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  1. 2013 - it was the thursday it rained 2015 didn't rain on the thursday or saturday iirc
  2. First single: Bart Simpson - Do the Bartman First album: Michael Jackson - Bad First tape: Michael Jackson - Bad First CD: Dire Straits - Brothers in Arms (my dad gave it to me) First download: can't remember First 'now' album: Now 8 First gig: Michael Jackson at the old Wembley in 1997 First glastonbury: 2004 Age: 35
  3. The people who did 'the growler' have been there over 20 years...called themselves 'meal machine' the growler itself i think was around from 2002 ish onwards...
  4. mine now says 'Tickets are in stock and will be despatched shortly to the address provided'
  5. I went on sunday! Yeh, cross keys is good - decent pie selection but would mean driving.... Might go to the podymore inn on the way home
  6. there's actually a group of us Arsenal fans going together! another place is the cross keys inn up the A37, i stayed there when i went to walk round worthy farm last april.
  7. looks decent!
  8. yeh, i think it illustrates just how much masses of chairs in the fields takes up more space! Camping chairs weren't really a big thing until 2003/04 from recollection....the first 5 or 6 reading festivals i did everyone sat on the floor aroundt the campfire or on a bit of wood at best!
  9. nice one - its fully booked up now, i presume mostly with people who have had the same idea as us! whats the pub called?
  10. love all the little fires in this video from 2000....good vibe!
  11. Drive from Oxford each year too. This year for the first time i'm driving Tuesday afternoon and staying at Yeovil Podimore Travelodge at the junction of the A303/A37 to get a few extra hours in bed and then heading to site, usually end up going through Ped gate B or C. Good route is drive down the A34 to Andover then get on the A303 via Stonehenge and then up the A37.
  12. turning up 6pm on the wednesday and getting a spot for 10+ in kidney mead no problem (last achieved in 2005) campsite fires lots of little pockets of action around the site after headliners rather than all concentrated on the S.E corner lots of really fucked up people rather than just posh students on mandy
  13. Booked in at the Travelodge at Podimore Yeovil services junction of A303/A37 on the Tuesday night. Managed to get a triple room for £81 a couple of weeks ago. Only travelling from Oxford, but can't be fucked getting up at 3am anymore so will drive down tues afternoon and at least it gets me a couple of extra hours in bed!
  14. Can you buy a car park ticket at a later date? I forgot to buy one when paying my balance off last weekend.