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  1. Why tell us that emails were scheduled for this week if they weren't ready? It's just got my hopes up and I was happy being patient before this.
  2. Haha, sounds fun. I'm up for that 🤣
  3. Wow! I'm trying to work out when I've seen it there. I'm so confused. I think it came to Norwich once and I can't separate the two in my head. I am getting old 😂
  4. It's a great idea. I love an escape room. They are great for team building activities, it's a good way to discover someone's learning style and gain interesting insights in my experience. Lots of fun and there is always the post celebration or blame game in the pub.
  5. I am on a Thursday coach from Norwich, which an amazing friend secured for me in the resale. The last time I did a See coach was 2007. I am so happy to be going at all, and really excited to find out my coach time. It will help with planning and make it one step closer and more real.
  6. "Spent a long time together on the way down" Such a gentle statement.... unless you were there, in that queue, for hours...our car driver had a 20 minute nap on a roundabout.... he'd said "wake me up when we start moving" so I did.
  7. Hello 👋 It's been a while. Last Glastonbury wasn't great for me, I was going through a difficult time personally and being there didn't help the way I hoped/expected it to. I have decided to try for a ticket in the resale and see what happens. Reinstating my membership on here feels appropriate. Anyone who knows or remembers me, I hope you are all well x
  8. I couldn't find it either
  9. I'm not there yet but friends on site have told me PGA is now clear
  10. Miesh


    Very useful. Thank you. Vodka and orange is my festival drink since I was given it for breakfast at Bearded Theory.
  11. Something that @BlackHole2006 said in our Bearded group chat made me think. I find people standing in front of me filming on their phones far more intrusive/annoying and otherwise detrimental to my enjoyment of the gig when compared to a few flags. However I accept that flags are an annoyance to many. If you must take one to a stage please take it down before the music starts.
  12. Haha in 2010 there was a flag that said Clunge. Unusually for me I found it hilarious. I don't remember ever having my view blocked/ruined by a flag but I'm never that close to the front. I think there are less of them these days. Overall I don't mind them.
  13. Miesh

    Emotional Moments

    I've just read this thread from the start. Feeling sad, I hoped it would cheer me up. When I got to your post I stopped and closed my eyes and remembered how amazing that Sunday afternoon was. Thank you. Great thread @JoeyT . Reading everyone's moments has sorted me right out....and got me thinking of some of mine. I can't wait to be back at Glastonbury. I think for me this year it will be during Lauren Hill. Although as others have said it's the unpredictable moments that really get you.
  14. Newcomers may feel disadvantaged at not knowing anyone but some people prefer to join a group where people know each other already as it feels safer. Everyone has freedom to choose the best option for themselves. I echo what @Spindles said. Also most people don't know everyone, the group is too big for that! We respect Neil's opinion and agree that new solo groups should be encouraged to form.
  15. Miesh

    Resale Club 2019

    All good here thanks A friend got through for me in October. Yes don't give up hope. I'll try for you if there is a further sale. Don't give up hope mate. I'm sorry for you and everyone else who missed out today.
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