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  1. Would of thought tangerine campers will have there own entrance, with deer lodge and Great Plains
  2. Nah not coming your all weirdos
  3. Red dot 🔴! That’s where it’s at ! You can see the lake and the roads on the festival site .
  4. Yes it’s off site to the north if you walk out passing the camper van field ! It’s a trek ! But they have been honest
  5. Here is what I’ve found on Lidl being there . Thu 25th – Sun 28th July Cumbria Find us at this highly regarded music festival aimed at families that has sold out for the last 13 years! We offer a zone filled with fun activities for children, showcasing our touring obstacles from Lidl Mudder, as well as selling festival essentials.
  6. Was there not a bit of fuss from some traders last year who’s pitches had changed due to new layout and they struggled?

    First KC

    Only ever seen 1 fight at KC and that was outside toilets some bird pushed in to the front another bird went and wagged her finger bit of attitude then the cue jumper got dropped lol ! there is just sometimes a bit of attitude at the main stage in certain areas that’s all wouldn’t worry about it .
  8. Looking at this years drink partners strong bow area seems to be there and is this a return of the jaiger house ? And what on Earth are Lidl on there for ?
  9. The licence has been granted for maximum 34,999 people in attendance at any one time. The capacity for the event in 2015 will be restricted to a maximum of 24,999, for 2016 it will be restricted to 29,999 and from 2017 onwards 34,999 people. In 2016 and 2017 the increase will only be implemented provided it has first been approved at the planning stage by the Safety Advisory Group (SAG) and approved in writing by the Licensing Authority. To accommodate the increased capacity, the licensed area will be increased providing additional areas for the area, camp site and car park. The Event Safety Plan will be revised to take into account the additional capacity by increasing facilities, security, medical provision etc for the larger event.
  10. Fleetmac wood for me I think ! Idles fair enough............. doves ok ! But I fancy a laugh !

    First KC

    There is enough food stalls for a decent meal your looking at £8 snack stuff like chips and dips £5 , there is stalls in general camping doing bacon rolls and coffee bacon roll and a coffee probably around £7 . My advice take some rolls and some crisps maybe a little cool bag that will last you until Saturday with sliced meat or pre cooked so you can eat something at your tent . Depends if you aren’t on a budget really . silent disco is on after 11pm and runs until close . get there as early as you can on the Friday it gets busy around 11 am plus you just wanna chill find your bearings and start enjoying yourselves. you will have a great time I’m sure .
  12. Jumping the fence as always adds a bit excitement to the weekend!
  13. In the past they have promoted cycling to the festival surely there was an area to park bikes ? Dunno if I would chain it to a fence on entrance to much footfall passing to tamper with it , there are trees dotted about but I’m sure security will come up with a plan on the day.
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