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  1. OG

    October ticket sale

    As the exam dates have been pushed back for next year it seems that quite a few more tickets will be returned. Whether that is good or bad news for some on efests I don't know!
  2. OG

    BBC Glastonbury

    Amazing Thank you
  3. OG

    BBC Glastonbury

  4. OG

    BBC Glastonbury

    Do you know when the Lost in Vagueness film is on?
  5. 2007, Thursday night in the Leftfield tent, I thought I was watching Pama International headline and then The Beat came on. So The Beat
  6. 🤣 I was just saying the very same (similar, no Guiness record and only half an hour version) to my mate
  7. OG

    Good news thread..

    Strangely reminded me of my childhood in the 70s, Good times! I'm grateful that I was born and grew up in the 70s and 80s. I didn't have a worry in the world, Not like the kids today. I sometimes wonder what kind of adult I would be today if I had been raised in a world full of social media and the shit that comes with it. I like to think I dodged a bullet.
  8. OG

    The 2020 Hurt/Heal Game

    Kendrick Lamar - 41 Dua Lipa - 39 (+10) Diana Ross - 72
  9. OG

    BBC Glastonbury

    You get the choice of a few performances on every live music bit
  10. OG

    The 2020 Hurt/Heal Game

    Lipas life matters
  11. OG

    The 2020 Hurt/Heal Game

    Kendrick Lamar 45 Dua Lipa - 35 (+10) Diana Ross - 90
  12. OG

    The 2020 Hurt/Heal Game

    Kendrick Lamar - 95 Thom Yorke - 75 Dua Lipa - 120 Robyn - 100 (-10) Diana Ross - 110
  13. OG

    The 2020 Hurt/Heal Game

    Kendrick Lamar - 95 Thom Yorke - 65 Dua Lipa - 120 (+10) Robyn - 110 Diana Ross - 100
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