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  1. While the DUP bribe/investment is not ideal, what is the solution? The fact is for labour to have put a coalition today they would also have bribed the DUP and 3 other parties. I think some on the left are being a bit disgenuous when they say these deals are typical of evil right wing parties acting in self interest. I have no doubt the same deals would be made on the other side. Its the reality of non majority government. The only way to stop them would be a system that guarantees a majoirty.
  2. I don't know if I agree with the no investment argument. I think the better deal a nurse gets the more likely a nurse stays within the profession which I think does have a financial benefit.
  3. In the short term governments can pay for what they want. Greece (for a time) managed to pay for a public sector where tax was optional and people could retire early with good pensions. In terms of the DUP deal, people are struggling to come up with a good alternative. The fact is we need a government and labour would have also needed DUP votes. As I have said I would have had no issues with either the lib dems or the SNP coming to a deal with the torys purely to allow the government to run. There are no guarantees an election would give a significantly different result.
  4. The lib dems have to defend their policies in 3 of the 4 countries at the ballot box, that's the big difference.
  5. At the lower level I doubt it will increase attendances significantly but will improve the experience and atmosphere. In my view there is nothing unsafe about standing in football matches. While we should learn from tragedys like Hillsborough the lesson should not be that standing is not safe.
  6. I guess we don't have enough examples to draw conclusions. I have no doubt that plaid and SNP would act the same as the DUP in the same position.
  7. Shrewsbury looking to implement safe standing, great news and hope more follow.
  8. So considering labour has also had discussions about buying favour from the DUP in the past, what's the solution? I have no doubt plaid and the SNP would want money if they were in the position to push a party over the line as well.
  9. Interesting for all the controversy about the 1 billion. Someone on sky said it had been common practice for parties of both colours to throw in half a billion when ever power sharing Looked like it may break down.
  10. The manifesto definitely won't have the vote losers, they will add in some vote winners for the young and public sector workers.
  11. Also labour have had provisional discussions with the DUP in both 2010 and 2015.
  12. Well I would have preferred a Con/SNP deal (like I would a con/lib deal) but neither party were interested in working with the torys. Im not necessarily blaming either party for making that political decision, but that political decision (combined with the numbers) is what has handed the power to the DUP. For all the talk about how great proportional representation would be, these kind of backroom deals will happen more under that system.
  13. While the lib dems will want something in return, I always see them as the ideal party to enter a collation a prop up a minority government. The fact they stand in the vast majority of seats in the UK means they have to represent the whole country and defend their decisions via the ballot box nationwide.
  14. Not only that, but for labour to take power this time they would also need to reach a deal with the DUP which would also mean money changing hands. Then they would have to make similar deals with SNP, Plaid, lib Dems who would also want something in return. A tory/lib dem would have been my preference from the numbers, but the libs weren't interested.
  15. I never suggested the media werent skewed to the right.