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  1. 1 bestival 2 bearded theory 3 beat herder
  2. Was it the first rescue on "Saving Lives at Sea"? assuming it was as the family are from the Midlands
  3. Sanctimonious posters on the glastonbury chat part of this forum
  4. OG

    drugs - stay safe

    Thats probably more to do with you making the effort to start a conversation than people approaching you and starting a conversation. I could quite easily go to any festival solo and have a few groups to hang out with after a day or so. My kids (late teens/early twenties) as much as they are very chatty and outgoing like me are still very in the "social media/glued to their phone" brigade. Which doesn't help in any way.
  5. OG

    Cease and desist :-(

    I did think that this forum gets nasty and snide in high season when all the "day trippers" come out and post banal shit, but this thread has proved that the long time posters are not really "Glastonbury" If you don't like the inane shit that Bamber posts then scroll past it. Why the fuck anybody would block her is beyond me. #Firstworldproblems. I had to scroll all the way past a video Bamber posted to get to the really intellectual posts 😧
  6. OG

    Cease and desist :-(

    Now to get people to stop posting shit Simpsons memes 😜
  7. Having to sack a member of staff followed five minutes later with another member of staff putting in an official complaint against one of his colleagues. had better days at work
  8. I feel I should know this, but what does G.I.Z.A mean on the hat?
  9. Chefs that I worked with nearly 30 years ago would call it council stock when substituting it for actual stock, re cowboys
  10. OG

    Pilton Party 2019

    Are the woods open next to the JP field for Pilton Party?
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