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  1. I was - yes. 2003 it sold out in a day when 2002 took weeks. Came home from work T-day to be told all sold and they were all on eBay. Got tickets 2 weeks before the fest when Orange (now EE?) ran an online comp which a friend was involved in and helped us all 15+ of us win. (Anyone moaning, tell me you wouldn’t take that option) Anyway I think because of that they put some ID system in for 2004 and for the first time I recall there being major T-day advance hype. Tickets went on sale at 8pm, all the servers promptly melted. I got through by phone at 4am. 8 hours of constant redialling.
  2. Janaka

    The Weather Thread 2019

    I spent the whole day on-site yesterday then had to schlep from Oxfam site to Bronze gate to get back to London for meetings today - heading back to site tonight. Yesterday was lovely, with a little helpful breeze. Assuming the rain we got in the SE came along from the SW, and there's not an extra 175k people walking on it, there's nothing to worry about. Even if doesn't stop raining til early pm, it'll be fine by tomorrow morning. I know that's not what this thread is about but STOP WORRYING
  3. Janaka

    The Weather Thread 2019

    I brought our wellies in 2005. Arrived to baking heat on Weds so left them in the car. Walked all the way back to car from Pennards (just up from the flooded area) barefoot on Friday morning. Passed as much as poss thru other campsites to stay off hard ground. Was quite amazing - though sad - seeing actual fast-flowing rivers running through various campsites.
  4. There was (still is?) an old dude in the Healing Fields I think who was selling various wooden carvings - he let us all sit at this giant wooden table - and I recall in 2008 he had a big ginger cat who was just sat there chilling in the sunshine. I went back to see him a few years later to but he'd gone to cat heaven and hadn't been replaced.
  5. Oh. Yeah I guess so, not sure if there's a way for it to email/SMS you if you're on the move
  6. No need to manually check. Use a page monitor (we used Distil) - set it up to check the Oxfam page with the drop down menu with the all the festivals listed - obv whilst you're logged in - and set the refresh cycle to 5 seconds. There will be numerous false pings - or is it someone just getting there before you - but refresh the Oxfam and fingers crossed.... My friend nearly got on Monday but didn't have her card deets and was in the middle of a meeting, we've both had numerous false pings since then, and then this afternoon whilst I was out she got one. There are numerous people also using the method, but wishing you all the luck possible.
  7. Dude - thanks to your advice my remaining ticketless friend got an Oxfam spot a little earlier. Thanks again for posting this advice - made everyone’s day at my end.
  8. One of my friends got an Oxfam spot at 1646 today. Good luck people. Don’t give up. Didn’t get my ticket in ‘17 til the Thursday when the festival had already started. There’s always a way.
  9. Janaka

    The Weather Thread 2019

    Would also take 2013 weather in a heartbeat - I recall being out in reasonably heavy rain on the Thursday late pm, slipping around on Thursday night (after a few) and it being ok again by Friday pm. What I'm pretty certain 2013 didn't have though, was this continually dismal weather in the run-up.
  10. Janaka

    McShit festivals

    IMO less the festivals themselves, more the commercial influence that Livenation now have as equity stakeholders in all of these festivals. They're the ones doing these "brand partnerships" as they call them, probably less so the individual festival management themselves.
  11. Too many “why didn’t I get off my arse” sets to mention over the years yet - despite seeing Radiohead in 97, 03 and 17, special mention goes to 2010 when I got a voicemail from a mate - I heard the time which was just a few minutes after now - saying “GET TO THE PARK!!! THOM AND JONNY GREENWOOD ARE THE SECRET SET, THEY’VE JUST GOT ON STAGE!!!” Whereever I was, it wasn’t close, and it was baking hot that year, but I sprinted up that hill through the crowds to the Park Stage, practically dying by the time I got there .... and some other band were on stage. Confused. Dave knows how I into them I am, he wouldn’t mess me around. I listened again to the voicemail - it had been left 24 hours ago and had only just come through ?????
  12. One year a newbie friend brought a dozen eggs in his rucksack, plus fresh tomatoes, herbs, kitchen knife and a proper wooden chopping board. I (seasoned vet imo) looked at him incredulously as he pulled all this stuff out of his rucksack. Only one egg had broken. He then made us all amazing omelettes on his stove and at that point I kind of figured it’s not for anyone to tell someone else what not to a bring to a festival. In ‘17 tho, he decided to bring some halloumi marinading in soy sauce (?) which leaked everywhere in his rucksack. Looking forward to hearing what brilliantly impractical food he’s got with him this year.
  13. There’s a “mute” function on WhatsApp you can activate to avoid the constant pinging. Yes there’s a lot of overexcited (understandable really) chat on there but a few people have really been helpful - I have some especially complex logistics to work through so getting insight from them has been invaluable.
  14. That's awesome. What page monitor did you use? As there was a drop-down to select Glastonbury so not specifically a change to the page, I didn't think one would work.
  15. Congrats a getting a place! Only got a mine a few weeks back, amazing that your perseverance has paid off - have you just been refreshing and refreshing? My first time volunteering but following various threads and FB pages to work things out. The Arcadia one is called Tow & Hitch - has its own FB page.
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