexit. It looks like they are the same traitors from the previous photo, so they seem to be working together.
  3. Brexit Schmexit

    Hopefully the leader of the opposition will start to show some interest in Brexit now.
  4. General News Discussion

    Well losing yesterday will make that harder and not easier. From what I have seen of Warren, I'm not convinced she would be the best choice. I think she could turn people off more than some of the other candidates.
  5. General News Discussion

    Not correct, the establishment get the candidate they want far more than they dont. Its just the crazy ones make the news.
  6. General News Discussion

    That can only be positive, but the Republicans won't pick crazy candidates everywhere. The establishment will use the result as a big "told you so" moment.
  7. Brexit Schmexit

    I just think with Brexit dominating the news, you can't have a labour leader/party scared to touch the subject, the public won't see it as credible.
  8. General News Discussion

    Well I don't think anyone doubted it was a turn off, the question was how much. It's pretty much the first bloody nose that Trump has had from an electoral perspective. Saying that many establishment Republicans will be glad, it's another example of a wacky candidate losing
  9. Brexit Schmexit

    Well labours strategy seems to be to not talk about Brexit and just hope the conservatives mess it up. The polling may suggest that the public want a bit more.
  10. Football 17/18

    While I think thats true at home, I think away from home they have a lot to prove. They have very little record of taking big scalps away from London. Of course you dont need to be a great team to win the champions league, so I wouldnt count them out doing well in the knockouts. I would however make Juve marginal favourites.
  11. Football 17/18

    A 2 goal win is not a hiding and Dortmund have definitely not been a top team this season
  12. Football 17/18

    I think that may be stretching it a little, they may be able to compete against the top sides (particularly at home) but most of the hidings are handed out to lesser ones.
  13. Football 17/18

    Need to beat a big European side over 2 legs to show that. Luckily for them the points buffer in the premiership will make squad rotation easier.
  14. Football 17/18

    Althought for some perspective 4 had the highest wages budgets in their group as well, with Tottenham finishing one position above their wage budget and Chelsea one position below. I think the knockouts should give a better idea about where these clubs really are. From my perspective City, Man U and Liverpool have all improved this season, while Chelsea have gone back. At this stage Im not convinced Arsenal or spurs have changed singificantly.
  15. Football 17/18

    Everton stole a point in that match, I thought Klopp made a big mistake starting with Solanke.. Man City won the league after 16 games, look so like the Wenger cup could be interesting though.