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  1. Tickets Despatched!!!!! glast-GOOOOO!

    Delivery card was there when I got home from work, practically flew down to the sorting office to get them! have now put the tickets in a safe place!
  2. Tickets Despatched!!!!! glast-GOOOOO!

    Got my dispatched email this due tomorrow - I'll be at work but luckily I don't live far from our sorting office so can pick it up after! Its getting close guys!
  3. Reef @ Shangri-La

    Saw them play to a packed KOKO's in London in late 2013, Sub89 in Reading last year and the o2 academy in Oxford about two months ago..still got great energy and the venues were all packed each time. and I'm 34 and really into them so the whole '41-45' thing is nonsense...might pull in a decent crowd as they're from Glastonbury itself. Didn't they headline the Other Stage on the Friday night in 1997?
  4. Confirmed Food Vendors 2016

    Ahh yes that was it! we went there on the Saturday lunchtime and again on the Sunday iirc.
  5. Confirmed Food Vendors 2016

    Last year me and my mate visited a lovely bagel can that was in the west Holts field. if you're looking at the Stage go down the path on the right hand side as if you're going into the cabaret field (Bellas bridge) and it's on the right hand side just before you leave the field. Real top notch warm bagels, I had grilled halloumi with salad - which was perfect for lunch snack or brunch in our case! cant recall the name but someone else here might know it!
  6. Happy St Totteringham's day.

  7. Videos to show first timers

    The Gastonbury man video from 2000 won't work for me
  8. Lost Vagueness... the story

    The first time I recall seeing Arcadia was 2009.
  9. Lost Vagueness... the story

    Lost Vaguness was still there in 2007, like someone else said I remember trudging through some difficult mud in that area. iirc there was a Casino up there that year?
  10. Epic Journeys - How far have you/ would you travel to Worthy Farm?

    Two of my friends who now live abroad annually come back for the festival. one mate is coming back for two weeks he's coming over from Boston in USA and my other mate is literally flying in for the festival, on the Tuesday from Singapore then heading back the following Tuesday.
  11. 2016 Panoramic Photo 1

    The ribbon tower pieces were stacked on the floor next to the entrance to the park (from the stone circle) when I visited the site last weekend. i posted a pic of it when I uploaded my photos here last week
  12. Site visit 23rd April 2016

    yeh it was quite nice, decent food and beers/ciders and friendly staff. we were the only ones camping, but the pub rooms were full. really easy to find as well.
  13. Site visit 23rd April 2016

    I think that's all of them in there now, although some seem to have duplicated! We couldn't see any of the fence going up anywhere....there were a few caravans and people working at the bottom of the Kidz Field adjacent to Kidney mead, that was it. Shocked how the festival is only 8 weeks away and there was pretty much nothing being done to it!
  14. Site visit 23rd April 2016

    Photobucket is being annoying and 'backing up' all my photos so they are dripping into the album quite slowly at the moment...I've got about 30-35 photos to go on and will put titles on them as and when they decide to upload! Also went round the Tor after, then stayed at the Cross Keys pub last night before heading to Pennards orchard to pick up some sweet honey and some standard cider then headed home at lunchtime today. hopefully my upload works!!
  15. Argh - help me solve this problem or I have to return my ticket!

    When I got a See coach from Oxford last year, all tickets had been put in individual envelopes.