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  1. Granty

    new here? introduce yourself

    Ha ha I suspect you are right! Well as few years away from the old place may help me to discover it all afresh! See you at the meeting then!
  2. Granty

    new here? introduce yourself

    Hmm. We'll I'm not exactly new here, I've been an efests Member since 2003! But I've been absent from these shores for quite a while due to becoming a daddy a few years ago and having to also become sensible for a while... But not this year I'm returning to Glastonbury! So one old guy festie veteran,14th Glastonbury this year, saying hello again to anyone who remembers me. What's changed since 2009!?!
  3. Granty

    Glasto better value?

    Mate thats exactly how I felt about Glasto earlier this year and which lead me to give it a miss! As you know we made it on Sunday but nevertheless I think making the wrenching decision not to go back in April this year helped me to focus on what I love about the place and to reaffirm that I want to go next year. Not saying that you should have a year off, but certainly questioning why you want to write it on the calendar every year is healthy!! For me, I think that maybe Glasto isn't the number 1 anymore, but theres still enough to drag me back there every year!! See you early on Friday at Escot!
  4. Granty

    ..Get what you need!

    Hope all went well mate - we were thinking of you. We're getting tickets for Levellers at Lanhydrock on Jul 14th if you fancy it and not already at a festie!!? And Seb and I may be joining the local archery club.....never know we may see you and Z at tournaments soon...! See you soon
  5. Hello. I thought your joining date looked familiar...

  6. Granty

    So the results are in:

    Thats great news mate! Im in Exeter on friday for a meeting - fancy discussing neuropathy over a couple of pints after work? ....or maybe forget the neuropathy and just go for the pints...! PM me!
  7. Granty


    hope all is going/goes well.. We're thinking of you, K and Z too.
  8. Granty

    Seth Lakeman & Friends Review

    Excellent reviews! The instrument Steve Knightley plays is called a Mandocello (sp?) and I think it is indeed a cross between a guitar and a lute. They're made by a Devonshire guitar maker (unfortunately I forget his name but he is name checked on a couple of Show of Hands albums). I've seen Show of Hands many times now and they are fantastic musicians and one of the best 'roots' live acts I've seen. Next time I see them playing down this way I'll let you know!
  9. Granty

    Dare to believe.....?

    Im moving into the house tomorrow....... Am I?? Dare I to believe this?! I've had more false starts in the last 2 months than Doug Ellis has fired Villa managers so I can't quite bring myself to accept that this time tomorrow I'll be unpacking... Last weekend seemed a dead cert for the move...so much so that I turned down the chance of meeting up with 5co77ie to watch Argyle, but at the last minute it was all called off.. But now we're all exchanged of contracts and its gonna occur!!! Cue sorting out phone lines electricity broadband connections and playstation (i know my priorities!)... Stay tuned bloggers to see how it all goes tomorrow!
  10. Granty

    Baby fratelli.

    I saw Rancid at the Academy a couple of years ago - excellent gig. Enjoy!
  11. Granty

    And now for the news...

    Gawd its been a month since I updated... Well time flies when you're.....erm......being tormented by mortgage companies and solicitors and the whole nightmare of trying to buy a house! So what's happening in the trilling blog to nowhere then....??! Erm..... Good news! The new job is going really well. Great people here, already found some festival people among my new colleagues! Plymouth still feels like a cool place to spend a few weeks, and as its Plymouth Music Week Im hoping to get out to see Rev Hammer in the Barbican on Thursday night! Bad News... Due to the house still not being bought, Im still in lodgings. This isn't actually all bad at all - its cheap, I get all my meals and the folks running it are salt of the earth Devon folk (Aurite moi lorvvvve?!?!?) who seem happy to do anything to help! I couldn't ask for a better place to stay! But its still rather like living with parents, its not my own place I can call home etc, and the food though homely is....well....meat n 2 veg traditional... I walk back after work passed rows of curry places in the student area looking like a bisto kid following the scent of rogan josh, craving garlic and junk food! Maybe its just what I need after a summer of festival food and cider though!! Good News! Being able to escape work yesterday after a stressful day of haranguing the evil goblins who reside in the castle of ye mortgage lender, inventing ever more fiendish ways to torment the mortals who beg for their money (there's a pattern emerging here isn't there!?), jump into the car and within twenty minutes be sitting on top of Dartmoor watching the sun set from the most beautiful place, reminding myself why I moved down to this part of the country in the first place. Bad News... Because the house still is not bought (hmmmmm particularly strong patterns now...) Im driving back (upcountry - see Im getting with the lingo!!) to Worthing every weekend to be with Mel and Seb...which is a strain on all of us since I get there late on Friday, shattered, spend the weekend recovering and then drive back here on Sunday afternoon. Not great, and now certain to continue to January cos we've decided its best if Mel and Seb don't move down til after Christmas cos things have dragged on for so long, so that we can have a Christmas not surrounded by boxes and half unpacked lives, and so Seb can have his 8th birthday somewhere familiar. Makes sense, but means more time apart Potentially good, potentially bad news... The mortgage offer should be out today (hooray!) but the evil ones may put on a retainer (boo......and sounds painful ) because (wait for it) we need a damp proof course and the idiots who did the quote put in a massive over-estimate for the plastering work. Over 2k for partial replastering of one small room. As I have some knowledge of these things, and have mates who are surveyors and ... erm.... plasterers I know this is laughable and the evil gremlins have been told this. However, they in their knowledge of the arcane arts of accountancy, know better than us and they probably will want to hold back 2k of my mortgage money......I just know their beady little yellow eyes and green faces will light up at the thought of the inconvenience to which that will put me!!! Can you tell Im a bit het up about the whole thing?!?!??! But telling you about it all, dear efester reader (maybe being a bit optimistic there!) has relieved some of the angst...! Anyroad, it does seem that the light has appeared at the end of the tunnel and I may soon be resident of Cornwall, all official like. Which Im looking forward to, and hoping that the St Austell beer festival will be a good opportunity for celebrating and catching up with Kaz and 5co77ie - if you're still up for it folks the offer of somewhere to sleepover still stands and Im hoping we can have a laugh and a natter and distract 5co77ie from his worries for a weekend. Thats all folks. More when something exciting happens..... Oh, ok then, more when I can find the motivation!
  12. Granty

