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Kendal Calling 2012 - efest meet

Guest Mr_Grump

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As a lot of members of the forum are attending this years Kendal Calling, a number of us have suggested meeting up for a drink, chat and general get to know each other session.

Through numerous posts in the main forum, it appears that Friday at 2pm in the Real Ale tent is the place to be.

If anyone wants to join in, the more the merrier.

Does anyone have any suggestions about how to identify each other? Or do we just wait for Lakeland to walk into the tent at 2pm prompt and call his rallying cry of "lets get naked!" and see who falls around laughing?

Please feel free to add any suggestions/thoughts/comments (about the meet only).

In addition, I'm sure there will be plenty of us around Thursday evening for a less formal meet, again, any suggestions as to where/when etc. are most welcomed.

Remember folks, Kendal Calling is now NEXT WEEK!!!

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As I'll be on my own I'd be very appreciative of a meet up - Thursday and Friday. I will then stalk you for the rest of the festival, copy what you're wearing, watch the same bands and you'll wish you'd never invited me (not really).

I've never been before so no use in terms of best place to meet for Thursday. I recommend newspaper/magazine under the arm in a tinker tailor soldier spy type manner to identify - I'll have the Scotsman (newspaper that is) as its quite apt - for obvious reasons.

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I'll be the one in the bar with the moody looking 12 year old daughter ! My wife isn't going so there's just the 2 of us thu and most of Friday. I'll have several beers but I'm a bit big for her to be given the task of dragging me back to the tent so I'll be playing the responsible adult card and not getting overly served

Without a doubt I'll be there thurs and more than likely fri, given a friend the spare ticket and he's coming sometime Friday so I may have to meet up with him at some point.

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The real ale tent was in the village green last year Al (right next to the kaylied stage) so I'm expecting it to be available Thursday as well.

So everyone, 8pm Thursday & 2pm Friday, left hand side of the bar in the real ale tent....I'm sure we'll all stick out like a sore thumb so won't be hard to miss!! (plus as well I remember Lippy from last year wearing his sun hat & will be able to spot Ramragon with his Asda Bag For Life!!!).

And we'll all be able to spot Lakeland......lol

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"Lets Get Naked"

Hey guys, at 2 on Friday my band "The Mono LPs" will be playing at the House Party Stage. How about letting us be the EFEST official gathering Band?

We promise to give you the best performance of the whole weekend and

we will also personally mention the big meet and help all you guys find each other.

What do you say?

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Hello mate, actually like your stuff and mentioned your band on here a couple of times, seems like a generous offer an there's nothing stopping us getting a few beers and heading over to the houseparty tent. You might have to come down and have a beer with us after the set mind !

I'd be well up for it, see what other people are up for. I'm heading up to wickerman area now so I might have no signal to get back on here.

There's a few with my mobile number, do me a favour if plans change someone drop me a text.

Cheers now !

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