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  1. Jackson Maniac

    2020 headliners

    You just watch, after all this she’ll end up doing something bizarre like R+L.
  2. I doubt BMTH would complain if they were subbing Rage. Stick Denzel or Tyler on third and that would be quite the top 3.
  3. Not to say they would headline R+L but up until very recently they’ve had various other festivals they could headline when they weren’t terrorising Glastonbury. Now, not so much.
  4. Coldplay had crossed my mind as well, even they must realise that headlining Glastonbury again so soon would be ridiculous.
  5. Jackson Maniac

    2020 headliners

    Panic honestly should have headlined over FoB that year, their crowd was fucking massive (much larger than FoBs) and then they went on and sold out an arena tour pretty much instantly. Not saying they should be any where near G though.
  6. Leaning into Slipknot - BMTH x Billie Eilish - Travis Scott at the moment.
  7. Accessibility of anything at Leeds is horrific
  8. I suppose it’s not out of the realm of possibility, they’re doing pretty much every arena in England bar Leeds
  9. I wonder if the TBC could be Run The Jewels?
  10. I did catch it this morning and he seemed pretty confident in announcing them all, whether he mis spoke or not I don’t know.
  11. No Rammstein though, not that I’d expect them at Reading, but I thought for sure they’d be at DL
  12. They’ve probably sold a similar amount of tickets as to what Kendrick did for his tour, similar time of year too. However Kendrick did do the o2 rather than Wembley, but an interesting parallel nonetheless.
  13. The only date I can find find for Panic is for the 2nd o2 date they added after instantly selling out the first.
  14. Coldplay and Bastille won’t be active and I doubt Biffy will headline again at this point. Drake, eh, probably Wireless
  15. Oh I know, it’s just a weird situation where these bands are still racking up number one albums (well Stereophonics at least) and should headline quite easily, and do at other festivals, but those festivals don’t seem to have people who just don’t leave the campsite all weekend.
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