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  1. Katster


    Gone Girl. For anyone who's seen it, that bit, you must know the bit I mean, I actually squirmed.
  2. Katster


    Errrm, did you watch Up right to the end? Not much more uplifting than that ending!
  3. Katster


    Oh my goodness yes. An actual horror that is actually disturbing.
  4. Lol, sounds like something I would have done as a kid. I still shout at my mum now for stomping on them
  5. If I qualify with my window, you definitely qualify with a roof. I would LOVE a roof garden!
  6. Get some supports too, to tie the top of the plants to. If you are going to give it another go, that is. Get yourself a purple shamrock for indoors, keep it dry in a sunny spot and water it only when the leaves start to droop. If you manage to kill it, give the lot up, there's no hope for you!
  7. Yup, I would imagine too much water would have been the issue. There's not many plants that enjoy sitting in water, which if you imagine had you just left the wheelbarrow outside with nothing in it rain water would no doubt have collected even in the driest of Welsh summers. It's a nice idea but you prolly need to drill some small holes into the wheelbarrow for it to work
  8. Sounds more like it was caterpillars having a chomp to me Feral Chile My indoor garden still going strong, I have a wicked spider plant added to my collection now too.
  9. It is but problem is i have been sleeping in it because i was annoying my partner with my pregnancy snores. Going back to my boring grown up bedroom will be crap after spending these last few weeks surrounded by jungle themes!
  10. I'm happy with our baby's nursery. It's fucking ace if I do say so myself!
  11. Katster


    I know what you mean but i mean more in terms of break downs in conversation, taking things the wrong way, contempt, that kind of thing. She was off the scale but when you learnt their history and how they got together it was a life thrown upon her that she never particularly wanted and obviously struggled through out. Not sure what she did want though because he was so good, at everything. But again, perhaps that was the issue for her and in my experience what happens in so many relationships...jealousy/resentment. It was really sad anyway, i thought. We just watched Locke and whilst i enjoyed it I wanted more. I guess that was the point. I cant understand why ya Mrs wouldn't wanna watch it t8yman?
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