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  1. It’s all at the door of Boris and Rishi https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-manchester-56661019
  2. Bit unfair that statement really mate this is factually correct. “Superstruct owns 60 per cent of the business, while the remaining 40 per cent is owned by AndySmith and fellow co-founder Ben Robinson.” Superstruct have decided with all there festivals to proceed as if there events post mid June will be going ahead , not sure if this is still true though as line ups for some are still not announced, my opinion is this covid passport could be a lifesaver for large events if you wanna go you get a vaccine you take a test you prove you’ve been positive it’s simple , but there’s 2 many t
  3. Yeah I hope it goes ahead I honestly feel vaccine passport app showing your negative could be the way out of this , but my gut feeling is this festival and any other one in July will probably fail to get open , I think September ones have a bigger chance full capacity gigs and football fans back for start of premiership ! You know this government like the big statement! as for the line up it’s a typical Kendal line up and as you say people always moan they also still go and keep going back which proves there’s a lot more to the festival than just the headline acts , what does disappo
  4. Nobody the way things are looking ! This feels a bit like Bullseye on Tv when Jim Bowen used to say ................ LOOK WHAT YOU COULD'VE WON
  5. Working through the issues regarding insurance and covid guidelines........ how longs a piece of string crack but by the end of the month but website changes tell me it’s imminent
  6. I’ve been told on good authority the line up is booked and good , take the good bit with a pinch of salt though they book the hotpots every year ! I checked price of tickets today 209 quid including Thursday entry and a parking ticket, don’t know if that includes the deathly ticketline booking fee though didn’t go that far .
  7. Problem is organisers know there will procedures and restrictions but the government won’t tell them what they are going to be ! You could organise and sell out Kendal book a line up on 35k ticket sales then come end of June get told they can only have 50 % capacity which would make it in a loss situation. https://www.theguardian.com/culture/2021/mar/06/fans-and-artists-must-have-covid-vaccine-before-attending-music-festivals-say-organisers
  8. Standon calling are superstruct I think .
  9. Gonna say this now controversial I know but Kendal won’t happen this year ! The fact the government has extended furlough tells its own story.
  10. You guys in your 80’s have been lucky to get in quick good to hear your all sorted mate. I honestly feel there could be a lot of disappointment over events in July August! The government have given us a road map out of this but there haven’t yet said what will be the plan for major events with face masks and testing and if you’ve been vaccinated. As you say the 18 to 29 year olds probably won’t have been done and the under 18’s aren’t being done at all .
  11. Yeah I know other festivals have announced mate just saying the 2 obvious ones that have been reported on bbc news . yes on insurance obviously they would be insured but I was told they were paid out for covid LN in America have also started legals against their insurance over there. Could be BS though which I said. depends how you look at it on grant payout take a rather large promoter from Manchester errr think of a blur tune they are LN and 342k loads
  12. I could be wrong but I heard live nation were insured for last year add in the financial grants they received from the arts grants it puts them in a total different position to most . Only relevant festivals that have announced this week are live nation owned . As I say I may of been miss informed over insurance
  13. Not convinced ! I think Reading and Leeds are being extremely optimistic there is a government think tank being formed to discuss how to make major events covid secure , and if they come up with you must of had a test or the vaccine and take a lateral flow to gain entry i think it could be a logistical nightmare . plus its only a date at the moment if we fail at one of these steps and everything is paused for 5 weeks that would be way to close . If there is a government backed cancelation scheme added then maybe organisers will crack on , its way to risky at present to commit to the loses coul
  14. Unfortunately I’m saying no , but I also think there won’t be any festivals this year. large mass gatherings of people can’t / won’t take place until there’s a vaccine. get used to how you shop because this is it , earliest possible vaccine is September then you gotta vaccinate 80% of the population then they will ease social distance. factories and building sites and all shops will be allowed to open again but under current social distance guidelines in early May . festivals and gigs are gone until 2021 .
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