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  1. ramragon

    See you in the hills ?

    The sound was horrible at the side of the field. You couldn't tell anyone was on stage when Jake Bugg played. We were just off the path that heads towards calling out and house party. I appreciate Bugg does a lot of quieter numbers but his performance was lost where we were
  2. ramragon

    So here's the problem....

    Agreed, just make it clear that you won't split your tickets to sell emperors seperate and they'll sell fine. Kendal has sold out earlier every year so demands there. This years will be sold out by end of February if the warnings are anything to go by. There's not a lot else for the teens in the immediate area and a lot of resale tickets go to people who last minute decide all their mates are going and they don' wanna miss out.
  3. ramragon

    2018 - Any advice or help needed ?

    Good luck getting in if he is there. I went an hour before the coral played last year and best I could do was mid way up the stairs on the outside !
  4. ramragon

    See you in the hills ?

    Really good line up for the size of the festival.
  5. ramragon

    2018 - Any advice or help needed ?

    I still think it will be Tim Booth, im pretty sure he promised it after the last time they played.
  6. ramragon

    2018 - Any advice or help needed ?

    I would imagine if he's doing a solo set it'll be in the afternoon rather than later on. The coral did similar last year
  7. I think we were all a bit worse for wear after the colonel mustard gig and a barrage of 1pm beers !
  8. ramragon

    Line up prediction game 2018

    Yeah I'm off site again, walks not too bad to be fair, the caravan pitches are sold out already for tourers but they hire stuff like pods out. http://www.lowther-holidaypark.co.uk/
  9. ramragon

    What's everyone think then?

    I thought the same but it' seems maybes not. Unless they've kept him back for the next announcement
  10. ramragon

    Wens the next announcement coz the 1st ones shite

    First time I've seen anything like that at a festival. Would hate to be camped next to that mayhem
  11. ramragon

    Wens the next announcement coz the 1st ones shite

    They used to do smaller announcements every 3 weeks or so. But this last one was massive in comparison. They'll probably make further announcements every 4 weeks or so but it'll mainly be stage fillers if they follow last year's pattern
  12. ramragon

    2018 - Any advice or help needed ?

    It' a free for all that uses cash or contactless card payments. When there's nobody on stage performing it can take longer than when someone's playing. There are also loads of different styles of bars dotted round from standard, real ale tent, wine bars, gin bar, champagne bar, kraken bar (if it's back) Main stage can take a while, away from main it' a lot quicker and can take a couple of minutes depending on where you are
  13. I suppose it's time to start the annual help thread for people heading in to the fields for the first time or anyone who just wants to ask random stuff. So....... if anyone has any questions they wanna ask about Kendal Calling or need some advice or clarification on something then fire away. It doesn't matter how trivial you think the question is im sure you'll get a response. Nobody on here works for the festival so the answers you'll get are based on our experiences going to it over past years. Don't hit us if we're slightly wrong though as the rules, layouts and plans change a lot Plus if any non members want to join to ask anything please feel free. Introduce yourself and join in, the more the merrier
  14. ramragon

    Line up prediction game 2018

    7 for me
  15. ramragon

    Line up prediction game 2018

    I'm loving the highlighting of what bands people got right in their entries ! Keep it going cos itll save me a load of time double checking thru the lists of bands and entries. I'm away on holiday from tomorrow but hopefully I'll have time with a few cans in front of the log burner to sift thru the 300 posts or so in this thread and knock some sort of league together !