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  1. Football 2015/16

    Although quite a few of those clubs are fighting to stay up. From memory haven't Leicester been better against the better teams compared to those in the bottom half.
  2. Football 2015/16

    First time this year they are favourites, you can still get fairly decent money if your that confident.  I didn't see that result coming today, but when you look at citys defence its not too surprising.  Also they are suffering from being a one striker team.  The likes of Balotelli and Dzeko weren't world beaters but could occasionally offer something, Bony has always looked out of his depth as backup. You have to admire how Leicester are playing without fear.  A lot of people are comparing them to Liverpool in assuming they may falter when the pressure is on, but I think its a very different situation.  Liverpool always will have some level of expectation and that side had the pressure of returning Liverpool to the glory days.  Leicester don't have the same history or expectation. I think the next 2 games will be the making or breaking of Arsenal.  Bournemouth away and Leicester at home are tough games, but ones they probably have to win if they want ot be champions. As TGT says if Arsenal don't win the league the way the cards are stacked at present, they never will under Wenger. As for Spurs they are turning into a side who can eek out these narrow wins.  This league doesn't make any sense!
  3. Football 2015/16

    It will be interested to see if we start seeing these top players moving from China back to Europe, or if the money will keep them for good.  I also wonder if the move will hinder international call ups, particularly for all these Brazilians/
  4. Football 2015/16

    Teixeira to China.  The league seems to have taken another step in terms of the players it is attracting.  They seem to be getting the players at an earlier age, as opposed to talking the retirement approach of the MLS.
  5. Jeremy Corbyn

    In fairness the polls didn't take too long to realize that Corbyn was going to win the labour leadership there was certainly no doubt in the weeks before.  There is also no doubt that he is great at appealing to the converted, unfortunately in an election we need a converter.  You should never focus on one poll, but when you have many polls and historical trends to ignore them would be naïve and we all know if the polls suggested huge support for Corbyn his fans would not ignore them.  I have two young children and fear Corbyn entering the next election as labour leader could add another 5 years on to how long they have to wait to kick out a tory government.  Polls and trends may not be perfect but when the stakes are so high I'm more willing to stick with what I know than assume a a magic change is coming.
  6. Jeremy Corbyn

    To say the odds are the same makes little sense to me. Even if he was equally as popular as Milliband, the next election is being fought on boundaries more favourable to the conservatives which makes it more difficult to win, regardless of the strengths/weaknesses of the candidiae.
  7. Jeremy Corbyn

    To say people said Milliband couldn't rule is a bit of rewriting of history.  Most of the polls approaching election day suggested Conservatives would get the most votes (although not a majority) and the bookmakers felt it was most likely Cameron would remain PM
  8. Jeremy Corbyn

    I haven't seen a single poll that suggests Corbyn is going to win the next election, maybe Momentum have published something that said he is heading for a landslide.  There are no guarantees what will happen in 4 years time, but polling is the best indication we have.  If you take the attitude of ignoring every poll because they may be wrong how will you ever know if/when is the right time to change
  9. Jeremy Corbyn

    We need to forget about this majority of 5, its going up as the boundaries change.  A candidate with 100% chance of beating the tors doesn't exist, if you can find one with 33% you would probably take it at present.  I also think looking at things as win/lose is oversimplistic.  There are different degrees of losses and a big loss can cost you not just that election, but the one after.  When torys swapped iDS for Howard, I don't believe many thought the latter was going to be the next PM.
  10. Jeremy Corbyn

    I think a lot of people who criticize him will vote for labour when push comes to shove.  I think many of our fears come from an awareness of how others think.  If I could make a candidate who reflect my views completely I wouldnt think they were the best for the job because I don't think my views win an election.  I would rather someone who could delvier some of the things I want, as opposed to nothing at all.
  11. Jeremy Corbyn

    Of course your not the only person, some will vote labour happier, while some who were on the fence and voted labour will switch their vote to an alternative. Corbyn both attracts and repels voters.
  12. Jeremy Corbyn

    I have no doubt that Corbyn excites more people than Cameron. The PM isn't even loved by his own members but come election time they ticked the tory box.  Many voters don't need to be excited, they will choose the safest option.  Whatever peoples opinions on Corbyn, I think most would feel the more people engaged in politics and voting the better.  However there are a couple of key points.  Firstly if there is an influx of new voters (something I have my doubts about) in a first past the post system the vast majority of those votes make no difference from an electoral perspective, out of interest is the seat you live one of those swing seats?  Also every generation of youth think theres is different and the one that will change the world and then things change very little.  I'm not ruling it out, but history makes me dubious.
  13. WWE

    I think some people are just more suited to that upper mid card role.  Look back at previous eras and I would put Owen Hart, Mr Perfect and British Bulldog in the same category.  I don't think any of their careers were tarnished by the fact that they weren't given the big belt. I am sure they will give Bray a run with the belt one day.  I'm less sure about Owens who I feel may be a perennial mid carder like Ambrose.  I also think his look will go against him when it comes to being the main man.
  14. Football 2015/16

    I will be interested to see how liverpool treat the league from now on.  Could we see players rested in the league to put everything into the europa league campaign?
  15. Football 2015/16

    Correct 10 points and a relegation and we certainly werent paying out millions for players as soon as we came out.