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  1. Latitude Festival 2017

    Very underwhelmed with that. Grandaddy, John Cale, Temples and Placebo stand out but there's nothing that excites me tremendously. Bring on the next announcement I guess!
  2. 2017 first line-up poster

    Not too bad but not particularly inspiring. The XX and Justice stand out but I'm seeing them both anyway this year. Still should be a good weekend and it will be interesting to see the new site.
  3. Latitude Festival 2017

    Alternative option....ELO?
  4. Latitude 2016

    Film and Music stage announced at 7.30am tomorrow. Last year it held a couple of gems in Alabama 3 and Horace Andy. Fingers crossed for more of the same tomorrow!
  5. Football 2015/16

    Yeah I reckon about 78 points should be enough to win this year. So that's what? 5 wins, 3 draws and a loss? Could be doable.
  6. Football 2015/16

    Exactly. I reckon it could be either they win on the penultimate game of the season, or not at all. The thing is, while Leicester winning even still seems very unlikely in my opinion, I really couldn't nominate a team who I think it is more likely they'll win.
  7. Football 2015/16

    9 games is still a very long time for Leicester to hold out. And with Chelsea away on the last day, a 3 point advantage would very possibly not be enough. Having said that, I'm starting to believe more and more...
  8. Latitude 2016

    Yeah I guess it depends on how much space you'd like. There was only the two of us sharing a relatively small tent so it didn't matter too much to us if we didn't get a lot of space. But we arrived early Friday and there were still quite a lot of options left, especially further away from the arena.
  9. Latitude 2016

    Last year (as I couldn't book work off) I arrived at first thing on the Friday, the traffic was clear through, there was still plenty of space in the car park, and it was relatively easy to get a spot in even yellow. As I'm camping in family this year, and so definitely don't need to worry about there being space to camp, I'll definitely do the same again. Can't be doing with traffic jams that long!
  10. Latitude 2016

    Well I'd certainly welcome more acts that high up the lineup
  11. Latitude 2016

    I can't see any bands slotting in above Beirut. That would also push down FJM from third main, and I can't see him playing lower than that.
  12. Latitude 2016

    I agree that the 6music stage is not overly amazing compared to the Obelisk. But that Obelisk line-up is something to behold, especially on the Saturday.
  13. Latitude 2016

    Extremely happy with that Lineup! I was hoping for Massive + YF as headliners but that undercard is so strong, I don't care anymore.
  14. Got any gigs coming up?

    Just booked up for The Specials in November at Rivermead. Pretty psyched!
  15. Latitude 2016

    Ooh Anna Calvi, yes please.