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  1. I reread that and its not as if Glastonbury has "predictable" weather in June, so yeah September sounds good
  2. I am not really not sure about a September date. I did all the Bestivals on the Isle of Wight and only got 1 "really bad one" all the rest were amazing weather. on the other hand I have done 4 Alchemy in Lincolnshire and only got 1 "really good one" Glastonbury Is mid-way between the two geographically so I would be worried about the weather
  3. OG

    Good news thread..

    Congratulations. Have you decided on what you would like to be called? grandad, pops, grandpa?
  4. OG

    Good news thread..

    With a teenth of resin each listening to the fat of the land on cassette! so many memories
  5. Is mad dog mcrea not from Plymouth?
  6. OG

    Control over advertising

    You need to be signed in for it to work with or without gold membership.
  7. This thread needs to be renamed "those of us without tickets are fucked, unless we wanna clean toilets" I came on here tonight to try and brighten my mood after doing four twelve hour shifts this week, obviously hasn't worked, I'm going to watch the Johnny cash, Hurt video to cheer me up
  8. OG


    @Yoghurt on a Stick Have you seen what people are saying about you? How dare they call you sensible 😂
  9. OG

    Kate Tempest

    Thanks.. I never know what to say so I end up saying nothing
  10. OG

    Kate Tempest

    How do we refer to Kae in the past tense? Before they changed their name to Kae they were called Kate and identified as a female, so can/should we refer to them as "she" before they changed to Kae?
  11. OG

    Kate Tempest

  12. I beg to differ. A prodigy of theirs released this today
  13. OG

    Billie Eilish 2020

    doesn't EP mean extended play? or is that an old vinyl term and the youth of today actually call it an extended playlist?
  14. OG

    Football 19/20

    Yeah definitely would be nice to see Brentford in the prem. Hudersfield safe from relegation as well with that win
  15. OG

    Football 19/20

    I think you mean mighty Leeds 😉
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