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  1. Epic Journeys - How far have you/ would you travel to Worthy Farm?

    Two of my friends who now live abroad annually come back for the festival. one mate is coming back for two weeks he's coming over from Boston in USA and my other mate is literally flying in for the festival, on the Tuesday from Singapore then heading back the following Tuesday.
  2. 2016 Panoramic Photo 1

    The ribbon tower pieces were stacked on the floor next to the entrance to the park (from the stone circle) when I visited the site last weekend. i posted a pic of it when I uploaded my photos here last week
  3. Site visit 23rd April 2016

    yeh it was quite nice, decent food and beers/ciders and friendly staff. we were the only ones camping, but the pub rooms were full. really easy to find as well.
  4. Site visit 23rd April 2016

    I think that's all of them in there now, although some seem to have duplicated! We couldn't see any of the fence going up anywhere....there were a few caravans and people working at the bottom of the Kidz Field adjacent to Kidney mead, that was it. Shocked how the festival is only 8 weeks away and there was pretty much nothing being done to it!
  5. Site visit 23rd April 2016

    Photobucket is being annoying and 'backing up' all my photos so they are dripping into the album quite slowly at the moment...I've got about 30-35 photos to go on and will put titles on them as and when they decide to upload! Also went round the Tor after, then stayed at the Cross Keys pub last night before heading to Pennards orchard to pick up some sweet honey and some standard cider then headed home at lunchtime today. hopefully my upload works!!
  6. Argh - help me solve this problem or I have to return my ticket!

    When I got a See coach from Oxford last year, all tickets had been put in individual envelopes.
  7. Tickets solding out faster and faster
  8. Tickets solding out faster and faster

    IIRC tickets for the 2009 festival took about 6 months to sell out...
  9. !! Resale TICKET LINK !! POSSIBLE

    yep frustrating because I refreshed it about 50 times and it just went nowhere
  10. !! Resale TICKET LINK !! POSSIBLE

    Used Mr Funks link but after putting in reg details it just took me back to the refresh page everytime. Luckily I'm sorted, but now got 6 not coming.
  11. !! Resale TICKET LINK !! POSSIBLE

    It doesn't work Mr Funk
  12. !! Resale TICKET LINK !! POSSIBLE

    Enter reg details then it puts me back in the queue using the link on the first page
  13. This time tomorrow...

    We've still got 6 ticketless trying for tomorrow...means we have to get through twice to make sure all get tickets. got about 10 of us trying so hopefully we will be successful!
  14. Resale

    Anyone know how many tickets you can get per transaction in the resale?
  15. Balance payments

    balance paid for me and my mate plus car park ticket all done at 9.01am