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  1. Love any Wed night sunset from the stone circle just before it all kicks off in earnest. The sense of anticipation, the feeling of happiness amongst the crowd just to be there... it’s unbeatable.
  2. Hmm. Can’t begin to imagine what could possibly go awry with a plan to start my festival beer purchasing in March.
  3. I always go for Hobgoblin Gold. Light and refreshing, cheap at £4.20 for 4 at Asda, and doesn’t have to be chilled.
  4. Is there definitely no camper van spaces available at resale? Surely some of the camper van tickets / spaces must go back into the pot? i know you'd need to be quick/lucky.... but it's an option no?
  5. Great to hear. Can you have a word with Theresa May when you're done?
  6. I’m overly worried about a Fatboy Slim Billy Bragg clash this year.
  7. I think she might guest appear with Hozier.
  8. So we have no Acoustic info yet.... is that right?
  9. In the interest of balance, I should add that I definitely will NOT be going to see George Ezra, or Years and Years, no matter how much my daughter pleads. My paternal love has its limits.
  10. Having listened to everyone on the poster I hadn't heard of, I've got 20 from there that sound as though I'd either want to see them, or warrant more listening to, in order to form an opinion. Of those 20, 9 were new to me. In addition, there's a further 6 as TBC, not on the poster, who I expect to show up. With way more than half the line up to come. Way more worried about the clashes than the quality at this stage.
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