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  1. Pooly JP

    Day Splits

    As the Kendal site has Idles, Dermot Kennedy and Mystery jets as the first 3 acts named on Calling Out Stage page are we safe in assuming that’s the 3 headliners announced?
  2. Pooly JP

    Line Up 2019 Predictions

    Very much so, someone’s got far to much time to waste if it turns out to be rubbish.
  3. Pooly JP

    Line Up 2019 Predictions

    Although the Gomez one might just be a white spot that’s on poster background.
  4. Pooly JP

    Line Up 2019 Predictions

    Orbital, Gomez and sea girls on the Thursday according to that poster.
  5. Pooly JP

    Line Up 2019 Predictions

    Reading some of Reverend and the Makers tweets I’d be very surprised if they aren't playing Kendal.
  6. Pooly JP


    Despite a few misgivings before we arrived had a great weekend as usual. If there was a capacity increase i really didnt feel it, if anything seemed less crowded than last year so the layout change worked well for us especially moving all the dance stuff down together. Stayed in Emperors again but felt we'd basically paid for an entrance that was slightly closer. The food outlets in our field weren't great and the mrs told me the showers were nowhere near previous standards, couldn't confirm as i have never bothered with them. Weather wise i think the heat affected me more than the rain, the heat Thursday and Friday wiped me out and i was actually relieved tbe rain came to cool me down. Although i wish it didn't hang around off and on for the rest of the weekend. Really enjoyed Gerry Cinnamon and Craig Charles on the Thursday , Hacienda was not my thing at all and found it extremely boring. Can't believe the hype Libertines have received, thought they were decent but nothing spectacular. Didn't watch the other headliners so cant comment on them. Massive fan but agree with the general consensus over James should of been so much better, to start with so many new songs killed their set and a festival with so many potential new fans wasnt the time to be so self indulgent. Shed Seven were excellent as usual and pleased the Sherlocks, Blinders and Life all got decent crowds on the mainstage as all quality bands. Spent a lot of time up at the Woodlands which gets better every year, Lottery Winners, the Gallerys, the K's, Riding the Low, elephant trees, 100 Fables and especially Satyr Play were all enjoyed highly there. increased capacity in House Party yet was still as inaccessible as previous years when it was busy. Undoubtedly needs a larger entrance as it continually houses the most up and coming bands,that the young uns want to see, probably needs an even a bigger tent despite the increase. Only watched a few bands in there but every time it was rammed. Twisted Wheel were class and the Courtbetweeners were unbelievable, for a tribute act, the real deal must be due a headline slot. Possibly my favourite band of the full weekend were Trampolene absolutely smashed it. Caught a few things in Tim Peaks which is an unbelievable setting, surely needs to be expanded as its way to small for some of the things that they put on, definitely appreciated the free T shirt i was given when i got a coffee though. We spent less time in Calling Out than we ever had previous years and only caught Tom Grennan and the Marmozets, who were absolutely incredible, i felt the sound in the tent was pretty poor unless you were stood directly in front of the stage which needs adressing. Special mention to Baggy Mondays and whoever was on Saturday in the Calling Out after the bands finsihed, i know we are all there for live music but my god those indie discos are ace and really add to the overall enjoyment of the festival plus they make us feel young again for those few hours. Chai Wallahs is definitely my favourite place at Kendal Calling and spent plenty of time just sat listening to exceptionally talented people who'd id nevr normally hear while enjoying a Baileys Hot chocolate. Sound of the Sirens and Emily Cappel were two of the best. Just have to mention Felix Hagan and the Family we watched them all 3 times they played over the weekend and loved every one, never thought they'd be my thing but ever since watching them in 2014 ive never missed them whenever they are playing kendal. I felt the site held up really well, obviously helped by the good weather leading up to the start but even the torrential rain Fridsy onwarss didn't massively affect anything. Only negative during the festival was regarding the toilets, the queues after 6 oclock were disgraceful and a few more portaloo sites are required especially if they have thoughts of expanding further. Overall another extremely enjoyable weekend were i discovered plenty of new music and had a great time thats why our tickets are already purchased for next year.
  7. Pooly JP

    Efest Meet Up

    We’ve never made it to a meet up in previous years and I owe Thurlow plenty beers from my terrible prediction attempts so will attempt to find you to at least right that wrong.
  8. Pooly JP

    The weath......

    Think you’re onto something here. Hardwick Live 2015 was exactly the same glorious sunshine all day, which in itself was a miracle for North East, all the way up to James starting and then monsoon for their full set.
  9. Pooly JP

    Run Dmc cancel

    I’ll be more likely to catch some of Plan b than I ever was of Run DMC but will likely still be elsewhere while he’s on.
  10. Pooly JP

    Run Dmc cancel

    Plan B replacing them. thoughts on this?
  11. Pooly JP

    Stage splits / times

    Shimmer band Definitely started just after 3ish last year but like Lochland said lot less set up involved in solo stuff.
  12. Pooly JP

    Site Map

    Looking closer it says deer lodge and great plains entrance so is Emperors entrance now just the general arena entrance? bit pissed off paying for Emperors looking at that map. edit - I should of read the info pack that was released with map, still has own entrance and parking according to that.
  13. Pooly JP

    Site Map

    So is Emperors field entrance to arena through Great Plains and does it still have separate car park area?
  14. Pooly JP

    Stage splits / times

    All set up for the triumphant return of Frank Turner then, everyone be happy with that?
  15. Pooly JP

    Saturday night headliners. What’s everyone doing?

    Felix Hagan is on 3 times over the weekend on mainstage, Chai Wallahs and Yam riot. Seen them a few times and always really enjoyed them, would definitely recommend catching them at some point.