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  1. First timer for KC here - can anyone advise what the £33 ticket for the Thursday night gets you apart from an extra night camping? Cheers
  2. What a fucking disaster this is. Absolute bollocks.
  3. Too old ...sob. I'll need to stop going to festivals and gigs.
  4. I'm not offended just disappointed lol
  5. I'd have filled this in for you - but it's age-ist.
  6. Agree with you completely here - last year for me the best acts were all on early doors - I pretty much avoided the main stage for most of the time.
  7. Couple of clues - One "band" release their latest album on 23rd feb....and another just released a single with an album to come in April. I reckon you'll get a few of these playing though: the skids, big Country, Baby Strange, The Blinders, Rascalton, KT Tunstall, Snash, Lucia, Voodoos, The Murder Capital, Strange Bones,Neon Waltz, Twighlight sad
  8. No but what I would say is that neither of the bands mentioned would be the headliners of the main stage.
  9. I've got two of the lineup confirmed and pretty happy with them - but the booker said I cant tell anyone. Sorry. I know what a dick eh?
  10. Depends on what time you plan on arriving really and where you are coming from. Usually pretty slick at moving people through the estate to the car parks though.....unless you get collared by the sniffer dogs.
  11. Hi Guys 2 x Adult tickets Friday/Saturday for sale - complete bargain at £100 for the pair - not each. Any takers? Cheers
  12. Don't miss Avalanche Party - best band on the line up by a country mile. The Fat White Family comparison from the earlier poster doesn't do them justice. I love FWF but AP are much more accessible for the neutrals ha ha
  13. yeah - get your pass and wristband on the Wednesday - takes five minutes - then watch the grief on the faces of people queuing to get in on Thursday as you waltz past them. haha
  14. don't get so drunk on the first day that so you are put to bed at 9pm lol
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