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  1. no one gets on site before gates open if it says 9 am on the Thursday thats the time just get there early and join the que
  2. http://www.festiweather.com/forecast.asp?eventname=Kendal+Calling&eventID=1253&event=Kendal+Calling long range forecast looking great !
  3. No your right he died in 2009
  4. Let’s stick to the facts he died in 2009 .
  5. Didn’t expect much this year tbh and it’s just about what I thought it would be , it’s always been poor during the day comes alive at 7ish I would of come on a day ticket for Saturday but with Frank Turner headline that day it means it won’t come alive until I would of been getting in the car Sunday morning and listening to radio 2 ! It’s a shame cos it had or maybe still has potential but when you look at the line up poster and after line 2 you have no idea who they are ( sorry for my ignorance) im out !
  6. Florence got 2 nights though , foo’s I hear ya but madness and James are very medium size fests , infact james are dreadful these days my opinion on them is play your hits which they never really do . Maybe trnsmt audience target is a bit like Parklife they want the younger guys finishing their education for the summer wanting to party then trying to satisfy the old T crowd later on in August when the old crew have had their week In salou and the kids are back at school .
  7. But Queen didn’t sell out even when you could get tickets with 50% off , which proves Queen were a wrong booking .
  8. Not being nasty here but you guys need to lower your expectations, it maybe still the biggest festival in Scotland but in terms of size now it falls into medium sized, so with that if you look at this years line up it ain’t so bad it’s just not to the Taste of the old T faithful ,but T has gone and it’s now trnsmt that’s booked George Ezra , Jess Glynne Gerry , Stormzy and Catfish ,5 of the most current requested artists around at the moment. You will always get 1 biggie that’s doing Glastonbury or IOW that will use it as a Scottish exclusive TV rights and so on but you need to lower your expectations.
  9. That’s the rain definitely booked then ! Always rains when franks in town !
  10. Difficult to pull off as far as set up for the orchestra, couple of solo artists on before it’s possible but I can’t see it all though there isn’t a Scottish date this year from memory as far as hacienda classical.
  11. https://youtu.be/PEGccV-NOm8
  12. Can we keep all tickets post in here please Here is a link to twickets the safest place to buy or sell . https://www.twickets.live/catalog/search
  13. Stormzy is very now ! And you have to have a now Headline spot ! Also Ezra is the most requested artist of the last few years on all festival feedback question airs ! Neither are my thing but from a business perspective if you have the budget and know they will shift tickets you would do it ! T in the park fell into the trap of trying to satisfy the old fart brigade but always had to get Calvin in on the line up to sell it to the youth ! Unfortunately it brought the wrong crowd, DF have to have a balance of young and old ! Only difference now is the youth go home instead of causing chaos in the campsite! Controversial I know but it’s how it is .
  14. Ok wait until 6 then we will see . Right work to do . Laters
  15. It is only another 2 and half hours until it’s confirmed, by the way efest theory poor on resolution of flyer kendals was leaked last week........ same poor resolution
  16. It’s correct lol! How dreary !
  17. Both similar but Y not had problems over last few years with new production team finding their feet The weather been unkind to them also but it’s been equally unkind to Kendal and it would appear Kendal are more equipped set up to deal with the rain . But that said a change is as good as rest !
  18. Mmmmmm dunno on that probs wait until the second wave announcements but it could be likely
  19. Line up been pretty well received so I can’t see it getting to May if I’m honest I would say you have a month definitely ( who Knows) Thursday is usually on sale until a few days before the festival and I can’t see orbital and Gomez having a rush on ticket
  20. Ok so far we have got , Thursday orbital and Gomez Friday Chic , Years and Years Saturday Doves , Manics , Gerry Sunday Courteeners and Sir Tom Jones
  21. Shame you can’t make it this year mate I will scream Alan in your honour as I trudge home through the campsite at 3 am 1 morning! Might even stretch to a woah - oh !
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