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  1. Queen Zee - in House Party - best band of the festival Honorable mentions - Calva Louise, Billy Mitchell, Rascalton, Black Futures, Emily Capell, Idles, Dream Wife, Crystal, Hands Off Gretal, and Red Rum Club. Free Lamb bar - great curry on Sunday. Most Disappointing - Tom Jones - got it all wrong - just play the hits Tom.
  2. Never went back after that year - went abroad to Primavera instead. great weather and a hotel bed....luxury. back to slumming it this year haha.
  3. Just put Doves in the tent and Idles on the main stage.
  4. well that's not happening!!
  5. dunx747

    First KC

    Thanks - I didn't find Leeds too bad by comparison to T in the Park - so this should be a dawdle haha
  6. dunx747

    First KC

    Not worried - I went to Tinthepark for years can deal with attitude haha
  7. dunx747

    First KC

    what do you mean the crowd is edgier? Trouble waiting to happen?
  8. dunx747

    First KC

    Hi Guys My first KC too and was just wondering if there's anything offsite nearby i.e. when we used to go to T in the Park we could wander off into Kinross - the rugby club would open up for breakfast rolls etc and you could use their showers. There was also a leisure centre with a pool adn you could use this as well to freshen up. TIA
  9. Pretentious claptrap - had the misfortune of seeing them a couple of times - its not often I slate an up and coming band but this is them.
  10. Yeah first time for me and my gang. Will probably be mostly mooching around the smaller stages: Calva Louise, Rascalton, Queen Zee, Black Futures, Red Rum Club, Dream Wife, Zuzu, Hands off Gretal and Billy Mitchell are my top picks - throwing in a bit of Idles and Tom Jones too. Will 100% be avoiding Walt Disco
  11. First timer for KC here - can anyone advise what the £33 ticket for the Thursday night gets you apart from an extra night camping? Cheers
  12. What a fucking disaster this is. Absolute bollocks.
  13. Too old ...sob. I'll need to stop going to festivals and gigs.
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