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  1. Secret resales

    Still not sure how I managed get in. The gate people were the only ones over the whole weekend who didn't pi$$ themselves laughing at unlikeness of the photo to myself.
  2. Secret resales

    I picked 2 wholesome looking kids at the ID bit and was a big mistake. Properly scrutinised, a manager called over and only having the dude's old bank card saved me. 5 very, very stressful minutes but the older supervisor was much more chilled about things. I'd lost all composure by this point (and the 2 mile walk from car) and just kept grinning at him like a village idiot. Best wishes and good luck to those still trying. It's mainly because of this thread that I kept the motivation and perseverance to get in going. Thank you to all.
  3. Secret resales

    Thanks for the advice. What is the process here? Manually looking at you and ticket photo or anything more sophisticated?
  4. Secret resales

    Thanks dude, no this was another guy I'd found via Twitter. Could be a long and sad drive back home on Friday. Will put a note out if anyone needs a car park pass that was only used for 30 mins.
  5. Secret resales

    Just agreed to buy someone's ticket. 50% paid now, the other 50% if (when!) I get in. Fingers and toes crossed for nice people on the gate on Friday am.
  6. Secret resales

    Involves leaving perimeter with a spare wristband and passout, and handing over, with reliance on lax village gate security to get others in. Plausible but too much effort for me. Not to mention illegal and not in spirit of festival before anyone starts moaning.
  7. Secret resales

    Try searching Twitter for "local ticket"
  8. Secret resales

  9. Secret resales

    As above, I'm out - his current offer is £1k. And the in/out method to get others in and split the cost is too much effort, not to mention the system may changed.
  10. Secret resales

    Ok after all that, I think we're all out and back to square one. Too much smoke and mirrors.
  11. Secret resales

    Ok I'm still confused, this involves a bit of smoke and mirrors but is plausible all the same, some element of risk but perhaps less than a ticket without another photo on it. Sounds like him + 4 others can come in. Kinky and BigDurbs, will DM you both. No more discussion here.
  12. Secret resales

    speaking to the guy, v convoluted, will dm you in a few mins
  13. Secret resales

    Just one and he was holding out for a grand. Ah wait, he said something about being able to get 5 people in with this blue slip? Are there 5 of us who would stump up £200 each. Fuuuuckk why didn't I think of that before. Would you be in?
  14. Secret resales

    Ah yes that's how it was explained. Still, £500 was possibly in scope, £800 absolutely wasn't. Now is not a good time to suddenly remember your bro/sis-in-law bought a house in Castle Cary last year.
  15. Secret resales

    We just spoke again, he had offers of £800. He was pleasant enough, can't really blame him for holding out.