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  1. 1. Radiohead 1997 Them in no particular order, just what I can remember today LCD Soundsystem 2016 Stevie Wonder 2010 Daft Punk 1997 Spiritualized 2002 Chemical Brothers 2015 Radiohead's 97 set changed my life pretty much. Their 03 and 17 sets were incredible too, but different. Annoyed with myself for not seeing Arcade Fire, Metallica, The Verve, probably some others where I was too mashed or just in the wrong place at the time. Stones - pleased I got to see them but was a bit underwhelmed and I know I'm in the minority here.
  2. I secured a late Oxfam stewarding gig. If anyone is also working at the festival and so can get early access and needs a lift, let me know. I will be leaving from Hartley Wintney, N Hampshire, early on the Monday morning (long story but I need to set up tent, then go to work in London and come back on Tuesday night. ARGH). Route will be M3 Junction 5/A303 and then parking for Ped Gate B (top right of map). Happy to provide lift back too, but I can't really say when on the Monday I'd be heading back.
  3. Thank you - the guidance from you and the others is invaluable. Hmm bed or shenanigans.....!
  4. Thanks will do. Would rather not have to deal with that long walk.
  5. I absolutely have to be in my office on Tuesday - and ideally out with clients that evening too. Thanks for advising of the 1am-ish entry deadline. What I'm thinking might work will be to leave my car at Castle Cary on Monday and go back to work, have just the 1 drink on Tuesday eve and get the train to be back at Castle Cary around 9/10pm, back on-site by 11 and then playing catch-up - or helping people stand up - on the bar crawl. Christ, nothing is ever straightforward with Glastonbury. But having missed on the ticket sales this year, I'm delighted to have a late way in and am looking forward to giving something back for once.
  6. Thanks for the info. I’m tied up with work all of Tuesday. Possible consideration is to go down on Monday to go thru accreditation etc. I could pitch up my tent, go back to London to do my corporate thing, and then my only worry is being back in time for this pub crawl Would be a bit of a schelp going back and forth, but also means I’m not racing against a physical deadline on Tuesday evening.
  7. Hi I got lucky this week and secured an Oxfam job. Does anyone know the latest you can arrive on-site and get checked in, and what the actual process looks like/how long it takes? Will be going to training next week, but any insight would be appreciated as I'm unlikely to be able to leave London til 4pm-ish on the Tuesday - so worried about how fine I'll be cutting it. Also - anyone in a similar situation/location to me, happy to give a lift down on Tuesday.
  8. Janaka

    Resale Club 2019

    If you want to be complete here, 2013 secret resale went live at 1300 in 2013. I got the final 5 tickets that me and my group needed then. Think it lasted about 10 mins - bear in mind it was advertised on Seetickets' Twitter feed.
  9. Janaka

    Resale Club 2019

    There was a stack of date/time options when I applied earlier today. Sorry was only looking at London ones but sure they were all over the country
  10. Janaka

    Resale Club 2019

    My interpretation of the confirmation mail is more conservative - in that only your application is confirmed once you have all the green ticks. I would prefer to be wrong though.
  11. Janaka

    Resale Club 2019

    Been too depressed since resale day to bother checking eFests - slight boredom at work a bit earlier, had a look and so glad I saw this post. All signed up - thank you.
  12. Glad to see this thread - have some spares I couldn't bear to put in recycling and I'm not enough of an arse to sell on ebay for profit - one from 2017, two from 2010 and the Q Official Programme from 2007. If anyone wants, just PM me
  13. Janaka

    Secret resales 2015

    Still not sure how I managed get in. The gate people were the only ones over the whole weekend who didn't pi$$ themselves laughing at unlikeness of the photo to myself.
  14. Janaka

    Secret resales 2015

    I picked 2 wholesome looking kids at the ID bit and was a big mistake. Properly scrutinised, a manager called over and only having the dude's old bank card saved me. 5 very, very stressful minutes but the older supervisor was much more chilled about things. I'd lost all composure by this point (and the 2 mile walk from car) and just kept grinning at him like a village idiot. Best wishes and good luck to those still trying. It's mainly because of this thread that I kept the motivation and perseverance to get in going. Thank you to all.
  15. Janaka

    Secret resales 2015

    Thanks for the advice. What is the process here? Manually looking at you and ticket photo or anything more sophisticated?
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