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  1. Unfortunately I’m saying no , but I also think there won’t be any festivals this year. large mass gatherings of people can’t / won’t take place until there’s a vaccine. get used to how you shop because this is it , earliest possible vaccine is September then you gotta vaccinate 80% of the population then they will ease social distance. factories and building sites and all shops will be allowed to open again but under current social distance guidelines in early May . festivals and gigs are gone until 2021 .
  2. They have played a lot over last 3 years , they did mainstage Saturday afternoon about 4ish 1 year I think they have headline the calling out also , they have a bit of a following in the north I think also from the fields ( Kendal ) have booked them for a 1 off gig . They will be on between 5 and 6 mainstage
  3. i am thinking more sunday main addition but nowt special ,
  4. Correct on Craig david ! But he was on a afterglow poster last my daughter checked cos she was moaning would I go to the glow with her ! scouting defo calling out but how is heather small gonna go down in the glow tent ? 😂
  5. Craig david is After Glow or previously known as glow tent
  6. 😂 they said that at 19,999 then they sneakily went for another increase of capacity to 34995 ! It’s not that Kendal don’t want to get any bigger it’s just the site Isn’t lending itself to it ! I think they should just increase the ticket price ! It’s very cheap compared to latitude with similar capacity but with the bands folk are expecting
  7. Not expecting a big dance act added some may argue its there already with dizzee but i dont count that, as you have to pay extra to see him on thursday . There just seems nothing for the younger crew , take last year for instance my 2 kids were thrilled with years and years its not my thing at all but i can appreciate the booking if that makes sense . When you got 2 teenage girls that look at the line up and pull a funny face and go who? it makes you think ! Yesterday both of them said have you seen have you seen Leeds line up it looks good , granted they understand Kendal cant compete but tha
  8. Your totally correct with everything your saying .......... But ! Its lacking something ! definitely missing a mainstage dance act and Foals are a bit marmite ! I am holding out for the next announcement before properly forming an opinion
  9. I agree with this nearly! Count Ian Brown out ! Before the roses reunion he was not worthy of headlining ! And he only ever did adored when he was solo prior 2012 . I think Ashcroft would of been special he does play Verve tunes . And I think Catfish have played to often at Kendal now as well . Usually by now I would of been thinking yeah should be a good weekend but I’m just not feeling it yet !
  10. Tidy mate ! But that sentence was last August they released 2 albums last year 1 months after I said this ,so I guess they’ve got more stuff in the armoury ! I also know for a fact they have been considered in the past but the feeling was for the money they wanted they didn’t have enough hits .Still not convinced though ,but that’s based on my tastes ! I’m more disappointed stereophonics are back so soon . TBH I’m concerned about the weather if it is muddy again and pissing down I’m seriously considering giving up on it ! I’m off to trnsmt for the Friday and toying with idea of going on the Sa
  11. I live local . pick up drop off point is all the way to the north of the site google map Lowther castle the pudo is field next to the castle entrance. taxi during the day will cost around £15 and at night after 12 £25 . Hotels ! There is a premier inn , there is a travel lodge there is also north lakes gateway hotel can be expensive. if you don’t mind walking each day stay in Askham there are 2 pubs , punch bowl and the queens head .
  12. Hopefully he will play on the Wednesday! 😂 bit confusing some of that line up ! Sister sledge ....... heather small ! Scouting for girls ! Ha ha And all though phonics are great just saddens me to keep seeing these bands return so quick
  13. Heather small ! 😂 what have you done today to make you feel proud ............. omg could be worse than the hotpots
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