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  1. Nah, they’ll just shift this years line-up and put it alongside next years, 2 of every stage!
  2. After a quick scan It looks like they replaced Eminem on the lineup. I also seem to remember people saying that they just generally wanted to play the festival no matter the slot.
  3. Please god no. I’ve never witnessed a festival atmosphere die quite as fast as it did when they played “Pass the Baby” in 2017.
  4. Could be a nod to Justin Timberlake’s 20/20 experience record? JT for Radio 1 headliner
  5. Don’t worry, when the headliners are announced and they aren’t there then we enter the 6 month conversation of them doing the secret set instead. That’s where the fun begins.
  6. MCR is also shorthand for Manchester, Courteeners / Liam / Noel as headliners confirmed
  7. The sooner we all accept the chili peppers the better
  8. Panic got one of the biggest crowds of the weekend when they co headlined. They might actually be one of the safest bets they could book right now.
  9. At this point anything is possible, I’m going to go with: Friday MS Travis Scott // Vampire Weekend // Lizzo R1 Idles Saturday MS Liam Gallagher // Wolf Alice // The Streets R1 Run the Jewels Sunday MS The Strokes + BMTH // Architects // Haim R1 I dunno, someone like flume?
  10. Convinced at this point that Wolf Alice will sub Liam.
  11. At this point I wouldn’t be suprised to see them headline outright
  12. LG, Travis Scott x BMTH, Slipknot. I can feel it
  13. And Reading is hardly a million miles away from London, where he’s doing 2 dates (maybe 3 given that big gap either side) I’d say he’s out and we’re back to knowing nothing.
  14. I don’t know about Liam G, I think he’s going to try and pull off that Knebworth show instead.
  15. The timing of this survey is definitely curious. I think it’s about a year to a day that we got headliners for this years festival. Surely most of the top bands are booked at this point anyway.
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