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  1. Bar near West Holts - fab story, thanks for sharing. A great example of why Glasonbury is so amazing - doing something you hadn't planned to do results in good times and wonderful memories. I loved Stornoway, although never saw them at Glasonbury. My memories on FB informed me yesterday was two years since I saw them on their final tour
  2. Miesh

    How many?

    @Yoghurt on a Stick It wasn't meant to be between us. It was just a drug based end of uni brief encounter. She wanted him back. I had far less confidence in myself back thrn. I left for a summer abroad a few weeks later. My taxi to the airport stopped to let them cross the road. I gave them both a cheery wave and a smile. Yes, I agree jealousy is not healthy. What were your final choices?
  3. Miesh

    How many?

    My first Glastonbury in 2000 was with my then boyfriend. His ex and her mate moved in with us (after their tent was stolen) and our relationship didn't last the weekend! Hadn't thought about that in a while 🤣 I met someone else a month later, we went together in 2002 and he proposed at Glasto in 2007. We both attended in 2010 and 2016. I went solo in 2017 and met some amazing people. We'll both be there this year with a fair few of the aforementioned amazing people.
  4. Nice! Thank you. I like how rucksacks are described as being compatible with ice axes. Good to know I guess but thankfully not required for Glastonbury 😆
  5. Thank you. I'm 5'5 so not particularly tall. I would prefer to try it on first but I don't think that the local places carry much of a range, particularly female fit ones. I will look. All part of the fun/preparation though
  6. @duke88, @Ayrshire Chris I have started the search for a new rucksack. I would be interested to know what you went for / decide on. Also if anyone else has any suggestions.... Particularly any ladies that have a female fit rucksack, are they worth going for? I would like one with a zip in the front. My old rucksack was 75l I could/should probably go slightly smaller so I don't take as much stuff.
  7. Miesh

    Glasto game

    I enjoyed wandering round 😍
  8. Miesh

    Glasto game

    It was fun, thanks again I look forward to claiming my prize in June 🍻
  9. Miesh

    Glasto game

    Eating a twix worked 🤣
  10. Miesh

    Glasto game

    Thanks for this @morph100. It is perfect for my hungover sofa day. I can't get past security and I think making a Sprite might be beyond my capabilities Think I'll have a twix and try again later.
  11. Miesh

    Day tickets

    Thank you. I've had a long week. I'll buy them tomorrow but rush to get out of bed 😊
  12. Miesh

    Day tickets

    Thank you both for your replies
  13. Miesh

    Day tickets

    Hello All I can find online is that day tickets go on sale with weekend tickets. Does anyone know how much a Saturday ticket will be? How quickly are they likely to sell out? Thanks
  14. I honestly read that far, nodding my head until I thought "which lovely efester is speaking such wisdom?" Then I looked up and saw! 😆😘
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