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  1. Booked my Bright Eyes ticket for London. Could not be more excited!!
  2. PDAD

    Latitude 2020

    Ooh King Gizz. If that is true, that is looking a lot stronger.
  3. PDAD

    Self Confirmed 2020

    Yeah most likely. Or high JP like Shaz last year.
  4. They're awesome. Accidentally discovered them at Boomtown last year, decided to book tickets to their London show in December just gone and honestly had one of the most fun intimate gigs I've had in a long time. They played on the Glade in 2016 but nothing since so definitely due a return.
  5. Hoping this lot show up. One of the most fun live groups going.
  6. PDAD

    2020 New Music

    New Shaz 😍
  7. Bang on. I wouldn't call myself a fan of the Courteenees but I do think the stick they get is pretty undeserved. The new album is pretty decent and St. Jude had a few bangers. The worst I'll say about their music is it is in large, unimaginative. But I think it is an unfair assumption that that makes their listeners unimaginative - an assumption I think a lot of people are guilty of. Like what you want to like. If you enjoy the Courteeners, it doesn't make the rest of your music taste any less reputable.
  8. How early has this historically sold out?
  9. Considering EOTR is end of summer, I'd be surprised if they play. But headlining The Park or JP Sunday night would make my year. At the end of a weekend of debauchery, I'd be a blubbering wreck.
  10. Wow that is one serious first announcement. Bright Eyes may just be by favourite ever band - I was going to wait to see if they announced a tour because of moneys but Angel Olsen, Little Simz, Pixies, Squid, Field Music...That is mega.
  11. I think a few people have been predicting Massive Attack to headline Other stage.
  12. Didn't know where to post this but please please please 🙏 🙏🙏🙏 https://www.google.com/amp/s/pitchfork.com/news/bright-eyes-launch-instagram-with-2020-teaser-watch/amp/
  13. PDAD

    2020 New Music

    More Angel Olsen this year 😀 https://www.nme.com/news/music/angel-olsen-all-mirrors-part-two-coming-in-autumn-2593351
  14. Ahh me too. That plus a guest appearance of Thom. I think that is my favourite gig ever. Edit: Plus I was watching it standing next to Seasick Steve. All things considered, it can't be topped.
  15. Bright Eyes - Royal Albert Hall 2011 Portishead - Latitude 2015 LCD Soundystem - Ally Pally 2017 Flaming Lips - Brixton 2017 The Chemical Brothers - APE 2019 Nick Cave - APE 2018
  16. PDAD

    2019 New Music

    From late 2019, this is fantastic.
  17. PDAD

    Other Stage 2020

    2015: The Chemical Brothers 2016: LCD Soundsystem 2017: Missed out on a ticket 2019: The Chemical Brothers
  18. PDAD

    2019 New Music

    Yeah I do agree really. I suppose it is a gimmick that may work, may not. As you say, streaming figures and buzz at the moment suggest it's not taken off at all so far. The one thing I guess would make sense is if it's a project involving someone pretty famous who doesn't want to associate their name with the project at the moment either because they are just having a bit of fun at this stage, or because it's a complete departure from their other stuff. Reminds me a little of MC Honky, but even with MC Honky, the buzz was created by a lot of promotion by E anyway and theres been nothing like that with Sault.
  19. PDAD

    2019 New Music

    Has anyone checked out Sault? Released 2 albums around summer, both really good. A right mix of sounds, especially in the '5' album. From Massive Attack to Moby with a whole load of groove on top. They've remained elusive as well and nobody has any idea who they are so that's pretty fun.
  20. PDAD

    efests Exit Poll

    So Corbyn will be stepping down as party leader then. Had to happen after tonight really but I hope Labour doesn't veer too much back into the centre / almost centre right.
  21. PDAD

    efests Exit Poll

    You gotta do what you gotta do and that worked so fair play. Just a shame the overall results are what they are. As an aside, the turnout seems to be pretty good this year. Again just a shame its led to what it has. I've persuaded a few people who normally wouldn't vote or would vote for what their parents would to give voteforpolicies quizzes a go and vote accordingly. Yet again, I just wish the results weren't as they are. In all seriousness though, I'm so upset.
  22. PDAD

    efests Exit Poll

    Not that it was ever in doubt but Conservatives got 60.8% compared to Labour's 15.4% in my constituency, Wealden. This really does just get more and more depressing. Having said that, I've just got off the phone to my friend who has recently moved to Norway. I asked to move in with him and he said yes. Fuck it, I'm gonna learn to ski and fuck off.
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