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  1. A few counterpoints, as i think this thread needs a bit of balance: On Thursday, I had a wonderful evening at strummerville, the stone circle, glasto latino and the circus tent. No major crowds. The stone circle had a load of drummers, fires, and no kids doing NOS - it was like being there 20 years ago. Around the pyramid i found access to be comparatively easy and had no problems getting in or out. I noticed a lack of long chains of 16 year old girls pushing past (what happened to them?). I went to Arcadia on Friday when it was very busy getting there. Seeing the crowds, went through the other stage and round the back to enter. Easy access and not too full in the field. There are lots of people on the farm and there are moments where lots of people are trying to get from a to b at the same time. But if you wait a bit when its busy, think about alternative routes, and avoid the major over-demand (ie Williams Green on a Thursday), then it was completely fine in my view.
  2. It's weird. We got given a passout in the end (refused to leave without one), but tested it the next day by trying to enter without one. It worked, they just wanted ID to check the name matched what's written on the transfer. Made no sense to me whatsoever. But then last night they were handing out passouts again. This was at the Sticklinch gate, not gate B where most village tickets come in.
  3. Any villagers had issues with their ticket this year? Just exited with a friend who was transferred onto a family members ticket and security were insistent that she could not have a pass out because it was against the rules. Is that right? I could swear you've always needed a pass out for anyone using the ticket to re-enter and they've been given out every day so far this year.
  4. Wednesday - Sombrero Thursday - Frilly knickers Friday - A single rose petal Saturday - An elephants foot Sunday - Full length socks
  5. If there's rain forecast at Glastonbury, you'll be wanting a coat.
  6. As the great (but never late to an appearance) philosopher Chris Martin once said, "Give me weather that does no harm. Michael Eavis and Worthy Farm. Give me mud up to my knees. The best festival in history."
  7. For me its shin high wading
  8. Sunset was incredible tonight. Shame it wasn't a festival evening.
  9. My recommendation is army surplus at short notice. You shouldnt have to break them in, they're designed for use in extreme conditions with top quality materials. Plenty of places to buy online (ie militarymart). I use a pair of desert boots which arent exactly designed for Somerset mud but are great in hotter weather.
  10. Regardless of Sunday. Deal.
  11. Tell us the news new-Briddj
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