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  1. 2019 Headliners

    One thing is for sure, I would rather have that 08 line up and a festival to look forward to than what we have this year. That Sunday run of Cohen, Spiritualized and the national was a great way to finish.
  2. 2019 Headliners

  3. What the Fuck? Brits lads! Best night of the year

    You'll be pleased to hear the vandals only hit your windscreen two hundred times. No damage to the expensive bits.
  4. What the Fuck? Brits lads! Best night of the year

    Sam smith has very large shoes. large tongues all round
  5. What the Fuck? Brits lads! Best night of the year

    Most of the winners played Glastonbury last year. Find that a bit worrying.
  6. What the Fuck? Brits lads! Best night of the year

    Harry Kane gave me flashbacks to Mick Fleetwood. Did well to stay on his feet too.
  7. Plastic Bottle Ban?

    Agree completely. Pylon was awash with these things last year. Nothing cotton fresh about them that I could smell.
  8. 2018 - What it might have looked like

    Just the fact David Byrne is doing festivals and no Glastonbury this year annoys me. One of the remaining artists is love to see there.
  9. Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    Old Trafford? Bring Fellaini out for le freak.
  10. Green Man Festival 2018

    I reckon eels could be there, not announced as tour dates about to go on sale. They'd be perfect. Good line up though, lemon twigs and teleman a bonus.

    I want to say a belated thank you to the 2 manc blokes who told me to go and see these. Bit deflated with nobody I was bothered about watching on the Sunday night, they saved it for me. Brilliant set, great crowd was buzzing afterwards. By the way I fucking hate fallow years. Total bastards.
  12. Album of the Year 2017

    Lemon twigs - do Hollywood Not even sure it's this year. Listened to it loads though, and they were great in the John Peel so it's my vote
  13. No more V festival

    Sky and everything to do with murdoch can get fucked.
  14. So who is REALLY likely to headline/play in 2018?

    ABBA ttoir?
  15. Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    Unoriginal pirate rip off bastard. All about the street people innit? Good an album as it was, fifty quid for a gig is fucking piss take. Shame on you Mike Skinner.
  16. Last night i watched Jools Holland........... and

    Excellent tonight, best in a long time. No duff acts at all. Getting some nice drink in for Friday to help it on. Josh homme sounded superb, national as well plus more morrissey. all good
  17. 2019 Headliners

    Easy now. The new tune has a fucking monstrous guitar solo. Lyrics leave a bit to be desired so you might have a point. Is Rick the brains behind the lyrical content? Either way, rather them than 1975. Do it Michael. I want to see Mark Radcliffe get mad excited for the shed seven headline slot. Dooo ittttt
  18. 2019 Headliners

    Shed seven?
  19. Liam Fray slams classist snobs who criticise northern fans

    24 quid then? The secret is to fuck off somewhere else when you're getting ripped off mate. Spoons great for getting pissed up, also does wonders for your self esteem. Until you remember where you are.
  20. Undercard Yet To Play Glastonbury

    Erasure Tears for Fears Gwar
  21. Acts you most definitely do "Get"

    Radiohead. (that should get some upvotes)
  22. Acts you don't "get"

    Drake. Auto tuned talking? Cannot get my head around it at all.
  23. One month on...

    Roll a fat Jung un and relax. Peace x
  24. BBC Music to run nationwide "Glastonbury replacement" in 2018.

    Don't see the point in this really. Hopefully someone will put on a proper festival to fill the void.
  25. Worthy View Review

    Is that you Morrissey?

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