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  1. Good luck tomorrow curlygirl with tickets, I saw thurlow at Kendal and asked after you but you weren’t around ! Fingers crossed for glasto and I hope you maybe change your mind and get back to KC next year.
  2. I think it’s a no ! Definitely not a headliner before 7 yep but pride with her would block that ! She’s playing a rearranged outdoor gig in Carlisle next month she callled the original date off cos she got wasted with the spice girls 😂! Any how they been doing 2 for 1 recently! Nail in the coffin Kendal won’t book her !
  3. Sorry to hear that mate, there are a couple of pubs with rooms close by in Askham easy walk-in home at night as it’s down hill but of a slog going in day time .
  4. I don’t disagree really but it’s a a starting point go on then chuck me an American headline possible?
  5. Said by the person that claims Green Day are one of the biggest bands in the world! 🤷‍♂️ All I know is superstruct want some American acts it’s more of a starting at the bottom of the heap! I can’t see Kendal booking New order as they didn’t sell out Jodrell. Simple as that really. Has Kendal not booked enough old fart manc bands over the years and it’s time for a fresh approach? Nowt wrong with New order but it’s gonna be 2020 and they ain’t done anything relevant for 25 years ! But they have a huge manc ,fac51 following so I guess if they moan for them like they moan for the hotpots every year I guess it’s possible.
  6. Get your arse out then mate 😂 no way new order or should I say definitely not heading! To small now
  7. As a kite! Join the party 🎉
  8. I wouldn’t either under the global banner but superstruct probably have more ability to bring in some US bookings which whispers I’ve heard that’s what they aiming for ! So you gotta start somewhere the likes of Kings of Leon way to big and my thinking was Greenday we’re booked for that failed gig in Scotland so it’s potentially possible? Any how probably end up Billie Eilish! 😂
  9. LG wants crazy money apparently plus he will always get snapped up first by live nation his stock is far too high for Kendal. im leaning towards Greenday
  10. Going to be difficult to work out this year tbh ! Kendal were always a bit independent when it came to booking bands they did appear to use the Global block of bookings but not fully. Headliners need hits and my opinion is Foals don’t have enough to satisfy a Kendal crowd . Could easily see chemicals there defo, think it’s time Blossoms played the main stage but not headline. Richard Ashcroft if only for the verve hits . Think it’s time they had a female headline so I would lump on Florence . Will have to see what superstruct bring to the table next year .


    See you there mate ! Hopeful that this finally happens for you !
  12. Probably the most sensible well balanced review to be written imo! With regards to security though I do feel it’s lacking some strong more doorman type around the main stage to at least get control of some of the yobs ! The security is just a little bit too nice and young!
  13. I was lucky enough to be welcomed to Wickerman by a friendly bunch of Scots with my family in 2014 and 2015 I sort of understand why you are feeling how you are about Kendal , but cmon ! The music was usually shite until 7pm ! And the wickerman vibe made up for this ! Answer me this question do you think wickerman would of been any different if Gerry Cinnamon played ? This is how crowds are interacting these days ! The young team competing to create social media scenes! Good or bad it’s here at the moment! Or should KC of booked Lulu ? Look where wickerman went ! Electric Fields fared no batter on poor local under cards with big headliners ! This is Gerry at KC ! I wouldn’t say they are all that young but they having a great time !
  14. Aye for 4 days apparently
  15. Seeing a rather mashed up Kyle Falconer in the Arena Sunday afternoon barefoot
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