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  1. Watching on BBC Scotland just now. The Selector are on. The young ones have packed out the front and have paid zero attention. It is rude and they can't even hide it. I'll need to go back to the IPlayer for Chvches.
  2. Norwich, Leicester and Bournemouth are small venues. I'm in Aberdeen and he hasn't sold out Aberdeen. There is standing tickets on Ticketmaster for £35 this second.
  3. Kendal Calling used to broadcast the festival live and host recorded sets too. I can't see any link this year. Have they stopped doing it, or where do I find it?
  4. Too big for Belladrum? His tour later this year involves playing in venues of 1500-2000 capacity. I don't think he's out of the reach for Belladrum at all. I'd rather they left him for places like TRNSMT though.
  5. Underwhelming is an understatement..
  6. Thousands of people under the influence of alcohol will always see some issues. I don't imagine the crime figures would be any worse(probably better) with the equivalent amount of people out on the town for the night. I've never felt unsafe.
  7. I watched about 4 songs and that was enough for me. I put them in the same category as the hotpots. They both get the crowd going, but they just aren't for me.
  8. Seen them tonight at Party at the Palace in Linlithgow. It's a small festival and I expected them to do their big hits given the small audience and lack of James fans. They didn't. The amusing part was where Tim Booth said "we never have a set list. We just play the songs the crowd want". Crowd vocally "oh sit down.........." Tim "we don't do requests either". I had a chuckle.
  9. A bit late now, but buy one of the phone charging banks from Amazon. I've bought a few products from Anker and have always been happy.
  10. They were handing out clear water pouches last year and never checked them. I'm sure most people filled them with vodka before going in. The blue bottles look like they'll open up more options of drinks that can be smuggled. KC must have the most lenient searches going into the arena ever. Some people got 5l kegs in whilst plenty of people also got glass into the arena.
  11. I see they've just added Gerry Cinnamon. He is very much a "here we ******* go" attraction.
  12. It's worrying for the music festival scene in Scotland. Too many aren't doing well at all and selling off Belladrum isn't a good sign.
  13. It's way too much. Watching on the TV there is plenty of space for the Killers. Why do it Friday and Sunday night this week and not Friday and Saturday? Not only is it 5 nights, but they are pulling Bruno Mars' gig on Tue or Wed as being part of a ticket deal. It's also on the Green.
  14. Loved the band and Scott was a nice guy. It was always clear he was a troubled soul. Still never thought this would happen. RIP Scott.
  15. They played Moving On later in the set. I've no idea what the song was they skipped. They barely even started, but it was very slow.
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