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  1. Phonics Only headlined a few years back so would be a lazy booking but something they’ve regularly done. Noticed The streets are doing a festival somewhere the same weekend so may be a possible.
  2. Full line up to be announced Monday on Absolute radio from 6.
  3. Pooly JP

    2019 map

    Was open last year.
  4. Pooly JP

    2019 map

    Hopefully its just been left off accidentally probably the bar I used most.
  5. Pooly JP

    2019 map

    Can only see one real ale tent on this years map no sign of the one up near Tim peaks/ woodland area.
  6. Watched Queen Zee at Stockton Calling they were nuts and very entertaining. I agree Binbag Wisdom sound decent and will be hoping to be in the Chai wallahs to catch them.
  7. I’d hope so, although I always find the Saturday a lot less enticing than Baggys on the Friday. Probably more to do with me over doing it rather than whatever’s on being rubbish.
  8. Haven’t seen anything announced about them or even any sort of indie disco type thing after the calling out finishes. Hope they are there really topped the Friday night off last few years. Edit - Just found on twitter that they’ve already announced they are playing the Friday after calling out finishes. I Really should double check before posting.
  9. Pooly JP

    2019 map

    Plus what the hell is Lidl gonna be, surely not gonna be a supermarket in the arena?
  10. Pooly JP

    2019 map

    House party been moved again by looks of it, sure it was where Blutopia is now, last year. No idea what Blutopia is though?
  11. Normally send out an email with info and map on a week or so before it begins and they’ll also stick a site map on the main Kendal website at some point.
  12. I got ours on the payment plan and they arrived beginning of last week.
  13. Still not sold out despite the line up being the most well received i've seen since i started going. Does anyone think this means there may have been a significant increase in capacity?
  14. There are showers that are included in Emperors/great plain fields and I’m pretty sure there was some pay as you use ones in general camping last year. No idea on price of them and think the queues get pretty big.
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