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  1. Miesh

    Recommend an artist 2018

    Thanks for this. I'd not seen them on the Boomtown lineup but last night I was looking through the Latitude app and marked them as something worth seeing. You've helped me, but with a different festival
  2. Miesh

    Boomtown 2018

    After feedback (limited sales?) Wednesday entry is now available for those travelling by car (3 or more people in each car) or by train. The fb posts from Boomtown are saying how much fun it will be. Yesterday they were playing it down. It must be very stressful for the organisers trying to get it right as @mr flow explained.
  3. Miesh

    Boomtown 2018

    Thank you, I will. I'm having a debate with myself about paying £40 for zooloos. I just want one shower to wash my hair. I don't want a ****ing station with glitter or hair straighteners. I want all toilets to be reasonable unless it's late at night/main stage etc. It feels like the "citizens" are being separated into classes. I don't like that. According to the website Lost Horizons was in Boomtique last year so £10 for a naked sauna and a hose pipe isn't an option either. I'm lucky to be going, I shouldn't moan, it does make me long for Glastonbury though
  4. Miesh

    Boomtown 2018

    This is exactly how I feel. To me it seems wrong.
  5. Miesh

    Tips, tricks, advice and must do's!

    From what I remember there are steps, only use these if you are in a rush for something you want to see. Only down, don't climb up. It is possible to bimble up and down for a fair distance, taking your time and stopping off a long the way. As I've said this might not still be the case. I'm enjoying the thought that I sort of know what to expect but so much will be new. I want to get involved with the story, I didn't do that lad time.
  6. Miesh

    Solo traveller

    Hello. I'm not sure where this is. Is it possible for you to post a link here? Thanks
  7. Miesh

    Latitude 2018

    Joel Dommett being added to the lineup has made me happy
  8. Miesh

    Tips, tricks, advice and must do's!

    Hi. Congratulations. I'll be celebrating my 40th. I've only been once (2015). I think a lot has changed. I'm excited for the map. I can't advise on specifics. As for any festivals (especially this one) travel as light as possible and bring good footwear. They may have moved things around but the hills! (I have a fitbit as evidence) It's an amazing festival. Visually so impressive.
  9. Miesh

    Solo traveller

    Hello. Please pm me your name and mobile number. Thanks
  10. Miesh

    Solo traveller

    For anyone else that finds this thread in the future.... Hello If you are interested in camping with camp solo please PM me your name and mobile number and I will add you to the WhatsApp group. The WhatsApp group is for general chat and discussing the festival and as a way to get to know each other beforehand / keep in touch. Thanks Miesh x
  11. Miesh

    Solo traveller

    Hello. Sorry for the late reply. Busy day! I'll pm you both soon. Miesh
  12. Miesh

    Coach Traveller Entry

    I would usually fact check before posting but I'm a Liverpool fan and I've had a few beers. I think I remember reading something about getting validation on the coach rather than your actual ticket. Could have made that up though
  13. Miesh

    Boomtown 2018

    They apologised on FB and said they weren't ready to release it today, needing to get all their Whistlers Green ducks in a row first.
  14. Miesh

    Boomtown 2018

    Congratulations @bennyhana22 On both the long and successful relationship and the youthful looks.
  15. Miesh

    Latitude 2018

    Thanks for this I'll give Gang of Youths a listen.

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