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  1. You’re in Somerset... bring the cider. (Ever the Scot).
  2. Remind me to invite you over to dinner. It’ll be a blast. 😉
  3. Florence here as well.... it was just magical. Had arrived at a place where I had yearned to be for ever so long, was with my 12 year old daughter who loves Florence, it was very special.
  4. No fight from me, I think that’s spot on. Although freely confess, very biased towards the 2017 set as it was the only one I was actually at. The set list that night though was absolutely perfect for me. Having dreamt of seeing Radiohead headline the Pyramid for many years, that crowd participation of ... “for a minute there I lost myself....” over and over was, for one listener at least, very, very emotional.
  5. Wash your mouth out young man.
  6. This is just too ridiculous for words. Struggling to understand my emotions over this! I’m excited and upset in equal measure.
  7. Aye, I just phone her whilst drunk from my tent and sing The Proclaimers 500 miles to her every year. Seems to work. She’s stuck around.
  8. Probably up for this, but Wednesday is my Silver Wedding anniversary, so who knows what’s planned.... however, pre Covid plan was to spend it apart anyway, as I would have been 500 miles away on the farm.
  9. Calling @Ayrshire Chris the Scottish deliveries have started, mine arrived today. In case anyone is concerned (as I was) my order status on the Glastonbury site still showing as unfulfilled, so don’t read too much into that.
  10. Not all bad. I quite like Avon and Somerset’s finest.
  11. Haven’t been on this thread in a while, or posting much, but really upset to hear the news about Big Dog. @deebeedoobee hope you and your family are ok, you are in my thoughts. Weather reports won’t be the same. xx
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