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  1. The question is Man U had brought in the likes of Mane and Robertson would they have been the players they have become at Liverpool?
  2. I hope Burnley go down. They have added little to the league in the last few years in my view.
  3. Maybe he could get past the gender on the basis he could be the first gay leader.
  4. Oh no doubt people are always planning a succession plan. I just am not convinced that there is a grand plan for Leadbetter to be deputy leader. I doubt she has the support.
  5. I remember some terrible champions league matches in the past as well.
  6. It could just be a slow news day and they are reading too much into a normal fundraiser.
  7. I find this working from home debate a bit simplistic with people either saying it's amazing or terrible. I personally don't like working from home. Handy for the odd hour when convenient, but really value that direct contact, sitting with colleagues around lunch etc. However at the same time sympathetic to the view that some people think differently to me and don't value the things I do. One thing that I feel is sometimes overlooked is people talk about their work life balance, but sometimes forget about their responsibility in training the next generation, as they were trained themselves. You can learn so much from that small talk around the office, listening to how your experienced colleagues deal with situations etc. I also think it's easier to hide when someone is struggling at home then on a teams/zoom call.
  8. They go under the assumption that those people in significant numbers won't vote and those who do won't vote Tory. They are throwing some red meat to those who will agree those using foodbanks are undeserving and lazy.
  9. I think threshold is 20 percent which is now 40 MPs, don't think the socialist group would have the numbers and don't see the vote lending that Abbott and Corbyn needed happening again.
  10. I don't think Gardner would get on the ballot. I have a feeling if Starmer went there would be a coronation (like when howard took over from IDS) rather than a contest.
  11. Cooper is a possibility, I think Reeves is more bland than Starmer and possibly hated more by the left.
  12. I'm undecided about Nandy, she may have been slightly better, my instinct is they would probably be about the same. RLB I think would have been a complete disaster. I agree with you that PR is the way forward and good to see that senior people like Burnham also supporting. Potentially this could be delivered without a majority and working with other parties. I agree that Starmer is flawed, I don't however see anyone who would do significantly better.
  13. So forget who you think would succeed him, who do you think would be the best option for leader now? Do you think labour would be doing better if Long Bailey of Nandy had won?
  14. In my head lower league players are more interesting and less media savvy, so hopefully will be interesting. I do worry we may hear the word soccer a few times so could be quite Americanised. Our season with 2-4 games ( hopefully 2 and definitely not 3) still could go either way so hopefully some decent drama.
  15. Wrexham documentary out in the summer on Disney plus!
  16. If the MPs agreed to elect him without a leadership contest he could easily get back in by someone resigning from a safe seat.
  17. He was the front runner in 2015. Would almost certainly have won if it wasn't for MPs lending votes to get Corbyn on the ballot. This puts huge pressure on the police knowing the result of their investigation could remove the leader of the opposition.
  18. Is Starmer "so unpopular". I get the impression he doesn't have a great strength of feeling one way or the other.
  19. I don't think they would have the support to get on the ballot, the vote lending days of Abbott and Corbyn are gone. Gardner wouldn't be part of any breakaway, he is a party loyalist.
  20. I think people moving against Starmer are not the same as those moving against Corbyn. I know there are many Corbyn supporters who hate Starmer but not sure what removing him would achieve for them. They don't really have a candidate. I haven't even heard them them make am argument why the party would have been doing better if RLB was in power after she bombed in the leadership campaign. Who next Burgon, Sultana, Lavery? Alternatively Jez could form a new party and try and split the left vote. Boris would love it if they did that.
  21. This Man U games is hilarious.
  22. Streeting has way more personality than Starmer. You compare Streeting with Ashworth as shadow health and there has been a huge difference. The problem for Streeting is that the Corbynites hate him.
  23. If Sadiq or Burnham could get back you would think they stand a chance. Streeting since he has been health secretary has looked the most effective in terms of media, but as you say calls for woman could be overwhelming.
  24. Glad to see Madrid through. Never like the same nation finals and 3 all English finals in 4 years would have been bad for the competition.
  25. I'm not blaming her, but the main factor vin all this changing is the ideological shift in the court. That was a result of her death and them rushing through a conservative replacement. She had the opportunity to handpick a successor to be the voice of reason and continue her legacy. The way the republicans acted was not a shock, the fact that America has lots of idiotic people is not a shock and unfortunately the reality is old people are more likely to die. It's possible to be a great person and make mistakes. Most mistakes don't have much of an impact, unfortunately hers had big consequences.
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