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  1. I’ll be up for that what time meet-up pm me for how to meet you
  2. Hi I have a Great Plains ticket and person I am taking a general admission do I have to drop off at drop off point or can the person walk from Great Plains car park to general camping
  3. Hi I maybe able to but depends on picking somebody else up will know Tuesday if they need lift or not if not can pick you up on way by if this is any help
  4. Hi if you go on gumtree someone is selling some for Great Plains if not try twickets may have some or a site on Facebook Kendal calling you
  5. If you don’t want to go in general camping you can get extra tickets for quieter camping like Great Plains or emperors field
  6. Yeah I think they may have been the ones and I think the Great Plains tickets are extra £42.50 +booking fees if that any help that’s what I paid
  7. Hi just seen a couple of Great Plains tickets for sale on eBay as well but 6 people looking at them good luck on getting some may see you there
  8. Hi Lauren have you tried twickets site there are some for sale on there hope you get some if do may see you there am in the Great Plains camping
  9. Tazwarny


    Some of the campsites need extra tickets to be in but not 100%sure on that
  10. Hi theoriginalthebest I’m based near Cambridge so quite a way for me to meet up with you but could sort something out on phone pm me on here and I’ll send number and anything else you want
  11. Cheers rob would be nice to meet new people and have a few beers if you can let me know when and where you are meeting up would be great
  12. Hi theoriginalthebest maybe we can meet-up there or in campsite let me know if you would like to do this
  13. Anyone going that would like company to have few beers and watch bands
  14. Hi is anyone going on own and needs company as I’m going on own and can meet up to watch bands and have few beers
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