    ...docs visit

    Well done for braving the docs. I hope you're feeling a little calmer having seen people who can tell you what is actually wrong... Be thinking of you next Monday. 6 syringes full?! I didn't think you could get bleeding treatments on the nhs these days!!! I recommend a course of leeches etc etc etc.... All the best mate
  13. Granty

    ...could it be?

    Same as everyone else mate, I really hope you're wrong and its not so serious. I know what you mean about not knowing whether to have the tests. My own view is that Id want to know one way or the other. Not knowing, and constantly worrying and wondering about such things can have a major effect on your life too. If you know, at the very worst you can confront it and do what you have to. Mel, Seb and me send thoughts and love mate. Hope we'll see you soon.
  14. Granty

    A life in flux...

    Finally found time to update the blog...! Well since my last missive, what's happened... We moved me out of the flat and away from the Toryboy's stronghols (Witney). Me Mel and Seb had an epic day with me being inaugurated in the Official Union of White Van Man. Having never driven a transit before we collected a van from Worthing, drove it to Witney and loaded my life into the back, drove back to Worthing and unloaded my life into Mel's house, then took it back to the hire place. Total mileage 250, total time 12 hours, total cash £75. Bargain! Hmmm...Mel's house is full of boxes......ooppss! We managed to fit stuff into various corners/against walls/under tables/blocked doors/under beds at Mels... Well.....more or less.....just watch out for the boxes by the door as you come in....erm...don't knock against them....they WILL fall on you! And watch out for extra tumble dryer in the kitchen......erm.....anyone want to buy a tumble dryer?!? Continued chasing solicitors/mortgage people/estate agents/banks/uncle tom cobbley to get the house purchase sorted asap.... Isn't that the kind of the thing Im paying solicitors/mortgage people etc etc to do for me?!?!?!?! Ended my job and had the last day presentations/night out for curry and lots of beer and was genuinely touched by the things people were saying. Isn't it a shame that you sometimes only find out how valued you were at a a place and how much you'll be missed once you actually leave? Aww bless em. Started my job in Plymouth. What a place!! I knew a bit about the city but I've been blown away by the places and the contrasts I've found. OK it may have places which are ugly and deprived and frankly a bit dodgy, but its also got amazing buildings and cool neighbourhoods, and some of the new plans and developments are really exciting. The Barbican is touristy but has some really interesting shops and places to explore. And everyone is so friendly! And I think Im going to be persuaded to be a Plymouth Argyle fan too...!! Im living in digs for the moment - a guesthouse which normally takes foreign students but due to a slack period as a few rooms free. Its a bit like living with your parents! Brekkie at 8, dinner at 6.30 (meat and two veg), and my washing done too! But its also friendly and relaxed and the owners are salt of the earth devon folk. Itll do for a few weeks, but I can't wait to get our house bought and sorted out.... So there you have it - life in flux but all starting to come together. So where should I go in Plymouth folks...I hear the Moody Blues are playing at the Pavilions next week?!?!?!?
  15. Granty


    Very cool site I like it lots! I bought the book of the same name (or very similar) a few weeks ago but haven't got round to reading it yet...