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  1. Still only Pale Waves confirmed as Calling out headliners as far as I can see Unless I’ve missed something. Maybe held at least one of them back for next announcement
  2. There will be plenty more bands added for some of the other stages and maybe one or two more to pad out bigger stages low down but wouldn’t expect anyone massively well known.
  3. So they do, bit confusing them announcements as the one for easy life playing the calling out has Stereophonics amongst other main stage acts underneath.
  4. I can’t find where it says he’s playing on Afterglow. I am a bit surprised that Elvana are going to be on there though.
  5. hoping they’ve maybe held someone back to announce later on but I reckon you’ll probably be right.
  6. Lottery Winners opening the Thursday as well.
  7. Who’s headlining the Calling Out then?
  8. Noticed that he’s curating the stage but can’t see where it says the bands playing was hoping Will Varley would’ve been amongst them.
  9. Well you’ve spoilt my day ha. I’d of thought only Foals would be anywhere near a headliner out of them. Hope there’s some decent calling out headliners to make up for it.
  10. Can’t see 4 headliners amongst them or certainly hope not.
  11. Phonics Only headlined a few years back so would be a lazy booking but something they’ve regularly done. Noticed The streets are doing a festival somewhere the same weekend so may be a possible.
  12. Full line up to be announced Monday on Absolute radio from 6.
  13. Was open last year.
  14. Hopefully its just been left off accidentally probably the bar I used most.
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