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  1. OG

    BBC Coverage 2022

    Im bemused. Its ok to sing along to every song and every lyric but if you're not black then you can't use that word. Honestly not being obtuse just very bewildered. Whilst on this train of thought, are there other words in other songs that its ok for the artist to sing but not for the audience?
  2. OG

    BBC Coverage 2022

    So just to be clear are we allowed to sing along and use the n word or not?
  3. OG

    BBC Coverage 2022

    PSB is where the parties at
  4. OG

    BBC Coverage 2022

    If its good enough for Neil......
  5. OG

    BBC Coverage 2022

    pyramid field looks bouncing. Not seen it like that for a long time
  6. OG

    BBC Coverage 2022

    I was just thinking the same thing. Imagine he could get away with the first 20 minutes then pop back
  7. OG

    BBC Coverage 2022

    crowd looks tiny as well
  8. OG

    BBC Coverage 2022

    Can't disagree more. The crowd loved every minute of their 2017 set
  9. OG

    BBC Coverage 2022

    He's had the same touring band for about 20 years so that's not an excuse
  10. OG

    cash or card

    how times change. it wasn't that long ago people were moaning about card only because they only carry cash. In such a short time things have flipped
  11. Wow Sky I can't believe you found me. It was me who dun it. More than happy to forward on the monies I owe you for that teenth you ticked me
  12. OG

    fuck yeah

    You wouldn't believe how much I've missed this place (well you probably all do actually) Ive been lost without this place of sanity. I don't post much but visit many many times a day. Well done to everyone who got it back up and running
  13. John Peel Tent & The Park Hot Chip 530 Jazz World / West Holts Chic ft. NiIe Rodgers 335 Justice 492 (-10)
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