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  1. Talking of chemicals, why not think big - My Chemical Romance are back together.
  2. Too few toilets - they should have put a couple more sets in somewhere. That field needs its own shop. Showers were good.
  3. Looking at the state of the campsites after everyone had left, I think it's safe to say that a huge proportion of festival-goers couldn't give even the tiniest shit about the environment.
  4. Bloody hell you'll be after my black pudding at this rate.
  5. I'm taking my kids but they're both in their twenties
  6. It's a green one. Excuse the mug shot but I think it's best to keep the barcode covered.
  7. Still available yes. Main field!
  8. Got let down by my buyer. Will accept £50.
  9. Has anybody seen one? Sounds like a fair few changes to the campsites' locations this year.
  10. Have a good booze smuggling strategy for getting stuff into the main arena. If it's feasible, bring a baby in a large pram and stuff loads of wine bags under him/her. Go for it on fancy dress day.
  11. Come on KC sort the bloody Cult out for once.
  12. Anyone ever booked 2 camper field tickets and parked one eff-off huge motor home across both? Anyone ever taken a hired eff-off huge motor home that needed someone with an HGV licence to drive, and had it delivered to site? Interested in your experiences if so - thinking about it for next year.
  13. Had as good a time as I always do and already getting ready for next year. Still think the line up was poor overall but I'd have paid the £200+ and camped 4 nights just to see Grandmaster Flash on his own. Genuinely up there with the best things I've ever seen. Honourable mentions to Peter Hook, Hacienda Classical, Basement Jaxx, Dub Pistols and Mento B. Emperors Field facilities were appalling - one little coffee van and one pancake van. No phone charging like previous years, no breakfast stuff either. I actually feel like I paid extra to get worse facilities.
  14. Virgin Mobile user here: for the first time in the last 9 years I had a great signal. Usually struggle even to send and receive a text but this year full-on 4g all the time!!!
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