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  1. I am just rewatching it on iPlayer... it was fantastic at the time, but watching again on tv is making me realise how absolutely sublime it was.
  2. Ah, the 2020 thread. Was wondering when this would appear. Since the last thread started, I’ve retired. Here is how I spend my days. i draw the line at having a shit in a hole in the garden though..
  3. Hope you went to Lewis Capaldi to confirm the status.
  4. My first couple of festivals, I felt this way and was tortured afterwards; kind of resigned to it now in a good way. It’s a reflection on just how much there is available, and in a perverse sort of way I now embrace some of the clashes, or impossible journeys between sets. Making those selections beforehand, being flexible and altering your plan during the festival, and watching what you missed on iPlayer are part of the whole experience now.
  5. Yeah.... especially a set as busy as Kylie was. Getting out of the field after a headliner is also made much more treacherous; it’s dark, crowds are shuffling along, you cannot see beyond the back of the person in front of you, and the next thing you know your falling over a chair, or stumbling over 5 lassies having a picnic on the ground. * edit... this sounds sexist.... lads have picnics as well.
  6. Did Saw Billy Bragg.... I love Billy Bragg, but in previious years there’s always been better options for me Saw an act in Strummerville... Matilda and the Broken Bones.... I’d visited Strummerville before, but never seen anyone perform there.... it was magical. Didn’t Visit Glastonbury on Sea .... queues were too long. Go into The Rabbit Hole.... never been in, always meant to.
  7. I walk past loads, all the way to Williams Green for my morning constitutional..... the long drops there are cleaned early, and there is never anyone using them at that time. As you say, I pass large queues at the campsite ones, and when I am back with a coffee down me, there is still queues. Toilets at back of Other Stage are always rammed, yet there are quiet options less than 5 minutes away. On this, I also find for some acts at John Peel or Acoustic, if you walk around the outside of those tents from the part of the entrance you naturally arrive at first, if they are starting to get busy, there’s always much more room at the far side. Water kiosks were often very busy, with a bar or food stall who would fill your water right next to them. its maybe a British thing, but I avoid queuing wherever possible.
  8. No worries at all..... I had a great time by then, wasn’t too bothered, and it allowed me a wee Hobgoblin Gold inspired recharge back at the tent before the final push!
  9. Bet she had a hitler hairdo.
  10. Thought it was similar to other years Wed to Sat, but as said above, felt Sunday was rammed more than usual.
  11. I think the bar is Hop & Liquor, and good luck in your quest. I am maybe old fashioned, but I don’t think there is anything wrong in trying to get in touch with someone you feel you may be attracted to, in order to at very least sound out if there might be any future in it, or if there is at least the possibility of a friendship. How on earth are relationships supposed to start in an appropriate manner these days? I’m sure, in the unlikely event you do get in touch with her, she won’t be creeped out at all. It may even make her feel nice. If she is a bit creeped out, you can always back off. I wish you all the best, expect a wedding invite, and hope your firstborn is to be named Shaun after my avatar.
  12. Another vote for Aurora, thought she was terrific, along with her dancers. I really got the feeling she might be something special in years to come.
  13. Not cheeky at all, but as I’m a bit of a dinosaur, Spotify isn’t my thing.... all is not lost though, my son or daughter should be able to help me with this..... but they were both at the festival with me, and haven’t yet surfaced today! Will make it available if I can. Would you also be interested in any from 2015, 2016 & 2017?
  14. The Elephant Bar was a new one to me, and if my memory isn’t playing tricks with me, was in the same place as Chameleon used to be.
  15. Without doubt the State of the Ground thread one by @Bin Fish inspired by @deebeedoobee as seen in her new avatar.
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