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  1. Liam Gallagher

    I'm sure it will pick up again as sons and daughters scramble for a Christmas present for their dads.
  2. Lineup 2018

    I swear if Kanye gets announced then tickets for Reading will sell ridiculously quickly. The man hasn't done a proper UK show (really) since Glastonbury right? And I can't exactly imagine the 16/ 17 year olds that will be going to Reading next year would have seen him there.
  3. LCD Soundsystem....

    I agree with this post a lot, it's pretty weird having a massive podcast to express how there should be no limits in comedy and then in the exact same podcast fantasise about killing a woman because you don't like her comedy. I think Fantano was falling into the edgy constant anti-SJW stance for a while and it left a pretty bad taste in my mouth because of who he was giving a platform to. He seems to have mellowed a bit since Trump got elected though.
  4. Charles Bradley RIP

    Awful news, his version of Changes was beautiful. Rest in Peace.
  5. Kingsman Scene at Glastonbury

    Is it bad I always enjoy seeing the festival mocked/ criticised like this just because I think it might make ticket day a bit easier? EDIT: Obviously I know Kingsman is just taking the piss, like.
  6. Undercard Yet To Play Glastonbury

  7. Kanye west confirmed

    Me happily opening this thread until I see everyone ranking 808's so low.
  8. Acts you don't "get"

    Have to go with Explosions in the Sky, they just don't grab me at all.
  9. Kanye west confirmed

    Didn't know 808s was so unpopular here! MBDTF > Late Registration > College Dropout > Yeezus > 808's > The Life of Pablo > Graduation > Watch the Throne I think what dental said about Graduation feeling extremely 2007 is bang on, I feel like WTT has dated pretty quickly as well except for a few choice cuts (Paris, No Church in the Wild, Murder to Excellence) and the rest of the tracks are a bit lacklustre. Seriously, does anyone listen to Lift Off anymore? Made in America? Why I Love You?
  10. Acts you don't "get"

    For me it has to be The Maccabees, I just can't take his posh whinging and they just sound like a weaker version of bands I do like.
  11. General News Discussion

    That's not what I said at all, I'm simply suggesting sometimes swapping out 'white-nationalist' for 'ISIS supporter' will make someone realise how silly they sound making excuses for white-nationalists. I don't think people are trying to frame a narrative, the truth is that Nazi's are emboldened enough to publicly march and to murder civilians. Trump's flip-flopping condemnation isn't helping the issue at all.
  12. General News Discussion

    Imagine if Theresa May said that not everyone who supports ISIS is an Islamic extremist. If you walk like a Nazi and talk like a Nazi then that's exactly what you are.
  13. Festival cancelled due to mud

    If you really think that everyone at Glasto is 'there for the music' I don't know what to tell you, thankfully I've not seen any violence at Glastonbury however I have seen people just going there primarily to get fucked up/ post about it on Instagram. Yeah I agree with this, Glastonbury doesn't go overboard on security constantly treating everyone with suspicion/ patting them down and whatnot meaning that maybe the security have more of a chance to... you know, create a safe environment and stop violence? Maybe if more commercial festivals were less concerned than someone sneaking a couple of cans into the main arena they could deal with these issues.
  14. Arcade Fire

    Fantano helped a couple of acts get big over the past few years like Brockhampton and Injury Reserve, he can be annoying but I'll always respect him for putting me on to some great acts. On to the album: I'm kind of lukewarm to it after a few listens, the pastiche they're going for doesn't really work for me, Regine's vocals on some tracks are pretty bad unfortunately, Peter Pan is baffling and isn't helped by the two tracks following it and does anyone feel that the production and overall sound of the record is a bit flat and lifeless? I can't quite put my finger on it but the way this album sounds just doesn't work, it doesn't jump out at me really at all. I do love Electric Blue and the title track though, I'm hoping it grows on me the way it has for some of you.
  15. Mercury Prize 2017

    Can see Sampha getting it, quite a shite year though, Ed Sheeran? Really?